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    Did some elite dungeons with Jennet and her pals, it was awesomely fun and just overall a great time. Looking forward to more TSW dungeons now.
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    I've just killed the Gatekeeper with this build, http://www.tsw-builder.com/#71v111702104713761133756p112403530612616303105 It doesn't cost a lot of AP, you just have to run when minion appear.
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    I wouldn't recommend using an AoE builder for the gatekeeper challenge just so you can use a cheap affliction! AoE builders do 50% less damage than single target builders! Also any passive that does any damage will be better than toxic affinity. I wish they'd make Toxic affinity a decent passive
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    Added a simple image on the front... Also just realized that it was Jung who said that "Make yourself at home, or not." bit >.<
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    wow I've been gone a long time. so yeah a returning player from way back hehe. hey guys
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    Hi everyone. I'm Ryns. I've dabbled in TSW a few times since it launched but never got very far before. Either I'd get distracted by another game or I'd simply lose interest. Never was very social with the games community before, so I thought I'd give that a go this time. When I decided to return this time I crazily decided to delete my old character and start fresh. I'm currently trying to kill Jack in the Savage Coast (I think I've finally gotten it figured out, my build needs some tweaking). I've never made it past Savage Coast before so I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the game (hopefully).