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    I created a current and organized reference list of all signets available in the game. It could potentially be used to complete the signet information section of this site. The first section lists all signets by talisman type along with their description, separating signets by traditional DPS, healer, and tank roles. I have made special note of signets released with issues that can only be applied to corresponding issue talismans. The power of the signet corresponding to common, rare, and epic quality are noted. The second section organizes the signets released with issues that can only be added to the corresponding issue gear. These talismans are one time rewards given upon completing an issue or available for purchase is a particular zone with that zone's currency. The third section is a list of each of the 8 Aux weapon signets organized for each of the 5 Aux Weapons. Other notes: Credit for some the information goes to many including this site, other sites, the wiki, and forum posters. I have shortened the descriptions of the signet effects in order to fit my form. I have noted cool down times when appropriate. I'm happy to update if anyone finds this useful. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -----------------------------------------------All Talisman Signets------------------------------------------------- Offensive Head Signets Signet of Corruption Your affliction effects deal 7/17/21% more damage. Signet of the Kingdom Increase hit Rating by 6 for 4 seconds per stack, up to 20 stacks. Gain an additional stack if pen or crit hit. Issue 6 restricted SD (ca' d’ oro) Offensive Head/Weapon Signets Signet of Abuse 10% chance damage increase of 8/16/24% for 5 seconds. 11 second cooldown. Signet of Aggression When hit weakened, 15% chance gain a 5/10/15% damage increase for 6 seconds, 9 sec cooldown Signet of Breaching When pen, target takes 8/16/24% more damage from pen for 7 seconds. 7 sec cooldown Signet of Castigation 10% chance next 4/8/12 hits never glance and deal 1/2/3% more damage. 4/8/12 sec cooldown Signet of Detainment Hinder effects last 10/20/30% longer. Signet of Fury When 10 hits, gain a 5/10/15% damage increase for 6 seconds. 6 sec cooldown Signet of Laceration When you crit hit a target, gain a 8/16/24% critical damage increase for 15 seconds. 15 sec cooldown Signet of Obedience When you hit an impaired, gain increased damage of 2/4/6% per stack for 5 seconds, up to 3 stacks. No cooldown Signet of Opportunism When you hit an afflicted, 20% chance to hit them for an additional 74/149/224 magical damage. No cooldown Signet of Sadism When you Hit, 10% chance to hit them for an additional 142/284/427 magical damage. No cooldown Offensive Major Signets Signet of Chernobog Your attack rating is increased by 117. Issue restricted 7 SF (ca' d’oro) Signet of the Howling Oni Your attack rating is increased by 117. Issue restricted Issue 9 Signet of Repulsor Technology Your attack rating is increased by 117 Issue restricted Issue 11 Signet of Violence Your attack rating is increased by 47/94/141. Offensive Minor Signets Signet of Assassination Your Strike attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Barrage Your Blast attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Cleaving Your Focus attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Distortion Your Chaos attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Execution Your Assault Rifle attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Flux Your Elemental attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Liquidation Your Pistol attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Nure-onna's Coil Increases damage dealt by 1.5%. Issue restricted Issue 10 Signet of Rage Your Frenzy attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Recursion Your Chain attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Serration Your Fist attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Shards Your Shotgun attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Shattering Your Hammer attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Storms Your Burst attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Swords Your Blade attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Tomes Your Blood attacks deal an additional 1/2/3% damage. Signet of Venice Increases damage dealt by 1.5%. Issue 8 restricted Venice Vendor Healing Head Signets Signet of Thinis When use a healing builder, 20% chance to gain a resource for your 2nd weapon. Issue 6 restricted SD (ca' d’ oro) Healing Head/Weapon Signets Signet of Benediction When you heal a target, 20% chance they get barrier that absorbs 47/94/142 damage Signet of Cruel Delight When hit weakened, 5% chance to be healed for 66/132/198 every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Signet of Extrication When you hinder a target, you are healed for 47/94/141. Signet of Interdiction When you impair a target, you are healed for 55/111/167 every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. Signet of Temperance When heal target below 50% health, they are healed for 31/63/94 every 2 seconds for 8 seconds Signet of Valour When crit hit, gain a barrier that absorbs 40/80/120 points of damage and lasts for 10 seconds. Healing Major Signets Signet of Amelioration Your heal rating is increased by 47/94/141. Signet of Belobog Your heal rating is increased by 117. Issue 7 restricted SF (ca' d’ oro) Signet of Biotechnology Your heal rating is increased by 117 Issue restricted Issue 11 Signet of the Singing Tengu Your heal rating is increased by 117. Issue restricted Issue 9 Healing Minor Signets Signet of Echoes When crit heal a target, they gain a heal over time 7/13/20 every 1 second for 5 seconds. Signet of Equilibrium When crit heal a target, they gain 5/10/15% damage increase for 5 seconds. Signet of Harmony Your healing effects are increased by 1/2/3%. Signet of Hunger Your Leech effects are increased by 1/2/3%. Signet of Saint Mark Increases the effectiveness of your barrier, leech and healing abilities by 1.5%. Issue 8 restricted Venice Vendor Signet of Security Your barrier effects are increased by 1/2/3%. Signet of Thirst When crit heal a target, they gain 6/12/20% leech effect for 5 seconds. 15 sec cooldown Signet of Yakushi's Balm Increases the effectiveness of your barrier, leech and healing abilities by 1.5%. Issue restricted Issue 10 Defensive Head Signets Signet of Discipline When glanced, gain 116/232/348 Defence Rating for 8 seconds. 8 sec cooldown Signet of Order When block gain 15/30/45% block chance for 4 seconds. 10 sec cooldown Signet of Reinforcement When glanced or evade, gain magic and phys protect of 31/62/93 per stack for 4 sec, up to 3 stacks Signet of Resilience When block, gain mag and phys protect of 31/62/93 per stack for 4 seconds, up to 3 stacks. Signet of the Trenches When glance, evade or block, gain Trench counter. Once 6, heal for 3% of your health. Issue 6 restricted SD(ca' d’ oro) Defensive Major Signets Signet of the Laughing Shisa Your health is increased by 410. Issue restricted Issue 9 Signet of Personal Shielding Your health is increased by 410 Issue restricted Issue 11 Signet of Veles Your health is increased by 410. Issue 7 restricted SF (ca' d’ oro) Signet of Vigour Your health is increased by 165/330/495. Defensive Minor Signets Signet of Ablation When health below 50%, next 5 hits against you do 9/17/25% less damage. 12 sec cooldown Signet of Fortification When health below 50%, a barrier will absorb 126/252/378 damage in 10 seconds. 12 sec cooldown Signet of Rejuvenation When health below 50%, healed for 50/100/150 and hot for 19/38/47 every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. 12 sec cooldown Signet of Salvation When block, evade or are glance, gain a 2/4/6% damage reduction for 5 seconds. 6 sec cooldown Signet of Sarutahiko's Mettle Increases block chance by 1.5% Issue restricted Issue 10 Signet of Undying Roar Increases evade chance by 1.5% Issue 8 restricted Venice Vendor Miscellaneous Hate related Signets Signet of Hatred When block, evade or glance, generate a small/medium/large amount of hate on your offensive target. Signet of Serenity When you crit heal, reduce off target hate by a small/medium/large amount. 15 sec cooldown Signet of Subjugation When crit or pen, reduce off target hate by a small/medium/large amount. 15 sec cooldown ------------------------------------Issue Released (Gear Restricted) Signets---------------------------------------------- SD ca’ d’oro Issue 6 Ageless Blood QL10.1 head HR talisman (upgradeable) 60 credits of Ca' d'Oro or reward: The Council Crossing Forgotten Ashes QL10.1 head AR talisman (upgradeable) 60 credits of Ca' d'Oro or reward: The Council Crossing Time's Mark QL10.1 head HP talisman (upgradeable) 60 credits of Ca' d'Oro or reward: The Council Crossing Signet of the Kingdom QL10 purple signet 50 credits of Ca' d'Oro (can only be attached to above) Signet of Thinis QL10 purple signet 50 credits of Ca' d'Oro (can only be attached to above) Signet of the Trenches QL10 purple signet 50 credits of Ca' d'Oro (can only be attached to above) SF ca’ d’oro Issue 7 Baba Yaga's Bauble QL10.1 neck HR talisman (upgradable) 60 credits of Ca' d'Oro or reward: The Council Crossing, Part Two Koschei's Medallion QL10.1 neck HP talisman (upgradable) 60 credits of Ca' d'Oro or reward: The Council Crossing, Part Two The Impaler's Cross QL10.1 neck AR talisman (upgradable) 60 credits of Ca' d'Oro or reward: The Council Crossing, Part Two Signet of Belobog QL10 purple signet 50 credits of Ca' d'Oro (can only be attached to above) Signet of Chernobog QL10 purple signet 50 credits of Ca' d'Oro (can only be attached to above) Signet of Veles QL10 purple signet 50 credits of Ca' d'Oro (can only be attached to above) Sunken Library Venice Vendor Issue 8 Castigating Chain QL10.1 waist AR Talisman (upgradable) 216 Aureus of Initiation or reward: The Venetian Agenda Sandon's Mettle QL10.1 waist HP Talisman (upgradable) 216 Aureus of Initiation or reward: The Venetian Agenda Winged Lion Buckle QL10.1 waist HR Talisman (upgradable) 216 Aureus of Initiation or reward: The Venetian Agenda Signet of Saint Mark QL10 purple signet 188 Aureus of initiation (can only be attached to above) Signet of Venice QL10 purple signet 188 Aureus of initiation (can only be attached to above) Signet of the Undying Roar QL10 purple signet 188 Aureus of initiation (can only be attached to above) Kaidan Vendor (issue 9 Ginpachi Park) Amaterasu’s Band QL10.1 Finger HR Talisman (upgradable) 50 sequins of sunrise and 30k pax or reward for completion Sasanoo’s Ring QL10.1 Finger AR Talisman (upgradable) 50 sequins of sunrise and 30k pax or reward for completion Tsukuyomi’s Knot QL10.1 Finger HP Talisman (upgradable) 50 sequins of sunrise and 30k pax or reward for completion Signet of the Howling Oni QL10 purple signet 40 sequins of sunrise and 25k pax (only attached to above) Signet of the Laughing Shisa QL10 purple signet 40 sequins of sunrise and 25k pax, (only attached to above) Signet of the Singing Tengu QL10 purple signet 40 sequins of sunrise and 25k pax (only attached to above) Kaidan Vendor (issue 10 Ginpachi Park) Aka Manto’s Red Tread QL10.1 Occult HR Talisman(upgradable) 50 sequins of sunrise and 30k pax or reward for completion Gasadokuro’s Tooth QL10.1 Occult HP Talisman(upgradable) 50 sequins of sunrise and 30k pax or reward for completion Kuchisake-onna’s Scissors QL10.1 Occult AR Talisman(upgradable) 50 sequins of sunrise and 30k pax or reward for completion Signet of Nure-onna’s Coil QL10 purple signet 40 sequins of sunrise and 25k pax (only attached to above) Signet of Sarutahiko’s Mettle QL10 purple signet 40 sequins of sunrise and 25k pax (only attached to above) Signet of Yakushi's Balm QL10 purple signet 40 sequins of sunrise and 25k pax (only attached to above) Kaidan Vendor (issue 11 Ginpachi Park) Anansi Bracelet QL 10.1 Wrist AR Talisman (upgradable) 50 sequins of sunrise and 30k pax or reward for completion Manticore Bracer QL 10.1 Wrist HP Talisman (upgradable) 50 sequins of sunrise and 30k pax or reward for completion Vali Med-Timepiece QL 10.1 Wrist HR Talisman (upgradable) 50 sequins of sunrise and 30k pax or reward for completion Signet of Biotechnology 40 sequins of sunrise and 25k pax (only attached to above) Signet of Personal Shielding 40 sequins of sunrise and 25k pax (only attached to above) Signet of Repulsor Technology 40 sequins of sunrise and 25k pax (only attached to above) --------------------------------------------------------Auxiliary Weapon Signets------------------------------------------ Chainsaw Aux Weapon Signets Augur "Timber" has a 11/22/33% chance to deal 45% more damage Binding Whenever you activate "Timber", all damage you receive is reduced by 5% for 2/4/6 seconds Charge Increases the radius of "Hurly-Burly" to 7 meters and damage dealt by 10/20/30% Imprint Hit with "Hurly-Burly" = stack of Imprint effect, increases your Phys and Mag Protection 5/10/15 per stack for 8 seconds. This effect can stack up to 25 times. Mod "Diamond Grit" pulses a PBAoE that hits 5 enemies in 5 meters every second dealing CP × .061/.122/0.185 physical damage. Overdrive Increases the barrier of "Diamond Grit" by 10/20/30%. Seal Improves "The Carver's Art" to perform an additional hit at the end of the channel that deals CP × 0.28/0.56/0.83 physical damage. Tune Hit with "The Carver's Art" will also heal for 10/20/30% of the damage dealt. Flamethrower Aux Weapon Signets Augur Increases the maximum number of targets affected by "Dragon's Breath" to 6/8/10. Binding Every time "Dragon's Breath" deals damage, its next hit deals 2.5/5.0/7.5% more damage. The effect is cumulative. Charge Reduces the cool down of "Scorched Earth" by 3/6/9 seconds. Imprint Increases the damage dealt by "Scorched Earth" by 7.5/15/22.5%. Mod Increases the strength of the detrimental effect applied by "Smells Like Victory" to 2.33/2.66/3%. Overdrive Increases the critical hit and penetrating hit chance of "Fire It Up" by 5/10/15%. Seal Increases the duration of the movement restriction effect applied by "Cremate" to 2.5/3/3.5 seconds Tune Increases the damage over time effect of "Cremate" by 5/10/15%. Rocket Launcher Aux Weapon Signets Augur "Pop Shot" causes a low/med/high amount of physical damage to target after 2 seconds. Binding Each enemy you kill using "Pop Shot" reduces its recharge time by 1/2/3 second. Charge Increases the damage dealt by "Clusterstruck" by 10/20/30%. Imprint “Clusterstruck" has a 8/16/24% chance of not triggering its recharge time. Mod Reduces the damage you receive from "Death from Above" to 6/3/0% of your maximum health Overdrive "Death from Above" increases movement speed by 5/10/15% for 7 seconds. Seal "Big Red Button" leaves a 5 meter area around target for 5 sec hiting 5 enemies for low/med/high phys damage. Tune Reduces the movement speed penalty while you activate "Big Red Button" by 33.3/66.6/100% Quantum Brace Aux Weapon Signets Augur The "Vector" damage over time effect can spread to up to 1/2/3 enemy in 5 meters around your target Binding Reduces the activation time of "Space" by 0.3/0.5/0.7 seconds. Charge Improves "Collider" to hit an additional target and increases damage by 5/10/15%. Imprint Improves "Collapse" with a 3/6/9 meter backward dash. Mod Increases the duration of "Charge" heal over time effect by 1/2/3 second. Overdrive Increases the effectiveness of the "Density" persistent ground area by 25/50/75%. Seal Increases the maximum number of targets hit by "Polestar" by 1/2/3. And Increases the damage dealt by "Polestar" by 3/6/9%. And Increases the radius of "Polestar" by 1/2/3 meter. Tune While casting "Oblivion" and for 1/2/3 seconds after, you will be immune to all forms of crowd control. Whip Aux Weapon Signets Augur "Crack!" applies damage over time that deals CP × .016/0.32/0.5 phys damage each sec for 4 seconds. Binding "Crack!" increases all damage received for target by 1.5/3/4.5% for 3 seconds. Charge At the end of "Whip It Good", a ground effect hits up to 5 enemies for CP × 0.0225/0.045/0.0675 phys damage. Imprint At the end of, "Whip It Good", you and 5 friends in 5 meters gain Phys and Magic Protection by 130/270/400 for 5 seconds. Mod "Giddy Up" also increases all damage dealt by affected targets by 2/4/6% for 3 seconds. Overdrive “Giddy Up" also increases the movement speed of affected targets by 3/6/9% for 3 seconds. Seal When a target affected by "Whippersnapper" gets up, they are hit with CP × .093/.186/.276 physical damage. Tune When a target affected by "Whippersnapper" gets up, their movement speed is reduced by 10/20/30% for 5 seconds.
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    Welcome to the quick guide to dungeons! This first post is only meant as an overview of sorts - you will not find any specialised info like stat recommendations or abilities regarding the individual dungeons here. Feel free to add that as well as tips etc. though! Every zone except the Translyvania dungeons have one dungeon on Normal mode - one of three possible dungeon modes in TSW. This one means it is level-appropriate to the zone it is located in. I will list them and their abbreviations in the same manner as the region and zone they belong to (i.e. Pol = Kingsmouth, HR = Savage Coast and so forth), with the general QL recommendation of the dungeon. Bear in mind that it is merely a recommendation, you can of course enter the dungeon with lower/higher QL as well. Pol - Polaris QL 2/3 HR - Hell Raised QL 4/5 DW - Darkness War QL 5/6 Ankh QL 7/8 HF - Hell Fallen QL 8/9 Fac - Facility QL 10 HE - Hell Eternal QL 10 SH - Slaughterhouse QL 10 As of now, Kaidan does not have a dungeon yet. As I mentioned earlier, Normal mode is only one of three dungeon levels of the game. There are also the Elite mode and the Nightmare mode (NM), which have their own branches in Agartha (you may have noticed the teleport swirl on the left when you head towards Kingsmouth). Elites and NMs have a general recommendation of QL 10, though you can enter Elites with QL8 or QL9 too. NMs however have to be unlocked first and have a 18h-lockdown timer. The dungeons are essentially the same in each mode, and the only major difference is that on Elite - and especially Nightmare - the bosses will hit harder or have mechanics you'll have to look out for. Transylvania's QL level is also QL 10 and therefore, they do not have Normal mode dungeons like Egypt and Solomon do. Their dungeons can still be entered through the respective zone entrances however. To unlock Nightmare Dungeons, you will first have to run and finish every dungeon on Elite mode once (though I strongly recommend running dungeons more than once, to get the mechanics down and have an idea of what awaits you in NMs) and then confront the Gate Keeper who guards the Nightmare branch in Agartha. You must take up one of the challenges - either as Healer, DPS or Tank - he gives you and defeat him. While on the topic of Nightmares, you will stumble upon people looking for 18s/24s sooner or later. This refers to running all Solomon dungeons (Pol, HR, DW) plus the second Transylvania dungeon (HE) on NM. They are perceived as the 'easiest' NM level dungeons in terms of stat requirements / mechanics. The numbers themselves refer to the number of bosses you need to defeat (3 dungeons, 6 bosses each = 18 bosses total). Nightmare dungeons additionally drop a special currency called Black Bullion. This currency allows you to buy and upgrade purple custom gear from the Nightwatch Vendors at your faction HQ. Depending on the dungeon, you will get 10-15 bullions per complete dungeon (don't forget to take them from the loot bag!).
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    It depends on how busy my schedule has been since I last shaved. They say a programmer's talent is relative to the magnificence of their beard. Our lead programmer's is truly a sight to behold.
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    I have been working on a little side project recently. It's something I've wanted to do for quite a while now and I finally got off my behind and done something about it So may I present to you... The Secret Podcast As it currently stands it's a site that brings all the news and events that are going on in The Secret World. It's still a work in progress and there's a few things that need improving on but I'm learning as I go. One of things that I need to sort is the lack of a podcast. If you're interested then feel free to drop me a line, no experience needed. I'd also like to have other people writing for the site too so if you if you've got any ideas or suggestions let me know. So there is my little project. Please be kind
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    What do you mean? Like wave a magic wand and new features magically appear? Isn't that how everyone does it? In seriousness, I would probably have to go with a new Chat GUI. Our current one is kind of a sticking point. It's lacking features that a lot of other MMOs have, it's not terribly visually appealing, and a lot of the options are really quirky. If I could just wave a magic wand and have one thing be suddenly and magically updated, that would be it. With a whole suite of channel color selections, subscriptions options, window configurations, the works.
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    Cash has actually always existed in TSW. It just sorts of sits there and doesn't get used for anything. I suppose it's still on the table though. You know what, since you're not using it, why don't you just go ahead and put all your cash on the table too. Then look right over there and...
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    So today I want to bring some neat little things to your attention. Through the Twitterverse and several competitions, Funcom has created ways for players to get player created content in the game. This really has enhanced the gameplay experience for some of us. Here is what we have so far: The Plaque The winners from the Secret War "Get your name in the game" competition can be found on plague in the park in London, just behind the big tree. HIVE Mode Fashion Magazine One of the most well known pieces of player created content is the HIVEmode Fashion Magazine. The magazine, which can be found in all 3 hubs cities, is made of a picture that players submitted to the HIVE Mode twitter account. The ABC of the Monster Slayers Kingsmouthian Danny Dufresne requested help from the Twitterverse to find lost pictures from the ABC of the Monster Slayers. Players submitted a lot of pictures and eventually the devs put some of them together and placed the in a book in the treehouse in the Savage Coast. Player Created Clothing Funcom also did a contest which allowed players to submit their own concept art for clothing. The community eventually had to decided which clothes would be made. The results of this competition can be seen below. (Outfit with unrelated jacket) Player Created Music Funcom also did a contest which allowed players to submit their own music to the game. The names of the winners can be seen in London and the different songs can be hear in the Roman Records. And that is the player created content that is in the game right now. What do you like best and what would you still like to see? Leave a comment below. Also check out the Alternate Reality Game overview on the Crygaia wiki for a lot of cool out of game content and lore that was released in the past 8 years.
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    Report on activity of date 1/23/16 mission Showed up and found group, at the gaming place. Took lookout position at door as technical skills are sub-par. Turned away three individuals all of whom appeared to be simply ordinary partons, all appeared to accept excuse of the place being rented out for a club meeting. Nothing untoward happened. Subsequent meeting in Vienna mostly listened because I can’t do anything with codes to save my life. Was a veneer of demonic occultness to it all, but scratching the surface, I do not think it likely, the depth and single mindedness were not present. Posit that Iscariot is not necessarily male - it is a leading name. Chose on purpose to make you think something specific as are all code names. Posited Iscariot might have been a subject or patient. Positing is about all I can do. Ain’t no detective. Left to my own devices I minghta taunted Iscariot or offered to exchange myself, but that’s why I am not in charge of things. Glad to see the group opted to attempt to rescue the captives rather than burn them. There’s a place for ruthlessness, but in this situation I think getting them out not only aligns with the goal of finding out more but also with basic decency. I don’t know about that dude that wanted to mind wipe ‘em. Must be a Lumi. I hope y’all don’t do that kinda thing. Anyways, I don’t know if I’m what yer looking for. I am no good with tech or most magic, and I am not a warrior either, not the way somea them folks are. I am an ace lookout, bartender, smooth talker, and pretty decent at gettin in good with the right kind of bad person, and I know a whole lot about demons. I’m game to try darn near anything, and I know a whole lotta people. So if you think that’s something you can use, I’m up for it. Report end. Also, paperwork is not my thing, I hope this is done ok. -Hreb Campbell
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    Yes, Gaia, and the things associated with her, have some natural clean-up protocol for trace amounts of Filth (with the Gaia Engines working overload on the concentrations). But it's all very taxed right now. Think of it as a liver, cleaning up impurities, very well, but starts to function a little less well when it gets past its processing capacity. Yes...Gaia is a cosmic liver. You heard it here first. Prometheus's eagle didn't eat her fast enough... OK... I'm getting loopy...
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    ... oh who am I kidding i won't ever grow up!
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    So while this isn't an event run by us obviously! I've seen so many cool things people made to promote the forum Event. I'd like to have the cool stuff the amazing people that make up TSW create around to easily be found in the future! (also support their wicked awesomeness RT it!). Check out the next link! https://twitter.com/search?q=%23IAMTSW&src=typd&mode=photos I want to put up eveeeerything but I don't want you guys to take forever to load this thread so seriously, go and check everyones #IAMTSW posts they're great! https://twitter.com/search?q=%23IAMTSW&src=hash
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    I present to you --- Send Report Library --- Currently counting 375 send reports I've uploaded all the send reports I could find from Bevis' website. (Thanks! Xiexie! Merci! Salamat! Arigatou! Danke! ) I am still figuring out what to put in the front page I did put a random report button there. (Don't use it if you don't want spoilers.) If you encounter broken text\symbols and left over stringIDs (before the send report text), please tell me. I might have missed some. Weird thing there was ONE mission that wasn't in the rdb, so there MIGHT be some send reports missing. If there is, I'd reaaaaally appreciate it if you told me The generic send report won't be in the library. Duplicates were removed. Working on... Event page Missions source Front page Random buttonIssue missions "next" and "previous" buttonsZone pageAlphabetic order I need help figuring out how to change the spaces between posts. Also.. how to turn off the "more posts" button on ONLY the first page. (Anyone here know how to fiddle with tumblr themes? )
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    Back in November I started putting together a calendar that featured player characters from The Secret World. I thought it turned out pretty cool and as far as I know, is the only one. It started in March but goes to 2016. I think you will recognize quite a few people. If you want to take a look, here are the links. They are in pdf format. You can download it here http://bit.ly/1M2wzEFHere is a smaller version http://bit.ly/1CfHV6s It was hard work, but I may do stuff like this again. Hope you like it.
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    I wasn't sure where to put this, but....here we go Every now and then I see folks puzzle over the abbreviations used in chat channels for zones and I figured I'd write them down. Hope this helps! S o l o m o n I s l a n d KM - Kingsmouth SC - Savage Coast BM - Blue Mountain E g y p t SD - Scorched Desert CotSG/City - City of the Sun God T r a n s l y v a n i a BF - Besieged Farmlands SF - Shadowy Forest CF - Carpathian Fangs T o k y o KD - Kaidan
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    So we're a bit behind with our events these last couple of months. But Issue 11 is here! Chapter 1 is concluded! We decided to celebrate this with a party. And because we love them so much, a fashion show. You can join us, in the Crusades, on Friday 15th May, starting at 2000 GMT. You can see when this is where you are by clicking here. Now for the important details. Dress Code There will be no specific dress code for the evening in general, however as this is the Crusades, please note we can take no responsibility for damage or dirtying of your clothes. There will be several opportunities for you outfit to be judged. So as not to prejudice your selection of accoutrements, the specific judging criteria will not be announced until the event itself. There may be prizes for the winners of this judging. Music DJ Psywarrior of Radio Free Gaia will be providing music for us that evening, and it will be delightful to have her with us, as always. Wings Because this is a celebration of Issue 11, and we have reaped the consequences of our actions, I wanted to do a thing. Anyone who has earned their wings, we'd love it if you could bring them fully charged. We're going to try and get some footage of as many wings as possible active at once, so bring them along, and be ready for the call.
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    Sanctuary has held a couple of AMAs before. We had Scrivnomancer on the very night of Halloween. We had Game Director (Former) Joel Bylos, on the anniversary of Sanctuary's creation. On 4th May, we are pleased to say that Glaucon has agreed to sit down with us and submit to interrogation answer our questions. You'll be able to ask him anything you like, and you may well get answers. We'll be starting at 7pm, GMT/UTC. You can check the time it starts here. Glaucon is the GUI Programmer for the game. That means that anything you see that is not a 'natural' part of the game world, anything extra on the screen, falls within his dominion. He will be trying to answer your questions about this. Glaucon has pointed out that he is not a writer, so asking him for spoilers on that sort of stuff will probably not get you a useful answer. Feel free to comment in this post, however there is no point asking questions for Glaucon here. The AMA itself will be happening seperately, and details of this will be released nearer the time. May the Fourth be with you.
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    I don't get annoyed at people who claim that the default UI sucks. Everyone tends to have really strong opinions on the way that UIs should work and behave, and a lot of the time a UI that works really well for one individual would be absolutely terrible for another individual. I spent a lot of time when I first came on as the GUI programmer for Funcom, and I actually still spend a lot of time, sending messages to folks who say 'the UI sucks.' Part of my job is to identify what people don't like about it, and how to fix those things. What I do get slightly annoyed with, is people who refuse to expand on that. The vast majority of people I've asked about it either don't respond at all, or respond by saying that it should be obvious why it sucks. I really want to help folks out and make things better, so it's a little frustrating when people refuse to tell me what they do or don't like when I reach out to them personally. What I learned from the people who did answer me though, was that a lot of the issues that people had with the default UI could be fixed by giving them more customization options. So that is what I've been trying to do a lot more of, and now I'm seeing a lot fewer of those complaints. Now, clearly, bugs don't fall under this umbrella. Bugs are always bad obviously.
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    I have this claw thing I make that roughly fits the CTRL+SHIFT+F1 keys since I use them so frequently. I might unconsciously make this claw and sort of wiggle my hand around every now and then.
  19. 6 points
    Thanks for posting this here, kuro! As for participating without actual RP-ing that's totally ok, for there wil be tasks where you'll have to think more than talk. And if someone will be streaming or making in-game photos, be sure to post links here or on the official forums as I'll be unable to do any of this during the event myself.
  20. 6 points
    I am looking forward to more events and of course I totally want to DJ it. *bows humbly* I am at your service.
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    [initiate transmission] Hello world, Are you receiving this? Good. I do not have a lot of time, so you will have to listen very carefully. My name is TaCO and I am a media student student living in Holland. I love adventure games, horror movies and smart TV-shows (like Lost, Fringe and Sanctuary - guess where the chat got it's name from?) My character is Jimmy "TheChosenOne" Freeman. I am a DPS. I can do Normal and Elite dungeons and normal scenario's, but other than that I am usually no good. I also have decided to not do any nightmare content, because I just don't enjoy it. I am a filthy casual. I need your help with... [transmission end]
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    This was my view from on top of the bar
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    I think Tomium is a pretty cool guy. Eh manages community and doesn't afraid of anything. Getting serious for a second though, our community managers are pretty cool. You always think of community managers as a sort of funnel that goes from the developers to the community, but it does flow the other way as well. Tomium will often send us neat things you guys are doing or saying throughout the day, and its always really cool and inspiring to see what people are doing. The #IAMTSW contest has been really great for this. Tomium's ego aside, keep doing cool stuff, we love seeing it!
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    I seem to keep seeing this question being asked a lot in sanctuary chat in game, and this is in no means meant to take away from the awesome aegis guide ( take a bow Ciritty) this is more of a first steps in Kaidan type of snapshot. Some tips that (maybe, probably, hopefully) wont leave you a corpse. So, you have your first 3 controllers, and feeling pretty good with yourself. What do you do now? Analysis suggest the best way to go is to put a controller on each of your weapons, and the third on your main weapon (some may even say better to have it on your secondary). This way, you are always levelling 2 controllers as you take your first tentative steps in Kaidan. But which two i hear you ask? A quick look around will show that there are all 3 types in the vicinity, depending in what direction you go. Northern Kaidan area: Northern area: is the dominion of the Demonic.Westerly to roughly the south: Cybernetic.Easterly to south: Psychic. For Southern Kaidan area: Docks: Demonic.The bridge and train yard: Cybernetic. Main living area: Psychic.This should help in determining which controller you arm for which area. This is only the first step though. The next step is learning the patterns and tells of your foes, so you can know when to dodge and when to unleash the damage! Now personally, I'd suggest taking on single mobs while trying to learn their particular tells (if at all possible - not always the case) This is particularly helpful, as you can watch what they are dropping and see just what each one of their attacks do. Some have even told me in my journeys that staying near the agartha entrance and taking on the Deep Ones there helped a lot. It's all personal preference at the end of the day. Basically, it boils down to most of the enemies dropping lots crap on the ground that you don't want to stand on or channeling stun/knockdown attacks (looking at you evolved filth/onryo/kyonshi) This is an ongoing help thread, so add to it and ask questions! I know i have probably missed things - im only human afterall
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    Even my dinner bowls are telling me to get back to the game...
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    While we're at it, I call haxx. Very subtle Vike, very subtle. And don't try to tell me you're just "testing" something
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    I have removed the edit limit, so you can edit the OP, until we find a way to limit edits on replies only
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    Hullo, been in game for a long time, but I am an eternal noob. I am 46 yrs old, female although I usually play dudes. Use any pronoun, I answer to them all, reduces confusion. I do not play many games despite being pretty geeky, so my skills are terrible and I can be pretty clueless. I am terrible at jumping. I try not to let down the side, I listen to advice and will gamely try darn near anything. I enjoy hard content like dungeons, and I am a patient and game companion in them. I like PvP, am terrible at it, but will cheerfully cannon fodder for someone who will patiently tell me what to do. My oldest toon Hreb is pistols/ele, his build is oookkkkkay. I am mostly an RPer, and like all sorts of RP, light, medium, heavy, silliness and serious stuff. I am always up for a chat, and love to try to talk other character's stories out of them. He is nm qualified, and an ok dps. I have a baby tank named SoftChild. I think he'll wind up as fists/chaos, not sure. He is maybe ql5 with a couple blues.
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    Participant Baesty (Due to circumstances I will be posting for this Participant!) Check out the whole super amazing and awesome post! Below! Meet Gloria "Baesty" FistAs you may be able to tell, she is not one for pink, except on other women. She likes to punch things. HARD. These things generally explode in an instagib manner. [OOC: Gloria is based on a Vampire: The Masquerade character that I LARPed as during a year long campaign. The power of her fists grew and grew, overpowering even Holy Fire (deadly to a vampire) to smite a corrupted priestess and her followers. The campaign ended with her devouring the vampire of time, restarting the world, and living as a god with her maker. The Vampire in this picture did not have a good end, due to Gloria.] Checking her messages to see the word 'pink'"How the fuck do you expect me to pull this off, Ciritty? Do I LOOK like a pink girl to you?" This pink enough for you?Rummaging through the bargain racks in Darkside, she managed to find a big ugly pink trenchcoat, and went to the pinkest place she could think of: The Dream Palace. No, it probably isn't enough. Stooping even lowerToo poor to buy more pink accouterments, she took to the alleys of Darkside, where she was approached by two men; a Dragon and a Templar. [OOC: The Dragon played by my partner, Greentalon, and the Templar played by our friend Lanthradel.] They made their intentions clear. Playing the meek fool, Gloria began to plot. Am I really going to go through with this?In the Sextet room (oh, they thought they were so witty), she 'pleaded' one more time to let her leave with her dignity intact. Dignity thrown to the wind.Off came the tacky trenchcoat to reveal an outfit that would otherwise never see the light of day, or dark of night. A little dance, a little wiggle, and the money just kept coming. "Are we done?"Thinking her time was over and done with, she retreated to a corner to recover her clothing and perhaps a little bit of that dignity. "Evidently not"....where she was further harassed. This didn't stop her from pocketing the notes thrown at her, however. "This was fun, boys...""But I'm going to make it even more fun." BOOM"TAKE IT LIKE MEN, YOU PATHETIC BUGS." And here ends the tale of Gloria "Baesty" Fist's foray into the world of... pink. Bonus 1:The real Baesty at the charity opening night of Wicked, with the former CEO of Beyond Blue, an Australian charity providing support and raising awareness of mental illness. That night raised over $82,000 for the charity. As you can see, we have reps for Green, Red, and Blue. BUT NO PINK. Bonus 2:Continuing to rep the blue, for as long as it lasts.
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    The big guy with the tentacles in his face For referring to a boss the format <short instance name> + <number [1..6]> is often used. That way you don't need to remember the names of each boss or try to explain what boss it is. The last boss in Polaris would be POL6 (remember that if you're using military radio, the proper way to say this is Papa Oscar Lima Six ;)) Associated missions When new, some people refer to the mission name in stead of the instance name. The connection there is as follows: The Polaris -> Dead in the Water Hell Raised -> Into The Inferno The Darkness War -> The Darkness War The Ankh -> Pandora's Box Hell Fallen -> Sympathy for the Devil The Facility -> From the Valley to the Stars Hell Eternal -> Paradise Now The Slaughterhouse -> The Slaughterhouse
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    No matter what I listen to every now and again, sooner or later I always come back to this band, for some reason: Poets of the Fall.
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    OK folks! Must go off and be about some spooky business. Thanks for coming out and chatting with me! Feel free to drop in on my Twitter. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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    As for a tech reason for the game...I have no idea. As for a lore reason... Let me think... Brain parasites? No...tree spores. Like...The Happening...but instead of everyone committing suicide, they just flash each other and the trees laugh. THEY LAUGH!!!!
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    As far as is known, he works for the Eight, presumably one of the Sixty-four.
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    keep up the great updates= its my TSW bible!!! It really has a great ' mission & main story' guide for those who are coming back/or new to the game! thank you!
  37. 4 points
    Hands down my favorite improvement has been the custom GUI layout and scaling stuff. That was something I decided to do basically on my own as a side project, since it seemed like a lot of the complaints about the GUI that I was getting could be boiled down to the GUI not being laid out in the same way as it was in whatever previous MMO the person had played. It was also something that a lot of GUI mods had done, so there was clearly a demand for it. It took a good bit of effort, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. As a bonus, it's really easy to add all the hooks for new HUD elements to be movable, so it's not an expensive process going forward.
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    Thanks to Kiernon for reminding me that I have a bunch of games sitting around needing a loving home. I've tried forcing them upon my friends, posting them on Facebook, but it seems people are either uninterested or too shy to speak up for something they're interested in. These are all legitimate keys that I have left over from various Humble Bundles, and are games I already own. I have a dangerous Steam addiction and wish to share the love. Claiming gifts for a friend is also perfectly acceptable. I don't see anyone in this community being greedy. Steam keys: CogsCrayon PhysicsEufloriaF.E.A.R 2 - Project OriginGridGishJust Cause 2Legend of GrimrockLittle InfernoNightskyThief GoldDeus Ex: The FallLara Croft and the Guardian of LightTorchlight 2Steam Gifts (this means you gotta be my Steam friend <3 ) MagickaNuclear DawnSaints Row The Third Franchise PackBastionNexuiz x 3Rome: Total War Gold EditionMight and Magic VI: Complete EditionThe Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Founders Pack Gift (originally a closed-beta key, I have no idea what it gives now)Dead Island: Epidemic Beta Gift (again, a closed-beta gift for a game now in open beta, no idea what it redeems to)The Ship x 2Ouya: Broken Age (Kickstarter backer)Desura: Dungeons of DredmorHumble Frozen Synapse BundleHumble Frozenbyte BundleHumble Indie Bundle #2 (for some reason I apparently have 2 of these up for grabs?)Humble Indie Bundle #3Humble Introversion Bundle My only request if you accept any of these gifts is that you pay it forward if you ever get the chance to do so! <3
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    That isn't necessarily my volume. More likely it is my unstable mental state psionically affecting the electrical signal.
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    OK, so for a random few things today:
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    Hello forum denizens. With that whole mystical-bunny-laying-painted-eggs thing going on I figured this would be a good time to offer you free stuff. I'm in the middle of baking cakes so I was going to offer you some of those but logistics seem to be problematic so we'll do something else instead. Seriously, why am I still not able to email delicious baked goods? This is important, get on it science! I am known to purchase the odd Humble Bundle to add to my ever increasing backlog of games on Steam. With the way these things work I already have some of the bundled games, am just not interested in others or the keys are for a service I don't use, like Desura. So without further ado here's the list of my unredeemed keys as per my humble account page: Steam Analogue: A Hate Story With Soundtrack Avadon: The Black Fortress Bastion Cave Story+ Closure Cogs Crayon Physics Deluxe Crayon Physics Deluxe Deadlight Deponia Divinity II: The Developer's Cut Euro Truck Simulator 2 GRID 2 GRID™ Gas Guzzlers Extreme Hate Plus With Soundtrack LIMBO Legend of Grimrock Machinarium Mark of the Ninja Nightsky Party of Sin Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves Solar 2 Splice Stronghold Crusader HD Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Surgeon Simulator 2013 Swords & Soldiers HD Terraria Titan Quest Steam Key (Germany) [I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. It usually denotes a cut version for our market but there's nothing to cut in TQ] Toki Tori Unity of Command: Stalingrad Campaign [Possibly Unity of Command too] World Of Goo Zen Bound 2 Origin Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising Populous The Sims 3 + Date Night + High End Loft Stuff + Late Night Desura Dungeons of Dredmor Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle [should be Frozen Synapse, SpaceChem and Trauma] Humble Frozenbyte Bundle [should be Trine, Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor] Humble Introversion Bundle [should be Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON, and Multiwinia] It's not the greatest selection but it's free. The catch is, I have no way of checking if any of the codes are expired or duplicates/already redeemed short of trying to redeem them myself which is counterproductive. The pages look like I've never requested keys for the listed games. Judging from that they should work but some of those bundles are pretty old. If any of the games interest you reply here with what you want and I'll get back to you with a gift link or a key. First come, first served. Within reason. Should anyone requests like half the list at once I'll give other people a chance to get some of the games. (Oh who are you kidding? Like anybody wants your leftovers. Silly German, go back to ogling your hats.) Happy Easter, folks. I'll be dropping by sporadically in between cakes.
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    Name: Sophia Rose Nicknames: RecordKeeper Date of Birth: 20/11/1991 History: Sophia comes from a well off family and has a good knowledge of IT. She used to work for Temple Hall and was assigned to managed Kyle Hudson's case when he went AWOL. She was demoted after getting to close to him. She turned to Sanctuary where she felt her skills would be better used and is now overseeing the training and deployments of new agents within the UK. Notable Incidents: Sophia was Kidnapped by somebody believed to be working for Hikaru Sato. While she was not harmed it did speed up her pregnancy. She ended up giving birth to a daughter Felicia in a Sanctuary Safe House in London. Relationships: Sophia is engaged to Kyle Hudson. She often lets her feelings for him blind her to his more reckless actions. Personality: Sophia believes in doing the right thing no matter what the cost. This can often put her at odds with others around her. She is calm and collected though and will often rationalise things instead of becoming over emotional. She does have a weak spot when it comes to Auroris however and she sees him as an equal, she is always trying to out do him no matter what the cost.
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    There is a lot of awesomeness in the TSW community. I really liked the Audio bits, but some of the screenshots reminded me of past events and I just got all fuzzy inside. I had to contribute something of my own, even though that's more on a personal side and is just an example of the awesome roleplaying opportunities this game offers. I agree with Ciritty. It isn't about winning. It's about being part of something greater than yourself.
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    I don't know how I ended up here but it is good! From Halestorm, I can only go to Lindsey Stirling's Shatter Me, and directly from there to my personal favourite Lindsey song. Presenting them both:
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    You know the world is ending when: Microsoft announce they're giving away Windows ten for free. I mean I'm looking forward to it and all but something is very VERY wrong with that equation!
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    Heya My name is Kurogetsu of the Dragon and I live in the Philippines. Been playing since a while back. I must say that I am impressed by the growth of The Sanctuary If you guys were around when I started life would have been MUCH easier
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    ​I will have to make a homemade helicopter then out of chicken wire, bubble gum, some sticks and a rudimentary lathe. I'll get my top men on it, top men