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    hihihihihihhi psy said dodo!
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    Spot the Difference! With prizes! The idea here is to have multiple screenshots that appear to be identical, but have a very subtle difference that you must point out in order to win. These puzzles will increase in difficulty over time, and so will the prizes! Rules Use spoiler boxes when submitting an answer.You can only guess once per puzzle.If you win, you must wait a week to participate again. Puzzle 1 Prize: Custom forum title of your choice + 1 000 000 PAX If you want to view the images in their original full size, click the thumbnail first, then the "Full Size" button in the lower left corner of the popup.
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    Think I spotted this one already, is it...
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    What I find is that when I give people builds with multiple consumers they'll just use the AoE consumers on single targets anyway, so I tend to not suggest multiple consumers personally! However sound your reasoning is
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    Meeh... I prefer having 2... Most if not all of my solo builds do 1 builder, 2 aoe consumers, 1 singletarget consumer, 3 whatever stuffz, just makes killing packs so much more efficient... Basicly things like chaotic pull is never needed while soloing and the damage on it is terrible, turn the tables is a complete waste of a active if you're above ql 3, steel echo is debateable I'll give you that one...
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    Between CtP and BT you'll be ok with 1 AoE consumer for solo.
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    It's the combination of Improved Groundwork and Leech Therapy. I assume that with high heal rating you got around 3.3-3.4k. That would mean that those 2 heal the tank every shot for 166 or so. Then on top of that you have Shot of Anima + Groundwork which with scaled HR give the tank almost 20% leech effect. If your tank does 800 dps [not a dps tank], all off those contribute to 300 HPS. All of the above get multiplied by Shadow medic and you get a small heal + leech from vet every 7 seconds. This build is different from most of Leech builds because it uses "non standard" leech abilities. Typical leech ability has 3 components. 1) damage 2) heal 3) leech heal applied to the target which is based on the #1 damage component Non standard doesn't mean not used. Following this rule Transfuse Anima which is the goto consumer for most leech builds is a "non standard" leech ability because it misses the #2 heal component. It's so often used because it has the highest damage component of all the leech abilities. That one is bumped because it has only 2 of the "standard" ones, so it "compensates" by having the other two bumped. Your deck works in a similar fashion but has no #3 leech heal component and compensates by using a high heal abilities with a small leech applied to target which is based on targets dps not yours. This is great for dps tanks if they want to have some fun, but you have a low damage output. Usually leechers go for a high damage output - it's easier for them to make a high damage deck in comparison to the tank. If you decide to add some AR it will not increase your healing because your deck misses the #3 component. I'm at work and having my morning coffee and smoke, so some of what I wrote may not make any sense. Please tell if I need to clarify something.
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    well, if you attempt it and 'hit a wall' and have to fall back - if you see me online, gimme a buzz. I'll roll through it with you!
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    Heya! Looks interesting! Act looked funny because the majority of healing comes from the leeching effects granted by groundwork+veteran+shot of Anima.
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    Another post is up. Next week may be prove to be hectic so I may not manage any, but I'll try.
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    This week we celebrate The Secret World's Third Anniversary in style with guest host PsyWarrior and a signed art print to give away. We also discuss the current event, bikes and we earn our Explicit rating fairly early on. Apologies for the sound quality this week, we were using a backup file which is slightly poorer quality. As always you can find it here and don't forget to enter the contest.