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    Hi everyone! We have recently created a new cabal called "Council of Nephilim". It's about supporting other players,and sharing skills and knowledge. Just like sanctuary! We're aiming for the whole range from normal dungeons to nightmare raids with no particular focus except being newbie-friendly. If you like helping other players, teaching what you know; or if you look for a cabal you can learn everything about the game from, you're right with us! Interested? Here's some more reading material and the application form if you want to join: http://con.bytezero.de/ Got questions? You can join our ingame chat (/chat join Con) or our Discord. Or you just ask in this thread
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    Hello there. This Halloween we wanted to do something huge and we’ve teamed with some of the biggest names in The Secret World community to bring you a series of activities throughout the month of October. There’s something for everyone from a spooky RP story, halloween shows with your favorite DJs at your the best venues as well as a live Podcast recording with a developer. There will also be impromptu dungeon/lair runs throughout the month (and maybe even some world bosses if we’re lucky). We also have contests for you (because what is Halloween without a contest) so you can win prizes while you’re having fun too. You can find a brief rundown of events below to help you plan your October with a more in-depth explanation of each week in the posts following. Bear in mind we are still working with partners to finalise the events so some may be subject to change. We are also happy to accept any donations for prizes to the contests (we’ve tried tieing Kle down to the PC but he’s not great at farming things). If you’re interested in joining the schedule then we’d be happy to have you, just send us a message. If you have any questions send a message to Kle here, in-game or on Twitter @Kle_Sanctuary Update: Kle has now thoroughly been beaten and we've now got a schedule in order. Week One We get the party started with DJ Medrina from Happy Tentacle Radio who is having a Horror Movie themed #PlayAnything in Eldwic Park. Join her at 10PM on Thursday for all your favourite movie music (and outfits) Week Two Hide and Seek with Lady-Pyre: Find Pyre for shiny prizes. Sunday October 30th 12pm EST (4pm GMT) Podcast Live: (Time and date to be confirmed) The Secret Podcast will be interviewing one of the Developers of TSW live and you can join them in-game to distract them. They'll also be giving away the new and exclusive Secret Podcast Tee-shirts. Week Three: 31/10 (time tbc once I figure out timezones): DJ Lady Lyra's Metal Mayhem goes on tour to New York and visits the Saint's and Sinners Nightclub. Being Halloween you can expect all kinds of fun (actually being S&S and Lady Lyra you can expect all kinds of fun anyway ). Dress up for the night and show the spirits how it's really done. Sanctuary Q&A: As is traditional we will be holding a Q&A on the forums. We will have a member of the Dev team (we'll announce who soon™) answering your burning questions.
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    Hallo ! Just started playing together with 'ol DammazKron here, and we've been having all sorts of adventures so far, and really enjoying it too. Ingame name: TeKakan Person on the screenshot: DammazKron (I'm goofing around behind him, capturing the moment..)
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    Avatar: DammazKron Hello everyone! Great to see pictures from what you like about the game. Recently starting playing after a friend recommended it. Kinda dated graphics and quirky controls at first but oh man is the story and lore enthralling! Who doesn't want to learn Morse code or some obscure language? Do you remember your first Investigation mission? Anyways it's really hard to choose a favourite screenshot but here is a cool one from one of our expeditions in the desert. "Dr. Jones and Friends!"
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    Agent’s we have been getting odd emails which up until lately we have been ignoring. They’ve been coming from random accounts with no apparent connection. Each one has the same message. “Play me" along with a MP3 file. The higher ups don't think it's important but I'm not so sure. I've got a tech team looking over the recording and making sure it's safe. When we have a copy of the file we can share with you I'll post it here. It might be nothing but my spider senses are tingling...
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    Great contest! I'm amazed how some of my favourite pictures are pretty similar to screenshots others submitted. I couldn't decide either which one I liked most, so...
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    Went through my screenshot folder and could not decide which picture I liked better - so, here, have both!
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    And...is it one entry per Sanctuarian? (Ok, this is just goofiness, but I couldn't resist.) Name: Surrealistic Title: Patchy Is a Half-pipe If the raiders make me wait At least in Kaidan I can skate....
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    Name: Ascle Title: You wanna dance Chuck? Well! Let's dance buddy! Note: I didn't listen the recommandation and I died 4 times to take that screen
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    Akkikins Glitches love TSW ;D
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    This one turned out rather nice: "Here's your double order of stake, sir!" (In unrelated non-news: Back to lurking for me, life's still hectic and doesn't leave me a lot of downtime. Will update you lot when there's any change to my situation.)
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    I'll pickle my brain till I can think of something to do.
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    Skillet Lasagna! A coworked gave me that recipe last week and I tried it and it is yummyyyyy. And so easy to make. The quantity in parenthesis were for me because we use grams and mililetres here INGREDIENTS 3 tbsp olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 onion, chopped 1 pound (450g) sweet Italian sausage out of casing Salt and pepper 12 ounce (env. 14 pates) package lasagna noodles, each sheet broken into 4 pieces 28 ounce (796 ml) can tomatoes, undrained and chopped 15 ounce (398 ml) can tomato sauce 1 cup water, divided 3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil 15 ounce (400g) container ricotta cheese 2 cups shredded mozzarella LET'S GET COOKING... Heat oil over medium-high heat. Add garlic and onion, saute for 5 minutes. Add sausage and break apart with spoon, cook until browned 6-8 minutes. Pour half a cup of water, and 1 cup of sauce over the meat mixture. Place lasagna noodles over meat mixture; top with tomatoes, remaining tomato sauce, basil and ½ cup water. Bring to a boil; cover, reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, 20 minutes or until noodles are tender. Dollop ricotta cheese evenly over mixture, and sprinkle with mozzarella. Cover and let stand 2 minutes or until cheese is melted.
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    This is way late, but...I had to change things in my video settings rather than in the game settings to get side-by-side the way I wanted it. However, you can also change your font size in game. Check out this thread: https://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?41533-Step-by-Step-for-increasing-font-size Hopefully if you follow that, it will help you out.
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    Here are my entries, I am Hestian in-game.
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    \o/ (in game name is Lucid-Nytemare )
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    I'd be hateful too if baby golems kept punching me in the nuts so hard my genitals receded.
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    TSW, it is all about the tacos.
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    Long time reader here and very casual player off and on since beta for TSW in general. Name here is also my IGN. HK incoming.
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    Best pic I have from the event!
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    I've been part of Sanctuary for so long now and have posted so little, but this is a wonderful idea. Here's my contribution - posted it on Twitter a few days ago.
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    We recently upgraded our forum software from IPS 4.0.13 to 4.1. This was a relatively major upgrade, and so I've had to discard the previous theme and make a new one from scratch. I've come pretty far along already as you can probably see, although I'm not completely done yet. There are some minor inconsistencies and weirdnesses yet, and I have not yet styled the editor, but that will come. I hope you like it! Also, the forum update comes with many interesting new features. Here are some of the biggest ones: Activity Streams. Very flexible streams that can show every bit of activity within the community or whatever you choose to show. Here are some of them: All Activity, Unread Content, Content I Started. You can even make your own streams. Improved notifications. The update comes with instant push-notifications and browser notifications. This means that you'll get your notifications without having to refresh the page, and you can be notified even when you're not browsing the forums. This makes sure that you're immediately alerted to updates in the community. Improved navigation menu. As you can see, the navigation menu at the top of the site has changed. We now have a 2-level navigation menu that lets us organise menu elements under tabs. We also have a greater control of what elements to put in the menu with the new Menu Manager. Improved editor. The editor is now served through a DIV-element instead of an iFRAME. This makes the editor load instantly as opposed to taking a few seconds before. There are also many other improvements to the editor, such as a new contextual menu which can be opened by holding the Ctrl key down and right clicking. Performance. The developers of this suite have begun to make significant performance increases since the introduction of the 4.x branch of the software, and this is very apparent in 4.1. And much much more... The update contains a lot of bug fixes and other small changes, as well as changes to the Admin CP which gives us more control and flexibility to shape the community the way we need it to be.
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    Long time lurker, first time poster. I can mainly be found on Twitter as @Caerfinon or you can chat with my dog Jac ( @JacTSWK9 )
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    Hi everyone! I am Ryan age 35 from Manhattan, NYC. I have B.A degree in Finance & M.B.A degree in Business Administration. I've been GM (Lifetimer) since first TSW beta. I am usually busy with limitation to have free time to play between MMO's as I will do my best to spend more time enjoying TSWL (reboot). I like to play solo/group for dungeons, raids, story quests, investigation missions, and many more in TSWL. My main character faction will be Illuminati. My privilege to join Sanctuary to play along with you fellow Sanctuary members of TSWL Thank you for invitation. I see you TSWL (reboot). TSWL Characters: Marcus "Ryan" Phoenix (Illuminati)
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    EVENT CONCLUDED (for now) Since I am moving over to SWL the moment it launches, I will have no use for the stuff I have in TSW (the stuff that won't be transferred). I know there's a considerable bunch of people out there that wants to stay in TSW. So I thought I'd give the remainder of my stuff to players that will actually make use of it, instead of everything just sitting in my inventory forever collecting dust. How to claim Make a post in this topic and include your ingame nickname and what you want to claim. I will then mail the items/PAX to you ingame, at which point you will be able to claim them at the Auction House. Rules You may claim up to 10 items. Each item in a stack (of the same type) counts as an individual item. Exceptions: Materials and the green Attuned augments. PAX counts as one of those 10 items and you can only claim up to 3,000,000 PAX. List of items PAX: 19,000,000 / 27,000,000 Materials: Each stack counts as 1 item. 953x Pure Metal 999x Pure Water 225x Pure Fire 559x Pure Dust 74x Pure wheel rune 63x Pure trinity rune 43x Pure lu rune 71x Pure denkyem rune 168x Pure earth rune 337x Pure wedjat rune 479x Pure pentagram rune 505x Pure koru rune Gadgets: Nullity Sphere AE Overcharger Augments: 100x Attuned Accurate (counts as 1 item) 100x Attuned Curing (counts as 1 item) 100x Attuned Mending (counts as 1 item) 100x Attuned Robust (counts as 1 item) 5x Unattuned Ferocious 2x Unattuned Brutal 3x Unattuned Piercing 2x Unattuned Inspiring 3x Unattuned Accelerating 9x Unattuned Vivifying 11x Unattuned Rampant 2x Unattuned Restorative 12x Unattuned Precise 14x Unattuned Restoring 8x Unattuned Safeguarding 2x Unattuned Solid 12x Unattuned Stalwart 7x Unattuned Vexing Cosmetics Emote: Stop Acid wash jeans, blue Aerobics leotard, blue and black Aerobics leotard, red and green Aerobics leotard, yellow and pink 1x Visor sunglasses, black Visor sunglasses, pink Signets 1x Aux Weapon Imprint 1x Signet of Discipline 1x Signet of Divine Inspiration 5x Signet of the Death Curse 1x Signet of Vigour 6x Signet of Soul Eating 3x Signet of Persistent Malice 2x Signet of Order 1x Aux Weapon Binding 1x Aux Weapon Mod 6x Signet of Death's Note 3x Signet of Blessed Steps 4x Signet of Backbite 1x Signet of Ablation 5x Signet of Renewed Vigil 7x Signet of Recuperation 5x Signet of Karma 5x Signet of Divine Inspiration 8x Signet of Equilibrium 7x Signet of Discplacement 3x Signet of Deflection It may not be that much, but I hope some of you will have use for these things.
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    Your claims have been distributed.
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    Might I please have on Vomher: 3,000,000 Pax Romana - I am too poor to afford repairs. 1x Aerobics leotard, blue and black 2x Aerobics leotard, yellow and pink 1x Aerobics leotard, red and green 1x Visor sunglasses, pink I'd like to give one of the yellow leotards to Insein, along with the red leotard. Neither of us have any leotards!
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    Oh, right, completely forgot about that. "Ev-s". Thanks!
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    Garry aka the dog aka Garamithras Half incubus, half hellhound, momma was a succubus with a kink for hellhounds Useful for his tracking ability on par with a german shepard, only he’s intelligent Fights dirty, runs, or riles up opponents, he is really not much good at combat alone but he makes a good partner, and no one wants him to get his jaws on their tender bits mid fight Infernal Stench:Can stink up an area that anyone without the constitution of a sewer worker will greatly desire to get away from. Possibly vomiting as they run. Has three forms: ugly-cute pug, blue blob with too many eyes, and malevolent blue haired teen incubus, another ugly-cute really, he’s kinda cute but very demonic. His abilities are form specific. Blob :http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w35/Chairbreaker/drawings/Garry_zpsdcc879e7.png Otherwise he’s mostly a mouthy little jerk. He must be summoned, unlike Hreb, who is pledged to Gaia, Garry has to be summoned for specific things, he can’t just hang out. It takes an hour long ritual that requires at least some skill and some kind of botch on the skill check means summoning some other demon. If he takes too much damage he poofs (stinkily) to Hell and must be resummoned. Frequently fails to understand non-demonic culture, but is aces at irritating people so much so that he obviously has some empathy, he’s just willing to use it for evil. Alignment: Chaoc evil light - He usually cannot be arsed to be really evil, but he’s not moral or nice like Hreb. They have been friends for half a millennium and despite their bickering are quite loyal to one another. Small, unexpected, rather sneaky - he does ok at stealth so long as you don’t catch a whiff of him, he does have rather bad hell-doggy BO Blob powers:fits in tight spaces, like large drains, through bars very Painful spiderlike bite, covered in disgusting vile slime Youth powers Opposeable thumbs:Can use a cell phone Sulking epically Garry is kinda silly, and I will fully understand if he's not to your taste, just let me know and I'll extract him or just not bring him. He's a hoot to play, but not everone's cup of tea.
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    Sunday before Halloween I'll do a Hide and Seek of my own (there is also stuff ODO is doing as a group, but given I'm the only one who has any power over my personal prize fest. Prize, if you can find me, in location TBD, is 5 million pax and a blue signet of laceration. So, Sunday October 30th, 2016, 12pm est, 4:00 PM GMT
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    View Tutorial (No longer available) Last Updated: November 30, 2015
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    It was here, all the time while I was trying to figure out stuff by myself...
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    Ok... now I'm hungry again.
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    I've been debating adding to these, mostly since my family and friends have general terminology like "some", "a little bit", and "just a pinch." This makes showing people how to make things much easier than writing it down. However, since there are several yummy recipes here that are along the "taco" theme, and since my roommates (who were Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban) showed me how to make some really good food when I was an undergrad, I thought I'd pass it along. Hopefully this will be understandable enough. Note: There are a lot of recipes that say to cook "to taste." I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not tasting something while it's scalding hot, so I cook "to smell." I've found that, since smell and taste are so closely linked, if it smells right, it will probably taste right. So cook these "to smell." Yes, this still means you'll probably have to try it a couple of times before you have it exactly the way you want. Further note: Some people who cook for a living and people that write recipes professionally do something that they call "sauté." My family refers to this as "browning." Basically, this means putting the meat (usually ground beef or chopped chicken) in a frying pan with a little bit of vegetable (or olive, depending on the recipe) oil and cooking it until it's cooked all the way through, which turns it brown (light golden brown in the case of the chicken.) If it's brown before you start, don't cook it. Get rid of it. You've had it in your fridge too long. (Ground beef can get a bit brownish if exposed to oxygen, so you have to play that one by ear, but if it's really brown, it's probably too old.) Chicken quesadillas (not spicy, but high cholesterol) Required cookware and utensils: A large frying pan (non-stick is easier) Another pan (can be frying, can be sauce, as long as you can fit what you need to in it and stir it so it all gets cooked) Paring or similar knife cheese slicer (or you can use the knife, but a slicer is easier) Chopping board Something to lay the chopped food on spatula (or something like that to turn over the tortillas) spoon or other utensil to stir vegetables while cooking Ingredients: 1 - 2 lbs. chicken breasts or chicken fingers or tenders (leaner is better, because it requires less trimming) a couple of medium-sized bell peppers (I use green, but some people like yellow or red) a couple of medium-sized tomatoes (Get fresh garden ones if you can) a small white or yellow onion (You'll probably only use half of it) or onion powder as a substitute about 1 lb. block of Monterey Jack cheese Adobo (I use the Goya variety with the green or blue lid) 1 package really large tortillas (the kind you find in the refrigerated section is best) spreadable butter (or butter substitute if you must, because this is high cholesterol) vegetable oil Directions: Chop up peppers into small (1 inchish) pieces, making sure to remove the inner part with the seeds (and the stem, but hopefully you already knew that.) Chop up about half the onion, unless you're substituting powder. Put vegetable oil in second pan (not large frying pan.) Add peppers and onions (if you're using them.) Cook on medium-low to medium heat until the oil is absorbed and the vegetables are a bit soft, stirring occasionally so they don't burn. While they're cooking, chop chicken into 1 inchish pieces, trimming excess fat as you do it. Set aside for the moment. Also chop up tomatoes into (you guessed it) about 1 inchish pieces. Set aside. Slice cheese. Also set aside. When vegetables are soft enough, add chicken. Coat chicken liberally with Adobo (this is the "to smell" bit - if it smells like there's enough Adobo, there's enough Adobo.) Add onion powder if you're substituting it for onion. Brown chicken. Stir as it's cooking, to avoid burning it. Make sure it's cooked all the way through, because salmonella is bad. Note: These are best if eaten right after they're made, so if you're only using some of it and saving some for later, put the portion you aren't going to use in containers at this point. Put a little butter in frying pan and heat on medium low heat until melted. Butter one side of tortilla. Place in pan. Add mixed chicken and veggies, tomatoes, and a few slices of cheese. Make sure to only put them on half of the tortilla. After it's been cooking long enough that the tortilla is soft (which doesn't take long), use spatula to close tortilla. Cook until bottom side is golden brown and crispy. Turn over tortilla and repeat until the other side is also golden brown and crispy. The cheese should be melted by this point. You may have to repeat turning the tortilla over a couple of times. Repeat this for each quesadilla you're making. Serve as soon as you're finished, so they stay nice and crispy. If you tend to overstuff them, like I do, this makes about 8 extremely filling quesadillas, but mileage may vary.
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    A lot of you may already know this, but just in case you don't...Xbox Live can be eeeevil. Assuming you don't use it to record or stream or anything (which I know you don't, because we all have lots and lots of other ways to do this), open your Xbox app and click on the Settings (gear) icon. Now go to GameDVR and turn it off. This should give you back a couple of fps.
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    We've been poking our Judges and we have winners. In first place is Brandstifler with the march of the Templar (and a single Illuminati) In second Place is CrazyDogLady with an action shot from Tokyo Third place was Ascle who let out his inner Golem. All the pictures came in with the same number of votes so we ended up going with where how the judges had scored them originally. Our Special Judges also got an extra vote each to pick a favourite picture to win extra shines regardless of the vote. Buzzy-Fred (our super secret judge) chose this shot of a Lonely GateKeeper in Carpathian Fangs (poor GK) by Brandstifler Lady-Pyre chose this shot of Lucid-Nightmare winging a Carpathian Golem. Who'd have thought you had dark wings Lucid, you seem so nice We'll be sending out prizes to all who participated today and getting in touch with the winners to see which set of prizes they would like. Thanks to everyone who took part and to the generosity of those who made the prize pool so big. Keep an eye out for more contest and events in the near future.
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    Here's the Chaos/Rifle build I've been playing with for solo survival. It's based around QL10.1ish stats. Uh...I hadn't thought about a name, so... "Discordant Lead"? : VDM%-%7094276%-%7094274%-%6377845%-%6806479%-%7094285%-%7494903%-%7094277%-%undefined%-%7094290%-%6942580%-%6943080%-%7080607%-%7080605%-%6307518%-%6863509%-%undefined Link: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#95v550552900920535g02546p530332421143141612636 Actives: Run Rampant * Consequence Safety Off Three Round Burst * Discord Rising Turn the Tables * Eye of Pandemonium Passives: Breakdown Bloodsport * Iron Maiden Fortunate Strike * Elemental Force Sudden Return Live Wire * replace situationally as needed If you need AoE, you can replace Run Rampant with Escalation. For more healing than Turn the Tables, replace Fortunate Strike with Circulation. For even more healing, replace Three Round Burst with Transfuse Anima. For more damage, replace Turn the Tables with Amor Fati. I do priorities rather than rotations, so.... Use Discord Rising and Chaos hits to get Exposed to 10 stacks as quickly as possible. Try to keep it there. Bloodsport should ensure that Afflict is toggled the entire fight, as long as you don't glance. It's not there for damage. If you pen constantly, you might want to change that out for Third Degree, but that's up to you. After using Eye of Pandemonium, you'll apply "Vulnerability to Ranged." Take advantage of that to use your Rifle abilities. Use healing and buffs as needed. And thanks @Daedalus7 for correcting that. Bad copy me. Too many windows open at once.
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    Thanks for posting! I like the name. Two slight notes/corrections, though... Trial By Swords isn't for AOE (it's single-target) but for more impair (I like for longer Tokyo/boss fights). The other is that the rotation technically has a second Dancing Blade after the initial Stunning Swirl/Dancing Blade/builder sequence, so it's: SS (VtR) --> (DB --> HT x3 --> DB) --> (SO --> HT x3 --> DB) --> (SO --> HT x3 --> DB) --> REPEAT Note that the actives in parentheses make up 3 8-second intervals, plus the 1-second GCD for the initial Stunning Swirl gets you exactly to the 25-second cool down for SS. I would also add that this build relies much more on PEN, so the Woodcutter's and any additional PEN gear is very helpful. As a survival build, it also relies very heavily (derived from the original Claretta build) on the Signet of Thirst for heals. This means that early on you should almost certainly swap in Martial Discipline/Regeneration and any other active heals you can get while you work towards building your gear. Signet of Echoes/Signet of Thirst are a must, and personal preference for the rest for the most part. I use Laceration on the head, Breaching on the sword, and Fury on the pistol. Essentially over time, you'll be able to push more and more of your healing to things other than your Actives/Passives, giving you more room for building your DPS. The Parasite Configuration from Tokyo container keys is really helpful. I've only just learned about the Redirected Rejuvenation Module, which if I understand correctly does NOT proc Empowerment -- which I presume means it will not proc Thirst, either, but I should probably test anyway just to be sure.
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    I figured the build testing was probably going to start hijacking the "Build Request" thread, so I'm starting this one to post requests for build tests, results, conclusions, and all of that sort of thing. Right now, we've got a couple of builds to look at, and we're especially focusing on the results of the new "Vulnerabilities" added to elites. Everybody is welcome to join in, and we'll see what we can work out. So far, it seems like if we tweak some of the old builds a bit, we can get some really nice dps without complicated rotations. Ok, so...I'll start by listing the obvious to make it easier: Vulnerabilites by type: Vulnerability to Magic: Blade: Four Seasons Hammer: Shockwave Fists: See Red Shotgun: Shotgun Wedding Pistol: Gun Crazy Assault Rifle: Red Mist Vulnerability to Ranged: Blade: Stunning Swirl Hammer: Eruption Fist: Gore Blood: Plague Chaos: Eye of Pandemonium Elemental: Power Line - Voltaic Delta Vulnerability to Melee: Shotgun: Point Blank Pistol: Bullet Ballet Assault Rifle: Shellshocker Blood: Cardiac Arrest Chaos: Prisoner of Fate Elementalism: Overload Obvious (although not necessarily true) conclusion: The way they've changed it makes it better to mix and match so that you don't have two from the same category (melee, ranged, or magic.) This will depend on how much the vulnerability increases damage. Hmm.... Ok, going to try it out with the suggested Pistol/Blade build. So far, I'm liking the result of Ele/Rifle, although I suspect my build could use some more tweaking. Using Power Line - Voltaic can give crazy damage in long fights, but in short fights it's really overboard (and takes too long), so having something that doesn't have to rack up stacks would probably be better for survival builds. Swapping to Shellshocker to give the bonus to the Ele skills instead of Rifle would do nicely there. (So Power Line for dungeons, Shellshocker for outdoors?) From what I've heard from other people testing, proc builds are nice at the moment. That might still be a YMMV kind of thing, though. There always seems to be a percent-based vs. proc-based argument. At least they've made the calculation easier. Ok, off to test. We'll see how it goes. I'll report the results here. Anybody with suggestions, please chime in. The changes to builds have made things...interesting. And if you have experience tanking and/or healing, build advice with the new additions would be great (other than "Tanks need Stoicism", which seems to be a general consensus in the main forums.)
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    So I tried the PL-VD thing again, and I think I had a bad first impression... Something about the range to the dummy was causing it to not build stacks, so I never realized that you could continue to use other abilities while it channeled and then come back to activate it. Once I fixed that (stood in melee range), the damage and mechanics were much better. That being said, I still didn't like it as much. The rotation was wonky for me, always seemed to leave like a 2-3 second gap so I wasn't getting the PL-VD off on cooldown, or was skipping around to fill in the gaps making the rotation kind of random or inconsistent. Nothing wrong with that if it's your playstyle (by "your" I mean anyone's) but it's definitely not mine. Plus the overall damage I was getting was a good 400-500 DPS short of my other build. Chaos/Rifle does sound interesting. I do keep thinking there's probably some merit to working out a non-traditional Solo/Tank build with the Vulnerabilities now... Chaos/Rifle, or maybe Pistol/Sword or Pistol/Hammer. I'll keep looking into those a bit, too. As for an AOE ability, my go-to has been Shellshocker, but that's an elite so maybe doesn't do you much good in that build. But the reasoning for it is three-fold... First, it does just monster damage, AOE or single-target. So much so, that I'm using it in a couple builds without even taking advantage of the Vulnerability and not noticing any real drop off in DPS. Second, the longer channel seems to help my rotation... it ends up being pretty much spot-on, so I use it on every cooldown with almost no downtime, and the rest of the rotation is the same so I don't have to improvise anything to fill in gaps. Third, and this is key, it has a long hinder. Combined with my Signet of Detainment (only using a blue, but obviously purple would be slightly better) it's enough to let me spam Conditional Force 5-6 times whenever I use it. That's a lot of AOE. That long hinder also means that if you just go straight builder x5 and then Transfuse Anima, you'll get the bonus leach every time. That leech, plus Thirst, has been good enough for me to largely abandon using Anima Shot or Anima Burst as my builder and replace it with a builder that either does a lot more damage and builds for both weapons (like Safety Off) or an AOE (usually either Suppressing Fire if I'm doing Frenzy stuff, or Arc Flash if I'm doing Chain stuff). So maybe you can use the same "tactic" -- something like Tactical Retreat or Coldwave (or both) at the end of your builder cycle, followed by as many Conditional Force hits as you can get (and maybe a Transfuse Anima at the start or in the middle just to get the leech). They both are doing AOE damage on their own as well. I'm using Seal the Deal in that set up and I'm not sure that it would be anywhere close to as good without it. Oh, the other bit is that I frequently use Pop Shot with Rocket Science in that sort of build just for the extra and frequent AOE option. There's so much "extraneous" AOE in that build that I tend to just use it all up on groups and rarely need any mop up. There's likely some other ways to get the hinder going (maybe signet or passive I haven't looked at?) to make it work as well.
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    I'll keep an eye out here, as well. Thanks for starting this. In response to your observation in the previous thread... I had Shake and Bake purely as situational (I've been spending a lot of time in Tokyo, and I like the movement combined with Hinder better than other hinders or impairs available in Pistol/Blade). It almost certainly could be replaced with something that could work into the rotation for DPS boost. I did try the Voltaic Power Line, a bit with both Pistol and Rifle... especially with Rifle thinking it would be the new Rifle/Blood leach heal. But it just seemed too clunky for me. You are right, I think, that it would be a best choice for dungeons, but that's not my expertise at all. I used a Rifle/Elemental combo with Red Mist to earn my Dance of Death achievement, so that one seems at least plausible. The other combo I'm going to try is a Fist/Pistol build with a leading Gore (along with Gross Anatomy and Double Dash) and maybe Killer Flow and such. A couple other things I think is important to keep in mind with the Vulnerabilities is that A) the three of them have different bonuses, and B) the abilities that apply them have different cooldowns. I think in plenty of cases that may be the difference between a "vulnerability build" being worthwhile or not. I'll be back with some results soon.
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    I use AegisHUD and really like it. I put off Tokyo for a really long time and am finally doing the grind. Disassembling un-needed capacitors has helped bump up the controllers. I am sure the Orochi agent selling the upgrades has liked me, currently at 1.2. I still need to get a second set. Maybe tonight I will finally do Tower Defense. For builds I am using Target Their Shield Generator, http://www.tswdb.com/builds/solo/target-their-shield-generator
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    Sure. I'd be glad to give it a shot. It might be a little bit before I get back to you on it, though. My regular gaming rig's CPU fried on Friday, so I'm waiting on the RMA for that. I'm still playing on my laptop in the meantime, but it'll be better when I'm back to no fps issues. I figured I'd test on TestLive to make it easier to try different gear levels, since they have the nice folks in Agartha that hand out the gear. It might not be quite the same as the live server experience, but I should get some idea, anyway. That way, if something works, but only if you have high enough crit or pen or whatever, we'll know. I'm currently running Ele/Rifle on live with my solo main (as opposed to my duo main), so I guess I went the opposite direction that you did. I'm running around 10.2 - 10.3ish with Woodcutter's. I'm also going for flexibility, since it's nice to be able to swap a couple of abilities to make it AoE vs. single-target. I was using Shotty/Rifle, but after the update, it seemed like I got such a huge boost with Ele that it was much higher damage. Woodcutter's seems like enough crit power by itself, so I've dumped it in favor of crit chance to offset the loss of EF auto-crit. I've been running Chaos/Ele with my QL10 blue-with-a-splash-of-purple alt, and my duo main is Blade/Rifle. Once I have all of 'em worked out a bit more, I'll gladly post 'em so that people can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I tend to tweak builds to suit my play style, though, so I figure most people will run something slightly different than I do. I did learn that crit/pen with Live Wire, Elemental Force, lots of Afflict procs, and Power Line/Voltaic hit at 9-10 stacks means that event golems all of a sudden find you way more interesting than you're supposed to be. There's nothing like a world event to show how out of date your build is, and if you adjust it quickly enough, how squishy you really are. Bursty glass cannon dps. At least I know to run to the tank. Of course, I only ever make it about two steps, but, hey, they're towards the tank. I'll let you know after I test out the Pistol/Blade build. It seems interesting. I know I've used those abilities for Pistol and for Blade, just not together, so it could be fun.
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    With all of the changes in the last update, are there any particular builds that need tested? I know some of the theory-crafters have moved on, so if you need a test subject beta tester, I'd be happy to help out. I copied one of my characters over to TestLive, so I can always try some stuff out with different gear levels over there to see how it goes. So far, I'm finding that bumping up crit so it's more even with pen and putting Ele with just about anything pumps out pretty nice dps, even in QL10 blues. I haven't done much with tanking or healing, though, other than the solo/duo leech stuff.
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    Oops. I forgot to post here...maybe because I'm people-make-me-massively-nervous aspie? I'm a CSE (computer science and engineering) doctoral candidate in the Southeastern US, with a focus in AI. I've been a lifer since beta, but I have serious alt-itis, and I bounce back and forth between MMO's, although I keep coming back to this one. Due to my almost total lack of social skills, I mostly solo or duo with hubby (who plays a lot less than I do, unfortunately), although I'm happy to help folks out if I can. I am crazy, and I have dogs. And I'm crazy about my dogs. The "lady" part is probably debatable, but "CrazyDogWoman" doesn't sound as good. Characters you're most likely to catch me on: Palavos (Illuminati), Surrealistic (Dragon), or Obstinatus (Templar character I play when I'm duoing)
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    I am returning to this place after a long absence. Hello all! I don't talk much. My IC Twitter is @InseinAngel
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    Hreb Barak-el Campbell, Demon Bartender, Fixer, Mentor Alias: Mike Erlich or Mike Campbell. The nickname name Angel was given to him by his husband, don’t blame me, blame jehboi for being corny. It stuck like glue and is widely used so I include it. Real name: Hreb, pronounced Hrr-eb as in web, with a littleCh on the H, kinda like Channaka. He’s a Fallen Angel, just a little bitty one, escaped from Hell and not at all keen to be sent back. Characters like this have a lot of potential to annoy, so I’ll start with some reassurances. The character is roughly as powerful and influential as the average Templar. He's meant to be the sort of Fallen Angel you find at the Overlook Motel, just more complex and less corrupt. His serious firepower comes from talismans and a pair of magic revolvers. He’s old but only wise about a few things, and deeply unwise about others. He’ll rarely solve anyone’s problems and may create quite a few. He’s got a particular take on religion, but it’s just his point of view, he’s not Right. He thinks he’s right, but nobody else has to think he’s right. Other people’s sense of fun is very important to me and it’s no fun if someone is playing a know-it-all who can solve every problem before tea time. He’ll enhance the fun by being curious, stubborn, philosophical, gregarious, secretive, peculiar, and charming. He’s special, spiffy cool and magical, there will be the odd moment of awesome magic RP with him when everyone is up for it, but he’s not the star of the show. He’s part of an ensemble cast, and takes his turn in the spotlight like everybody else. As a longtime player of a successful if redonculous critter I am a font of advice on how to make them fun for all and should anyone wonder about the how to, be glad to help. Physically he appears to be a male Caucasian: red hair, blue eyes, age early 20's, 5'11" tall, 150 pounds, built like an idealized Greek statue, not too big, a little too perfect especially for his total lack of effort. His complexion is peachy-perfect, like he was photoshopped by God. He’s got adult male features. Clothing: His his husband dresses him now, so he looks a little less schlubby or like an unsupervised four year old, but that is assuming the husband is around, he can be a real fashion nightmare otherwise. Primary Weapon: The Bright Spear of Heaven, a divine weapon that manifests as lightning. It was stolen from a vastly more powerful corrupted Angel, Hreb can barely handle the energies and cannot use its full power without frying himself to a crisp. We’re talking elementalism/hammer, etc. here. He also learned to use a pair of magic revolvers. Personality: Generally he is either sad and serious, or solemnly playful and foolish. He clowns a lot. He is sweet, cheerful and and welcoming and considers it his mission to introduce people. He comes off as innocent and naïve although he’s far from inexperienced. He’s an optimist about human nature, sees good in people that others don’t, and gets burned for this fairly often. He’s got plenty of experience, he’s just more determined than most to see the beauty rather than the ugly. This is partly how he’s built, childlike in nature, partly a willful choice. He’s incorrigibly larcenous and will commit petty crime very casually. He is subject to fits of Angelic wrath. Part of all this is his childlike nature, part of it outright corruption. His innocence and corruption are inhumanly distinct and they are less woven together in him than they would be in a mortal. He is child-like but not a child. He has a strong work ethic, and is happiest when doing something like tending bar. He is Fallen but determined to be his version of moral. He hates both Heaven and Hell, and loves Earth, mortals, and small ordinary things. He doesn’t fight the manner in which he’s already corrupt, he gives in to it all the time, does not think of himself as being particularly corrupt, and will happily rationalize his thievery unless it’s really obvious that someone will get really hurt by it. He does attempt to fight becoming more corrupt. Some characters should be capable of telling what he is, either precisely, or vaguely. His aura is close to human and can be mistaken for a human who uses a lot of magic and is fairly corrupt. There are all sorts of occult ways of telling what he is. I don't mind if you know. Probably information overload can be found here, but as I find tightly defined characteristics aid this kind of critter immensely, here it is if you need it. http://www.tsw-rp.com/home/m/5359865/viewthread/24630562-angel-hreb-campbell/post/107631896#p107631896 He has just been taken on by Sanctuary to help out as a mentor type, and anyone who is seeking a mentor for their character could pair up with him, he is usually played lighthearted but does drama well and makes a really good mentor, he is very calm and accepting and good at seeing people strengths.
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    Come to the Pink side!