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    Sophia sat at her desk. Her meeting with Rayne had been an unwelcome addition to an already complex situation. How much did she know? How much did Sophia know when I came to it? She sat back and pondered to herself. She had gone through all the records that she could find in the archives. As far as she could make out Sanctuary had no spies. It generally didn't have the need for them. Usually Sanctuary's operations didn't require information of a sensitive nature. Oh it was true that agents would occasionally hand over information. But it was usually of their own volition and it was not compulsory. Auroris however was a different kettle of fish. It was common knowledge that he had spies everywhere. Well he would probably refer to it as an information network, but it all amounted to the same thing. The informants were usually people who owed him something. Sooner or later everyone owed him something. The problem was that more and more His actions were being seen as those of Sanctuary's. She would need to have words with him. This was getting out of hand. Sanctuary was supposed to be a relatively neutral agency. It might be amusing to wind up the factions. Hell she enjoyed knocking the Templar down a few pegs as much as the next agent but Auroris' actions were ruffling the wrong feathers. The big issue here was that he wouldn't back down. Neither would Temple Hall. So how best to deal with all this? She got up and paced back and forth for a while. Temple Hall wanted Sanctuary spies out. Well that wasn't possible. They didn't have any, not that Temple Hall would listen. Auroris needed to make some kind of token gesture to reassure them that he was not operating inside the hall. The problem was he was not one for gestures, especially if they seemed to be showing weakness. She started firing off blood darts at a board on the opposite side of the wall. A thought struck her. Rayne wanted the "stolen tech". Sophia knew Auroris well enough to know that he had plenty of time to recreate the tech. Maybe if he handed the gun that killed Kyle, with its bullets to them they would be willing to hear him out. As goodwill gestures went it was the best they had. Armstrong was not an option. From there Auroris could reassure them that he would withdraw his spies from the hall, or at least stop gathering information from them. The way she saw it Temple Hall needed placating. Auroris needed to learn to start operating in the shadows again and Sanctuary needed to regain its reputation as a neutral party. This may go some way towards achieving that. Now she just needed to persuade Auroris of that.