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  1. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    I have been telling myself I should play this Planescape Torment for years... you putting it alongside Hesse's amazing Siddhartha bumped it to the top of my queue. ^^
  2. Spot the Difference!

  3. Revenge

    Revenge: Best served ... ... with a Banyuls wine. Sweet but yet a bit sour, and red like the blood of my enemies. Preferably from these punk winemakers.
  4. Spot the Difference!

    Got it!
  5. Dark Insanities

    The website just got down!
  6. Send Report Library

    Does the search function work for you guys? To me it says there is 1 result but nothing is clickable or anything >:[
  7. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    Ok, that has been sleeping for too long in my library... downloading it. DAoC tales sounds so cool... such a shame.
  8. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    Tough one indeed... I'll go for something personal, since I would not be able to choose between all the many games I played in 20 years. Brutal Legend did a trick on me, the atmosphere, fuelled by the heavy metal soundtrack, catalyzed the story's reach (especially the romantic side - tip of the iceberg). The mid-story twist broke my heart, and afterwards I did not take any sleep and completed the game in one sitting, out of passionate hope. \m/
  9. Sanctuary: Where Angels Fear To Tread

    Would have loved to join, but can't make it this time. I wish you guys a good time!
  10. Firefly vs Game of Thrones

  11. DPS Signets and You

    I dont understand why it wouldnt build enough hate... would you care to elaborate what kind of builds you assume on both blade/hammer and blade/fist? Is that a matter of hate builders?
  12. Newbie question about roles in TSW...

    ​Not everywhere, e.g. as a tank, I had more than once to kill the 5th Polaris boss alone with the healer, and the DPSs where shamefully silent at the well. Also 5th in Darkness War can be the same thing... So much lazy/shy/not very confident people never do anything else than DPS, it is a shame really.
  13. DPS Signets and You

    ​well, I guess it may be optimal over Lac on head, but much more expensive too ^^