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    For me it was the first time I saw the Kronos Titan in City of Heroes. I played that game as a duo a lot, and we were in Peregrin Island, and I said something like 'it should be here any moment...' when my friend said 'turn around.' It was behind me, so everyone in the group but me saw it. A few other CoH moments, because that was my first MMO and your first always is special... I got a new power, shortly after I3 or 4 went live, and I was going show it to my friend. I was playing a Stone/Stone tank Stonehenge and he was playing a elec/elec blaster Open-Circuit. We were in a cave and I said 'hey Open watch this' and went to trigger the power. At that same moment a group of Circle of Thorn demons rushed into the first room and attacked us. So from his PoV it looked like I had summoned it. The others were two of the greatest mistells ever. My SG was talking about movies and playing 'name that movie' from quotes, and rewarding people geek points. At the same time Open was doing something and needed some cash. He asked me how much I had, and if I could lone him some. I responded to the SG chan rather then a tell that I had over 5 million, so it was cool. The leader of our supergroup said 'wow that's a lot of geek points'. The other was when a SG mate sent the following MT to the SG chat so it really came out of nowhere. "So when you lamp-shaded me it had sexual contentions" Which needless to say was a huge WTF/LOL moment.
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    If I ever grow up I want to... Play games and record a podcast about it. Mission accomplished
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    If you do get stuck, be sure to call for help in Sanctuary chat.