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    Thanks for posting this here, kuro! As for participating without actual RP-ing that's totally ok, for there wil be tasks where you'll have to think more than talk. And if someone will be streaming or making in-game photos, be sure to post links here or on the official forums as I'll be unable to do any of this during the event myself.
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    While we're at it, I call haxx. Very subtle Vike, very subtle. And don't try to tell me you're just "testing" something
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    There's no such thing as boobs being too big. Ever. I don't care if 1 boob can fill a bathtub by itself it's still too small!
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    Well, you could still RP news reporters, stream/screenshot all that and make reports/flash news ^^
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    OK, so for a random few things today:
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    That is a disturbing image. *shudders*
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    Nope, no typo) I'll update the topic everywhere with this link (hope I made everything right).
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    Doubt anyone needs more incentive to participate in #IAMTSW but... https://twitter.com/sezmra/status/585889886747697152/photo/1
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    IMO, with the angle it is shot from, and such the outfit, it could still be a "well exploited" smaller chest...
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    ​Maybe we could get someone to stream it? That would be great!
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    You guys might have seen it already, but I wanted to repost it here in case you don't frequent twitter\tsw forums. DAYM it sounds awesome "The Visible Dark is a full in-character RP-event. You'll need to solve all the dark secrets behind the number of mysterious murders and reveal some gruesome conspiracies within and between the Secret Societies. You'll need to use all you've got and more to get to the end of the bloody thread stretching from dark dungeons, candlelit halls of London, cold concrete of New York sewers and rainy streets of Seoul." Complete info in the TSW forums HERE Click to check the time in your timezone.
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    So today I want to bring some neat little things to your attention. Through the Twitterverse and several competitions, Funcom has created ways for players to get player created content in the game. This really has enhanced the gameplay experience for some of us. Here is what we have so far: The Plaque The winners from the Secret War "Get your name in the game" competition can be found on plague in the park in London, just behind the big tree. HIVE Mode Fashion Magazine One of the most well known pieces of player created content is the HIVEmode Fashion Magazine. The magazine, which can be found in all 3 hubs cities, is made of a picture that players submitted to the HIVE Mode twitter account. The ABC of the Monster Slayers Kingsmouthian Danny Dufresne requested help from the Twitterverse to find lost pictures from the ABC of the Monster Slayers. Players submitted a lot of pictures and eventually the devs put some of them together and placed the in a book in the treehouse in the Savage Coast. Player Created Clothing Funcom also did a contest which allowed players to submit their own concept art for clothing. The community eventually had to decided which clothes would be made. The results of this competition can be seen below. (Outfit with unrelated jacket) Player Created Music Funcom also did a contest which allowed players to submit their own music to the game. The names of the winners can be seen in London and the different songs can be hear in the Roman Records. And that is the player created content that is in the game right now. What do you like best and what would you still like to see? Leave a comment below. Also check out the Alternate Reality Game overview on the Crygaia wiki for a lot of cool out of game content and lore that was released in the past 8 years.
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    Alright, that mailman joke certainly delivered. And dead gnomes! If I had to have some kind of lawn ornament it would be one of those. I shall head to bed now, good night everyone. *dynamic exit*
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    ​*Auroris casually wanders off to modkill albahtar's reputation*
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    I have never seen the video (it's actually kind of random now I have) but thanks to the magic of Spotify I have discovered Fall Out Boy. This pretty much sums Kyle atm, the song not the random video... Although now I think of it
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    ​How... Why... What?
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    ​The forum is always right. The forum tells us we're you, we can live with that but can you?
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    Seems like it works, good job! Also, beware Auroris, I'm closing on your heels... ^^
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    It's basically not bad, but I have some remarks: Point Blank is not suited for dungeon, it impairsFatal Flourish is useless because you don't apply the afflict state yourself.When are you using Flame Strike in your rotation?If you want a crit rating based build I propose this one: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#76v770742615652752613776a10p853623653253223823816a11 rotation : 5x strikerShotgun turret (1st stack of Critical Help)Fire Manif (2st stack of Critical Help)Lightning Manif (3st stack of Critical Help)5x strickerRaging BulletThor's hammerThe problem of this build is that there is almost only additive buff and that's not good... but better than nothing. You have, at the maximum, (crit rating+3x35+35+35)*1.075*1.1 = (crit rating + 175)*1.1825 crit rating. 20150414 edit : This is wrong, see Ciritty's post below for some explanation
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    Could also be armored.. I am not a fan of boob plate tho Realistically speaking.. if you fall face forward.. you dead.
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    Say what you want about the Templars, for such a righteous, stiffly bunch ... they do have hot uniforms.
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    ​I heard that it was freely offered after the owner was done with an RP story.
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