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    Hello there, everyone!!! I could have sworn I had responded to this thread when it first came out. Since I haven't, I may as well fix that. I'm Vomher. I'm a student of Chemistry in the United States. I enjoy TSW greatly, as well as roleplay! My availability can get a little wonky, but that doesn't stop me from loving the game and community! I'm never particularly good at introduction threads, however. I'm one of the admins at TSWDB, and I think you are all awesome. I noticed that a lot of people were mentioning their PvE availability, so I should note: I love raiding or just dying with friends at any content, be it Normal or Nightmare. It's much more fun to die with friends than it is to speedrun with some very unwelcoming people. Manufactory? Sure. Polaris? Sure? It's just nice to play with wonderful people! You can generally also find me on Twitter through my IC account @KlausvonRichter. I've always enjoyed the Sanctuary, even if I have a tendency to vanish from forums every so often! I have a cat and she is beautiful.