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    yes, repeatedly......forever and ever until this Age ends and the Heat Death wipes us all asunder Nahh, you dont have to feel shy with sancturians...and I always give a helping hand. As for slowing people down, pfff nup, wouldn't happen (at least if it was people from here you group with) You're looking at someone who happily un-equips everything but weapons to help a new person Polaris dungeon run - and the rest here....hell you ask them a question, you'd have to yell at them to stop answering, cos you'd be scrolling the chat back up to read it all
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    so do i have to introduce myself all over again???
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    "Classics" you say? Here, have 17 minutes of a true classic
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    For those who like greek mythology
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    Randomly remembered this one and decided to listen to it. Can't believe it's already been a few years.... And the clip is so wonderfully horror-movie-inspired
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    Hehe if any of you see my twitter posts.. I post a LOT of music (listening to everything people are posting while golem hunting teehee)
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    Kiernon!!! Only liquor is Vodka! Shivvies... *Dances with Shivvies in the moonlight*