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  1. Newbie: Tank weapon

    Personally, I like Hammer/Chaos so far, both for soloing and as a good candidate combination for tanking. You have good damage output at the same time as having access to high hate abilities to keep aggro. There are also good several abilities that can apply Exposed / Debilitated. And you also don't have to worry too much about the weapon gimmicks, which is nice since tanks often have a lot of other things to concentrate on. Chaos just works automatically and while Hammer benefits from some attention to the Rage metre, it's hard to get it wrong or screw up too much, unlike with a lot of the other weapon gimmicks.
  2. TSW Items and PAX giveaway!

    This event is now over. I will be too busy the next few weeks with TSWDB and my job, so I won't be able to manage something like this.
  3. TSW Items and PAX giveaway!

    EVENT CONCLUDED (for now) Since I am moving over to SWL the moment it launches, I will have no use for the stuff I have in TSW (the stuff that won't be transferred). I know there's a considerable bunch of people out there that wants to stay in TSW. So I thought I'd give the remainder of my stuff to players that will actually make use of it, instead of everything just sitting in my inventory forever collecting dust. How to claim Make a post in this topic and include your ingame nickname and what you want to claim. I will then mail the items/PAX to you ingame, at which point you will be able to claim them at the Auction House. Rules You may claim up to 10 items. Each item in a stack (of the same type) counts as an individual item. Exceptions: Materials and the green Attuned augments. PAX counts as one of those 10 items and you can only claim up to 3,000,000 PAX. List of items PAX: 19,000,000 / 27,000,000 Materials: Each stack counts as 1 item. 953x Pure Metal 999x Pure Water 225x Pure Fire 559x Pure Dust 74x Pure wheel rune 63x Pure trinity rune 43x Pure lu rune 71x Pure denkyem rune 168x Pure earth rune 337x Pure wedjat rune 479x Pure pentagram rune 505x Pure koru rune Gadgets: Nullity Sphere AE Overcharger Augments: 100x Attuned Accurate (counts as 1 item) 100x Attuned Curing (counts as 1 item) 100x Attuned Mending (counts as 1 item) 100x Attuned Robust (counts as 1 item) 5x Unattuned Ferocious 2x Unattuned Brutal 3x Unattuned Piercing 2x Unattuned Inspiring 3x Unattuned Accelerating 9x Unattuned Vivifying 11x Unattuned Rampant 2x Unattuned Restorative 12x Unattuned Precise 14x Unattuned Restoring 8x Unattuned Safeguarding 2x Unattuned Solid 12x Unattuned Stalwart 7x Unattuned Vexing Cosmetics Emote: Stop Acid wash jeans, blue Aerobics leotard, blue and black Aerobics leotard, red and green Aerobics leotard, yellow and pink 1x Visor sunglasses, black Visor sunglasses, pink Signets 1x Aux Weapon Imprint 1x Signet of Discipline 1x Signet of Divine Inspiration 5x Signet of the Death Curse 1x Signet of Vigour 6x Signet of Soul Eating 3x Signet of Persistent Malice 2x Signet of Order 1x Aux Weapon Binding 1x Aux Weapon Mod 6x Signet of Death's Note 3x Signet of Blessed Steps 4x Signet of Backbite 1x Signet of Ablation 5x Signet of Renewed Vigil 7x Signet of Recuperation 5x Signet of Karma 5x Signet of Divine Inspiration 8x Signet of Equilibrium 7x Signet of Discplacement 3x Signet of Deflection It may not be that much, but I hope some of you will have use for these things.
  4. TSW Items and PAX giveaway!

    Check your inbox.
  5. TSW Items and PAX giveaway!

    Your claims have been distributed.
  6. TSW Items and PAX giveaway!

    Sure! I'll need your ingame name though!
  7. TSW Items and PAX giveaway!

    Of course Check your inbox!
  8. IPS 4.2 + new theme

    The forum software has been updated to a new major version (4.2) which comes with a lot of performance improvements as well as a batch of new features. Furthermore, the old forum theme was not really compatible with the new forum version, so I've made a new theme. It's almost identical to the default one, with only a few changes. I think a lighter / brighter theme is better for a forum like this compared to the old dark theme, but please let us know what you think. Some of the new features: Reactions! You now have multiple options for awarding reputation to a post. Like, Haha and Thanks will give the poster +1 reputation. Sad and confused will not award any reputation points. Forum views! You may now choose how you want to view the forums. Use the buttons to the left of the "Start new topic" on the forum index to switch between the various modes: Table, grid & fluid. And much more...
  9. View Tutorial (No longer available) Last Updated: November 30, 2015
  10. If you want to post a build that you would like us to consider adding to TSW Database's repository of builds, please post the build in this thread. If you don't want to submit your build, but only share it with others here on the forums, make a new thread and choose the Build tag and prefix. When you submit a build in this thread, please include: Actives and PassivesGlyph budgetSignetsA VDM* import string*VDM stands for Viper's Deck Manager, which is a UI mod. It lets you easily export and import decks with code strings. Including a VDM string is not mandatory, but it would be preferred. You can alternatively link to the build over at TSW-Builder.com.
  11. Gender tabs broken again?

    Thanks. This has now been fixed.
  12. Suggestions for the clothing pages

    Yes, also the labels that show when you mouseover also scroll like marquees if they're too wide, so you can read the full label
  13. Suggestions for the clothing pages

    Hmmmm, do you think grid view should be the default view mode? Or keep the list mode as the default one? I find myself switching over to grid view all the time.
  14. Suggestions for the clothing pages

    Changed that now. Border colour changes instead as a hover effect. Images in the grid view are still slightly faded though, as you can better see which one you're currently mousing over.
  15. Suggestions for the clothing pages

    I've made a lot of adjustmens to the grid view by now. If the grid list ends with 2 images on the last row, they'll fill up the remaining space of the last row. If the grid list ends with 1 image on the last row, it will make the 4 images in the last 2 rows take up 50% of a row, resulting in 4 equally big images at the end. The grid background is now black, which should be more suitable for images, especially since their style vary so much. The zooming effect has been removed for now, and the name of the clothing item should be easier to read.
  16. Suggestions for the clothing pages

    Not sure I want to do that. I'd take up unnecessary space and it's actually common behaviour many places that when all filters are unchecked, everything shows, since you're basically not filtering anything. Anyway, I've added the grid mode now!
  17. Suggestions for the clothing pages

    Yeah, both "all off" and "all on" will show everything. They are all off by default so that you can instantly filter by 1 type from 1 click, instead of having to uncheck multiple options to filter by a single type.
  18. Suggestions for the clothing pages

    That's not an issue with the filters. It's just that it seems that every single item either has male and female versions or only female. There are no clothing items with only male yet.
  19. Suggestions for the clothing pages

    Yeah, that can probably be done. It will take a bit longer than adding the two things I just added though.
  20. Suggestions for the clothing pages

    I have added this now. You can also click on the gender icons to open up an image, straight from the list. What do you mean? Maybe. I'll look into it.
  21. Let's try to go with your suggestions.
  22. Build tabs broken?

    This was actually a new issue as a result of a new feature that I implemented for tabs yesterday. It has been fixed now.
  23. Build tabs broken?

    Thanks for pointing that out. This is due to me changing dozens of IDs and classes of HTML elements yesterday. Fixed now.
  24. TSWDB staff page

    http://www.tswdb.com/staff The new staff page is a highly complex automatically generated list. One of the criteria for being listed is that you need to have made a post within the last 60 days. This is tracked through a last_action_time meta data key that is updated when you submit a new post. Unfortunately, it will not have tracked your previous actions, so you won't appear on the list now until you make a new post, even if you made one only a few days ago.
  25. TSWDB staff page

    I'm updating the posts of some of the more recently active staff members to force you onto the list. Sorry for the inconvenience.