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    We recently upgraded our forum software from IPS 4.0.13 to 4.1. This was a relatively major upgrade, and so I've had to discard the previous theme and make a new one from scratch. I've come pretty far along already as you can probably see, although I'm not completely done yet. There are some minor inconsistencies and weirdnesses yet, and I have not yet styled the editor, but that will come. I hope you like it! Also, the forum update comes with many interesting new features. Here are some of the biggest ones: Activity Streams. Very flexible streams that can show every bit of activity within the community or whatever you choose to show. Here are some of them: All Activity, Unread Content, Content I Started. You can even make your own streams. Improved notifications. The update comes with instant push-notifications and browser notifications. This means that you'll get your notifications without having to refresh the page, and you can be notified even when you're not browsing the forums. This makes sure that you're immediately alerted to updates in the community. Improved navigation menu. As you can see, the navigation menu at the top of the site has changed. We now have a 2-level navigation menu that lets us organise menu elements under tabs. We also have a greater control of what elements to put in the menu with the new Menu Manager. Improved editor. The editor is now served through a DIV-element instead of an iFRAME. This makes the editor load instantly as opposed to taking a few seconds before. There are also many other improvements to the editor, such as a new contextual menu which can be opened by holding the Ctrl key down and right clicking. Performance. The developers of this suite have begun to make significant performance increases since the introduction of the 4.x branch of the software, and this is very apparent in 4.1. And much much more... The update contains a lot of bug fixes and other small changes, as well as changes to the Admin CP which gives us more control and flexibility to shape the community the way we need it to be.