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    ((The story so far: There once was a man from Ge'en who poked badgers for the invisible pink kitten of awesomeness. But the kitten quickly explodes into flying kitten pieces that reassemble into evil kitten ponies of doom. Meanwhile in Arcadia there someone found home. They scurried past three musical draug who played the meat puppet trombone while the pony was killed violently. The small cuddly death resistant pony made its way to Taco's kitchen and beat the rotten tacos against its forehead and ate the delicious three musical draugs while KiTTY filmed something unspeakable. Later the pony frolicked and suddenly Rainbow Dash sped past and self-ignited into glitter bombs of unutterable lurking madness. (IMG-GUR-DRAUG) appeared and roared at the tax department, because they didn't tax Ciritty enough for all those invisible pink unicorns, so they went to ZE MOON! On ZE moon, they found Ciritty's not pink ponies but painted pink shotguns that kill visible ninjas. Kaaz dances on Flappy wearing a tutu because why not! Confused, the taxmen took a picture for "evidence" reasons. Suddenly, two dark tutu-wearing Kaazes turned yellow and ate the taxmen, before pulling a potato-shooting machinegun from their bellybutton spilling lint around. The forgotten man with blue pants quickly discarded them as he went towards Tomium's lair deep inside the dark corners of chocklet mewk refineries where he encountered three chocklet cows melting in the hot mewking area owned by Tomium. The bunny bottom was on fire like a boss without chocklet mewk. This escalates into lifetime pony banishment! except for one who died shortly and became omni-potent! and threw cakes which KiTTY ate causing KiTTY to turn all pink and explode everywhere. The next morning, they woke together on the bottom spanking horrific radiators to keep warm the leftover cakes of urinal bleach bubbled incandescent hatred which are leaving smelly putrid gasses that slowly started twirling into shape forming a big phallic shaped object that launched itself into outer space, where it met cosmonaut Halina Ilyushin and saw stars around a monolith made of spoons that sparkled like dried black paint from the Groke, which was a completely unrelated incident from the PONY that was not wearing a hat made from ponies but was instead wearing a pony corpse on his butt and also his belly button, and it looked really quite awesome. The next day, during lunch break, Ciritty suddenly kissed another pony that was quite startled by such swag that it decided to become celibate. Breaking news: Bread is back in a new sequel going up against a new challenger from hell who would toast him if the sauce is still purple and not pink, because pink is totally, uncompromisingly evil with no exceptions, even Ciritty's pink mushroom cloud of nuclear pony fallout that caused the Pink Pony Empire to be destroyed.