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  1. New player seeking tough builds

    No build is an impossible build (save for a few situations). To be able to help you with your build, and create a good build for you, we'd need to know how you want to use the build and the situations you want to apply it in (solo? dungeons? scenarios? etc.) For 99% of the roles the weapon combination doesn't really matter either, so we can start by those that you like more (either in feel or some other reasoning). To answer the glyph setup question, the answer to the first question i asked matters a whole lot (where do you want to use the build).
  2. Zone Abbreviations

    IIRC = If I Remember Correctly. not Idea about NB actually, fail to recall this one.
  3. Lost & Found

    ​Can't argue with a happy customer...
  4. Lost & Found

    Hello everyone i have just updated my list with the items i gave away! One windmill emote, one white shirt for the guy with the cool-ish avatar and one black as your soul (or name(?)) to kuro. PS. be warned i accept no returns and the tux is kinda meh :p
  5. Lost & Found

    ​Will mail you one next time i log. idem ditto.
  6. Lost & Found

    These items were reportedly lost and now eagerly seek a new home. Laurel wreath, greenHeart scope logo tee, Red'I'm with Him' left logo tee, pinkHeart Watch, pink x2Candy jewel ring, red x4Emote: Windmill x3King of Spades logo t-shirt, WhiteLucky Skull logo t-shirt, whiteLucky Skull logo t-shirt, red x3Lucky Snake eyes t-shirt, white x3Tuxedo t-shirt, black x1Silk lounge robe, faction colored x2Velour sweatsuit with bling, burgundy x2Title: Cardsharp
  7. A few free games

    Mass Effect 2.. had that in retail disk but lost it when moving homes Can i really have that? Will check my HB "inventory" to check if i have something to give ya in return.
  8. Send Report Library

    Nice! that is a lovely idea and i wanted that for a bit there (but was bored to do xD) Some mission reports are interesting others are downright hilarious... being able to relive some of them without hunting down the mission (or rolling an alt) is golden!
  9. Player created content in TSW

    Awesome! the plaque i knew (had heard about) but didn't know about all the rest player/community made content!
  10. Share your EffectsUI Exports!

    If you are asking for screenshots isn't it better to also provide one yourself to set the example? PS. i do not use Effects UI yet .. find it too much and too cluttered but maybe your excellent idea of a post will show some stellar examples that can convince me to try it!