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    "Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don't find out til too late that he's been playing with two queens all along."
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    Oh man. During a drunk 18s I actually started a rant-gag and ended up with calling Machine Tyrant a Pink Machine Pony. I am becoming Ciritty! Halp!
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    Did some elite dungeons with Jennet and her pals, it was awesomely fun and just overall a great time. Looking forward to more TSW dungeons now.
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    Seem to be running with fun miscreants of late. I feel proud to say #IAMTSW ......now back to solo farming these lair frags.....(cos someone has to)
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    Kintsugi (金継ぎ) As a philosophy it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. It is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.
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    Bring your friends, it sharpens the forums #IAMTSW
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    IAMTSW round that I missed ^^' https://vid.me/iQu2 A bit sad that I missed the deadline to the last IAMTSW round by a hair. (Clicked "preview post" and came out an error... round was closed.)
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    I must say, the other players have been awesome. People have offered to help in-game. A few times I was totally lose and seasoned plays directed me to the right spot. I few said, "I can help you for an hour." Wow! People are often nice on ESO, but nothing like what I have experienced on TSW. It really has a community feeling. It is nice to kill zombies and find helpful games.
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    Attempted my very first NY raid today under the wing of the Noobmares... The attempt failed (we came close twice), but it has given a lot to think about hehe and grab a ton of add-ons - i know, i know until a week ago since launch i had been running the game totally vanilla - now 12 or 13 add-ons! Even with all my gear, i felt like a nooby liability *embarrassed* and i kinda maybe sorta been tripping up the podder a little. Gonna need to pick up a new weapon just for this i think *thinks* hell im gonna have to learn a new build too....soo much to contemplate - so much data to think on. But damn was it fun
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    If anyone's wondering why I haven't been in-game lately....I've moved and have yet to install TSW on my laptop. Or at least attempt to Anyway, you'll probably only catch me here or on my Twitter for the next couple weeks until I settled into my new routine, that is, if you need me Hope to see you soon!
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    SRL -update- 300/410 should be up in a couple of days All queued atm.
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    This small project of mine is called: "Send Report Library" If anyone is interested in reading the send reports of missions. (I wanted to read them.. but couldn't find a place) Whew... uploaded 100/420. This will take some time. Site is over --->http://sendreport.tumblr.com/ [press the menu button on upper left] *falls over and sleeps*
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    Fun Fact: "Bierleiche" is a word that describes a passed-out drunk person and means "beer corpse" when translated. The more you know~
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    Someone should make a guide "Why blades is a cheating easymode weapon"
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    Busy busy busy, *salutes* Mobile Distraction Force 1 present and ready
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    My wife and I finished issue 11 last night on our Temps. She was gold and I was blue lol. Great issue.
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    First Raid Lead duty today. So excited, about to form a triplet state.
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    *sigh* Too damn many series to watch!! WTB longer day/night cycle.
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    *starts singing Happy Birthday to herself* Only three more years til I'm a quarter-Centenarian ;D
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    Dunno how people paint so fast... but still tryin!
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    So much audio... Now how do I make it work?
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    And just like every year, it's time for people to wear dirndl and lederhosen >.<
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    Pink Fashion ended! Now to pick the winners! thx for participating
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    "We are all broken. That's how the light gets in." (Ernest Hemingway)
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    Fooling around trying to add color to a pencil sketch of mine. Turns out this is actually hard. Doesn't help that the picture I took of the sketch is terrible. (Attaching the version I'm working with just to see how attaching stuff works) I seem to be getting the hang of the basics, never mind that somehow 5am managed to sneak up on me... NO SLEEP TILL THIS IS DONE! no matter how horrible the end result turns out to be
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    Not as fancy as this website, but I am making simple.. really SIMPLE website for something Just fixing entries and editing them. More than half way already. Posting them will take time.
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    I don't smile so it's unsettling people when I do. Especially if I keep doing it. /smile /smile /smile /smile
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    Most species Bare their Teeth As a Threat As a display Of aggression Of leadership It is a reminder That these Clenched jaws Can and will Open your Yielding Throat I want you to think of this The next time I smile.
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    I'm still hoping we'll get a tiny Smiler Tech pet one day. Probably futile, but hey - a girl can dream
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    Pon-ny http://i.imgur.com/CWZVgHr.png
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    When someone activates a buddy key I sent them... "FLY, MY PRETTIES! FLY!
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    So much paperwork. Stop making paperwork people
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    Shiv, you better run before Ciri comes back with the hair dye. Trust me D:
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    Another follower, time to get more pink hair dye! *Peers at Shivvies*
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    I'm not in trouble, I'm just actively seeking difficult challenges to overcome...
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    Row, row, row your boat.... And now I can't sleep QnQ
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    ~ Don't give up, I believe in you all. A person's a person, no matter how small ~
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    Pink is now my favorite color. #nochoiceinthematter