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    So we're a bit behind with our events these last couple of months. But Issue 11 is here! Chapter 1 is concluded! We decided to celebrate this with a party. And because we love them so much, a fashion show. You can join us, in the Crusades, on Friday 15th May, starting at 2000 GMT. You can see when this is where you are by clicking here. Now for the important details. Dress Code There will be no specific dress code for the evening in general, however as this is the Crusades, please note we can take no responsibility for damage or dirtying of your clothes. There will be several opportunities for you outfit to be judged. So as not to prejudice your selection of accoutrements, the specific judging criteria will not be announced until the event itself. There may be prizes for the winners of this judging. Music DJ Psywarrior of Radio Free Gaia will be providing music for us that evening, and it will be delightful to have her with us, as always. Wings Because this is a celebration of Issue 11, and we have reaped the consequences of our actions, I wanted to do a thing. Anyone who has earned their wings, we'd love it if you could bring them fully charged. We're going to try and get some footage of as many wings as possible active at once, so bring them along, and be ready for the call.
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    keep up the great updates= its my TSW bible!!! It really has a great ' mission & main story' guide for those who are coming back/or new to the game! thank you!
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    ​Welcome o/ Asian soup are great! I am thinking broth with noodles and tons of solid stuff in, is that what you mean? A broth a bit spicy can really do wonders to noodles and boiled vegs. Traditional european soups are really different: we blend vegetables together in a thick liquid (potatoes as a base). Usually kids hate that, and parents tell them that you need to eat some if you want to grow. That can be quite good though, my favorites are the watercress soup and the nettle soup (both very green in color). The onion soup is a good one too, as you are authorised to put loads of grated cheese in there :3
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    I must say, the other players have been awesome. People have offered to help in-game. A few times I was totally lose and seasoned plays directed me to the right spot. I few said, "I can help you for an hour." Wow! People are often nice on ESO, but nothing like what I have experienced on TSW. It really has a community feeling. It is nice to kill zombies and find helpful games.