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    At the Secret Podcast we've been given the chance to give away an Art Print signed by Scriv and Tilty. It's an amazing opportunity especially as there's only a few of these around. So how can you get your hands on this amazing print? Simple, tune into our latest episode of The Secret Podcast and you'll know everything you need to know. You can find it here but be quick the closing date is Wednesday the 8th at 3pm GMT
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    I started this page about 10 weeks ago, and I've finally got around to completing the main part. We now have a page with lots of Twitter accounts listed. We have the accounts for Sanctuary and TSWDB, as well as their leaders, and we have in-game NPC accounts, as well as accounts for Funcom staff. You can find the page here, or by clicking the Twitterverse button along the top menu. What we don't have is you. We'd like to get together a list of other Sanctuarians who would like to have their accounts listed here. What we would need to add you is a link to your Twitter account page, and one line to describe you. If you want us to just use the blurb from your Twitter profile, let us know that too. If you want this adding, then please send a PM to me (Auroris) on these forums, or send a DM through Twitter to either me or Sanctuary's Twitter accounts, and we'll get things added for you. This goes for both personal accounts and group accounts like cabals. There's no limit to how many of your accounts we'll add, but so I don't miss things, please send a seperate message for each account you'd like to add.
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    Mass production starts here!:
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    Haha, does this mean that space will be filled with Pink Death Stars?
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    Come to the Pink side!