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  1. Garry aka the dog aka Garamithras Half incubus, half hellhound, momma was a succubus with a kink for hellhounds Useful for his tracking ability on par with a german shepard, only he’s intelligent Fights dirty, runs, or riles up opponents, he is really not much good at combat alone but he makes a good partner, and no one wants him to get his jaws on their tender bits mid fight Infernal Stench:Can stink up an area that anyone without the constitution of a sewer worker will greatly desire to get away from. Possibly vomiting as they run. Has three forms: ugly-cute pug, blue blob with too many eyes, and malevolent blue haired teen incubus, another ugly-cute really, he’s kinda cute but very demonic. His abilities are form specific. Blob :http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w35/Chairbreaker/drawings/Garry_zpsdcc879e7.png Otherwise he’s mostly a mouthy little jerk. He must be summoned, unlike Hreb, who is pledged to Gaia, Garry has to be summoned for specific things, he can’t just hang out. It takes an hour long ritual that requires at least some skill and some kind of botch on the skill check means summoning some other demon. If he takes too much damage he poofs (stinkily) to Hell and must be resummoned. Frequently fails to understand non-demonic culture, but is aces at irritating people so much so that he obviously has some empathy, he’s just willing to use it for evil. Alignment: Chaoc evil light - He usually cannot be arsed to be really evil, but he’s not moral or nice like Hreb. They have been friends for half a millennium and despite their bickering are quite loyal to one another. Small, unexpected, rather sneaky - he does ok at stealth so long as you don’t catch a whiff of him, he does have rather bad hell-doggy BO Blob powers:fits in tight spaces, like large drains, through bars very Painful spiderlike bite, covered in disgusting vile slime Youth powers Opposeable thumbs:Can use a cell phone Sulking epically Garry is kinda silly, and I will fully understand if he's not to your taste, just let me know and I'll extract him or just not bring him. He's a hoot to play, but not everone's cup of tea.
  2. Sanctuary does Halloween

    Drunk costumed up Hreb, nothing could go wrong! Antimanhattans for everyone. Body shots. oh yes.
  3. Sanctuary does Halloween

    black toga, how can i use you? God of Lankhmar might be a tad obscure. Perhaps just some kind of spirt of gluttony and abandon, togate, laureled, wine etc. Can't go wrong there. Mushrooms maybe too. I still have those evil crowleys crunchies, lol
  4. Sanctuary does Halloween

    hmmm....what to wear, what to wear
  5. Gamer Food

    yay Orochibot <3
  6. Gamer Food

    Breakfast tacos/burritos, rebels may serve these anytime Heaven in a warm tortilla! Really popular in South Texas weekends and variable, simple, so tasty and go to as much effort as you like And if you visit be sure to go find a food cart/truck where they make pappas fritas (fried potatoes) This is a dish most easy to get in the am, but like street food everywhere, adventure, choose a popular truck and pray. Large flour tortillas, or if you are lazy, hand size smaller flour tortillas for a less heavenly but still good dish Scrambled eggs, maybe 2 eggies per person depending on how hungry you are Piles of favorite shredded cheese, just if you use Velveeta don’t tell me, but use what you like, cheddar I like myself Favorite salsas and hot sauces Bacon! Avocado, tomatoes, fried onions, garlic, guacamole, Hatch green chile (can be both hard to find and hella hot or limply mild >.< at random) Canned Pinto beans, chili from leftovers, drained, rinsed, simple or mixed with salsa and heated. Chopped fried sausages, esp a loose pork kind called chorizo? Fancy but so S Texas. Fry cook it for safety and my happiness. It can be spicy, so taste as you go. Fried chopped potatoes, good and greasy! Any other thing you may like or feel like making, this is supposed to be not too complex Not heart healthy fare I’m afraid, Ppl assemble tacos/burritos to taste. Better make plenty of bacon For bonus points heat the tortillas gently without crisping them as much as for quesadillas Takes a lil practice. Warming them in tin foil and oven works fine just beware of steam sogging them, let it leak out and don’t burn fingies. Like a 350 Hot oven, you can lay a naked tortilla on the middle rack for 10 secs and see, should work dandy to warm just enough to be hot and lovely without crumpling hopelessly. It’ll still taste good even if it does.
  7. Gamer Food

    Yay more recipes! Quesadillas are very adaptable to what you have on hand, and simple to make a hot meal rather than just a sammich, and hot meals can often satisfy better even if they are exactly what would be cold, psychology for your tummy, go figure. Chicken makes for good protein too.
  8. "My usual method is to lie face down in a pitcher of margaritas on a Mexican beach for a few days, but I'll try that. I might work better. Hope my therapist is a stout one." Hreb laughed gently. "And maybe not too religious." "I dunno if you should think of it as deserving a chance so much as use of weapons. If someone can be made useful, it's all to the good, and if it saves them from being a useless waste of space or outright menace, so much the better. One of the things I've noticed about Illuminati is that they groupthink that being a good person is a weakness and that being self centered is a strength. So I won't really be selling Kermit altruism till he's already swallowed it wrapped in self interest. On a broader scale, I suppose we are offering him a chance for redemption that he may or may not deserve. But that's the thing. You can never ever repay what you owe, good or ill. I think Faquan, the monk would argue that's what karma is. I don't know if I buy karma, not after what I been through. I try, but I just can't. Far as I can tell all you can ever do is choose your paths out of what's in front of you, and maybe pay it forward, make the world a better place with what you have. But, I am biased. I like this world. It is beautiful beyond measure and the alternatives are terrible." Hreb smiled, pure and sweet.
  9. "Whatever it is that people are good at...it's what they do with it that matters. Nearly any talent can be used for good or ill. And people are usually good at more things than they know. Just...gotta convince them to try." Hreb sighs deeply. "Maybe he'll be motivated by a burning desire to outdo ED. Maybe they'll claw each others throats out and become the best of buddies. You never know with people that grumpy. I'm sticking to introducing him to sturdy people for the most part." Hreb flopped back on the couch and closed his eyes, thinking. "I'm kinda like made of PTSD, but I think the Latvia thing made me a little extra. We won, evil fungus lost, but it was nasty. I think I'm doing a pretty good job of not coming unglued."
  10. Hreb watched Roman leave with as much dignity as he could muster, then did a four second little victory dance while seated. "That went well!" He pretended to be dignified again with all the aplomb of a cat that has fallen off a sofa then changed moods to somber quicksilver fast. "Ugh I hope we find Canto." He thought for a moment. "And that Kermit and ED manage not to kill each other.....or the priest." Hreb shifted to wry. "That priest is something else. Clearly rather make firewood outta me, but he'll work with me when it's obvious it need doing. I like him? But man, he's a dick. Keeps calling poor Canto a Jezebel, I wonder if he isn't in the preisthood cause he's a dedicated woman-hater."
  11. At the knock at the door Hreb sat up straight and hid the beer cans with the guilty urgency of a kid hiding contraband from a parent. He listened quietly and as Roman turned to him he said "Hallo Sir, well, I am gonna mentor this Kermit fellow. I understand he was retained at the Hall for a time. It's not just the records or evaluations I need but I kinda need to know something about who evaluated him. Some people are better judges of character than others. The Illuminati approach will be a three inch high stack of multiple choice psyche eval tests. The Templar will be personal interviews. I'd like to know if he's high on the psychopathy scale, but I figure the Templar interviewer is most likely to see into his soul, assuming the interviewer is worth a damn. I won't know much about the interviewer unless by chance I know them, but you might be able to find out for me what their reputation is like?"
  12. "I'm gonna have him help rescue someone, if we can. He's good at finding people to kill them, finding someone is what's needed. See if he likes being a big damn hero. There's a young Templar possessed by a demon, gone AWOL, I got a priest with some serious god mojo ready but we can't find her. I'm really worried about her." Hreb rubbed his stomach as if it hurt ad sighed. "Actually you did me a huge favor by taking on my contract, I am no longer tied by the order to not involve other factions, and I can get Kermit and ED's detectives working on it. It's been weeks, I think something fishy is going on, normally Team Red would have been all over this." Hreb sighed. "She may wind up here needing Sanctuary. I hope not, but something weird is up with this and until that's rooted out, she might need protection. Reminds me, need to find Dr Caine's number."
  13. "Yeah, the Hall has it's head up its ass sometimes, but I'll take everything I can get. Someone sharp might have interviewed him. Do you have any idea where he got the anti-bee rounds? I know you can get anti bee gas in Egypt. "I can and have forgiven all kinds of things, but uselessness is the the thing I loathe about most of my Celestial and Infernal cousins or siblings. They can be an arrogant murderous douche and I will accept them so long as they make themselves useful. But I do not care if they are a sweet potato if they refuse to lift a finger and help out. Being mercenary is fine, but you'd better be arsed to help somehow. A tad judgemental, I know, but this place is worth protecting. The shit has clearly hit the fan, the Change of Ages shitstorm is well underway, time to step up to the plate and fight for the reality. I hate Amir, I hate his whining, I hate his arrogant face, but if you get him moving, he will go help a little. Not a lot, won't break the precious rules." Hreb 's lip curls in contempt. "One of the benefits to being damned. You've already given the finger to the rules and your hands are no longer tied and you can do what needs doing. Assuming you are inclined."
  14. "nonono, I know the Muppets, honest, I have also seen Star Wars and Lord of the Rings! I am not culturally deficient! Honest! I have five nieces and two nephews and they do their best. Hm, so Sato is not dead. MIss Piggy. Gonzo. Unless there's ice cream. "Hell runs on favors. I will be making my own judgements on Kermit but I am not human, and a human perspective on him, especially one as thorough as the Illuminati, might be very helpful. I think it is worth a favor." Hreb looked judicious. "I will pay what is asked, within reason." Hreb finished his lager and tapped the empty can thoughtfully on his forehead. "Long suffering. Hm, I could see him thinking that."
  15. “This is a multi beer story.” Hreb said judiciously. The lager landed on him and he managed to not to drop it, he gave it a moment to settle and pulled the tab off. He listened, not apparently upset by any bitterness, but he frowned at the bit about kidnapping, his usually sweet face severe for once, and his eyebrows went up at the Sato bit. He winced in sympathy at the mention of the wedding. “Hm. And at some point in there, he got a Bee and became a Lumi.” Hreb thought for awhile, drinking his beer. “Ok, I would like to know more about Sato and I need to see if Auro can get me the Lumi psyche profile on Kermit. He’s kinda obsessed with you, turned things into about you about eight times talking to him last night.” “It’s my experience that the super villains of the world like to reuse tools. It’s almost a fetish with them. Just how dead is this Sato person?” “Also. Kermit? Is this something I am failing to understand….a human thing? Why the little green frog man from Sesame Street?”