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  1. TSW Database & Sanctuary Event Suggestions

    Regarding Treehouse Of Horror, the storyteller could show some evidence of what he's telling about, like some grainy footage or a strange occult symbol he found in the woods. This will need some preparation done beforehands though.
  2. TSW Database & Sanctuary Event Suggestions

    I was thinking of a storyteller contest. Let's say storytellers gather in the Albion Theatre and their task is to tell the "story to chill the bones". They're allowed to use any theatrical backdrops, any sound effects and lighting to create the atmoshere. The stories are judged by the jury which then gives prizes. What do you think?
  3. The Visible Dark (RP- Investigation Event)

    We are getting started in 45 minutes!
  4. The Visible Dark (RP- Investigation Event)

    Nope, no typo) I'll update the topic everywhere with this link (hope I made everything right).
  5. The Visible Dark (RP- Investigation Event)

    Thanks for posting this here, kuro! As for participating without actual RP-ing that's totally ok, for there wil be tasks where you'll have to think more than talk. And if someone will be streaming or making in-game photos, be sure to post links here or on the official forums as I'll be unable to do any of this during the event myself.