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    ... oh who am I kidding i won't ever grow up!
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    So as some of you in game know.....I built a bit of a reputation as being a rather good rare spotter....So now I bring the service here. Here's how it works - Just list regions you are looking in (or have to snag kills) and which rares you need - important part would be in game name of character so I can put you on the friend list and when I see you online in-game, we can get these eyes out there spotting rares for you. Love seeing those final rares drop and people sporting their new jackets - so let's make this thing happen!
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    I got out of hospital just in time to spend the last couple of hours of the event looking for bag parties so I've got a couple of leftovers: Large woolen scarf, brown Crinkled boho scarf, pale blue x 3 Barefoot sandals, turqoise The Love Generation - Linen shirt/Collared cardigan I also may end up giving away my Mythos Machine either to the Sanctuary community or a member - I don't have as much time to play as I'd like to and I feel weird about using the item when there are peeps out there that genuinely want it. When I decide what I'm doing, this'll be the first place I'll be heading to.
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    A great idea. Tokyo rares elude me but if I see any while I'm out and about I'll let people know too.