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  1. TSW Items and PAX giveaway!

    Might I please have on Vomher: 3,000,000 Pax Romana - I am too poor to afford repairs. 1x Aerobics leotard, blue and black 2x Aerobics leotard, yellow and pink 1x Aerobics leotard, red and green 1x Visor sunglasses, pink I'd like to give one of the yellow leotards to Insein, along with the red leotard. Neither of us have any leotards!
  2. Introduction Thread

    Hello there, everyone!!! I could have sworn I had responded to this thread when it first came out. Since I haven't, I may as well fix that. I'm Vomher. I'm a student of Chemistry in the United States. I enjoy TSW greatly, as well as roleplay! My availability can get a little wonky, but that doesn't stop me from loving the game and community! I'm never particularly good at introduction threads, however. I'm one of the admins at TSWDB, and I think you are all awesome. I noticed that a lot of people were mentioning their PvE availability, so I should note: I love raiding or just dying with friends at any content, be it Normal or Nightmare. It's much more fun to die with friends than it is to speedrun with some very unwelcoming people. Manufactory? Sure. Polaris? Sure? It's just nice to play with wonderful people! You can generally also find me on Twitter through my IC account @KlausvonRichter. I've always enjoyed the Sanctuary, even if I have a tendency to vanish from forums every so often! I have a cat and she is beautiful.
  3. Males had, from the Whispering Tide, "Turtleneck sweater, black" ,"Turtleneck sweater, blue", "Turtleneck sweater, green", and "Turtleneck sweater, red". You really never got a blue turtleneck sweater? That's odd. I'll gladly pick up that sweater, then. >_> And don't mind me, I thought I saw a black turtleneck shirt from the vendor, but it was my bad eyes deceiving me. So it's really just turtleneck sweaters needing two sources. D:
  4. Oh hey! I asked the same question concerning turtleneck sweaters, red, blue, green, and black. The turtleneck sweaters for males and females come in two different locations, but I'm afraid only females have turtleneck shirts. Oddly though, the turtleneck shirts are the event equivalent for the male acquisition of turtleneck sweaters.... plus more locations for even more female turtleneck shirts. Really, only those four turtleneck sweaters have differing acquisitions between gender. I don't believe they ever brought them back. I think the Whispering Tide female turtleneck shirts returned in the rotating Darkside vendor, so you could just say for those that they're currently available at X but previously available at Y? I think there were item store clothing pieces with similar names, like your purple tops, that spontaneously changed textures one day and they never brought back the old versions.
  5. So busy, it burns.

  6. Kisikillilake

    Why was this the hidden name? Why do the bees not know of it? It isn't that obscure. What stops the bees from knowing?
  7. Relating to the previous questions regarding bees: If stuff starts to get weird when bees live longer than necessary, then how long did the average bee last before Ground Zero and the Bomb? Have we met any other long-lived bees at any point? Do the factions know of the oddities surrounding a bee that has continued on and begun to accumulate these strange mutations, bee-aging of a sort? Or have they been keeping special eyes on us for these changes? Will we accumulate more? Did bees just... fly back out when Gaia deemed them no longer necessary? I'm sorry for the title pun. I just really felt punny.
  8. Was the plague mask worn by the Council of Venice agent in The Seven Silences a standard-issue mask? If so, are they part of the uniform for a particular type of agents, such as medical or otherwise? Or was its sole purpose to hide her face and mask her voice? It was really cool to see either way! It is a traditional mask for Carnival in Venice, although the styles utilized for the festivities have an entirely different beak style. But then again, Banwell's beautiful works were based on the historical masks and not the stylized ones. It would make sense for Venice to still employ modernized masks for some use or another!
  9. Anniversary Stuff 2015

    I can send you a psychedlic tie-dye shirt if you want and still need, Auroris.
  10. Least Favorite Component

    What's your least favorite component of the UI? Either now or in the past?
  11. Lore discussion

    A place to theorize is always good!
  12. Favourite TV series

    In alphabetical order of what I can remember off the top of my head: Adventure TimeAvatar: the Last AirbenderBreaking BadCodename: Kids Next DoorCosmosDanny PhantomGravity FallsSteven UniverseThe Venture Bros.Wander Over Yonder
  13. I have a face! #IAMTSW

  14. What do I call you?

    ‚ÄčOf course! But with shared space as the forums and joint events, a term for the combined aspects might be useful when they come up. Or, at least, it feels nice to be able to clarify. ;D
  15. What music are you listening to?

    At this moment? Hello, Dolly! and its beautiful soundtrack.