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  1. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    Oh definitely LOADS of friend material in this game and LOADS of potential memorable moments around every corner. Also tanks are good, please, more of those! Let me DPS once in a while ;_;
  2. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    Krieg is easy to play without any gear
  3. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    Game-centric, it is (they are?) definitely half of Beyond Good & Evil. No writing in any kind of game ever impressed me that much. Accomplishment-wise, when I completed UVHM in Borderlands 2 with Krieg using no gear at all. Cheers!
  4. Forum Ranks

    Shadow out of Time Where is Whisper of Darkness? Cheers!
  5. First Raid Lead duty today. So excited, about to form a triplet state.

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    2. KierDrakeson


      Good luck, knock'em dead.

    3. camazotz


      well? did you win or what? xD

    4. Shivvies


      Couldn't kill but we made it to the third phase getting better each time. We had a time limit - to avoid frustration - so we hit that and said "Tuesday then, Lurker, see your lifeless body on Tuesday..."

  6. DPS Signets and You

    ​For future reference, I always welcome suggestions especially from people with much more experience than me. This is good insight, thanks Cheers!
  7. Spoilers... Spoilers everywhere O.o

    1. KierDrakeson


      totally agree.

    2. camazotz


      There is a solution, but you wont like it......

      We all get turns poking you in the eyes so your cant see spoliers....

      Then we shove cotton buds in your ears and stick you in a dark room xD


    3. Shivvies


      Yeah, don't like it... LOVE IT! Let's!

  8. DPS Signets and You

    Another Q in line with this then. For "tanking" NYR I'm putting together a new set aiming at around (650 hit) 950 penet, some crit power on talis and crit power on hammuh and blade. Can't decide what to put on weapons and head and was thinking Fury on builder (hammer), Agression on blade and Lac on head. Can't find a place for Breaching (the other tank has it but I'm not sure about the uptime). Some insight before I decide to let my diploma become a permanent cat bed rather than temporary?
  9. Newbie question about roles in TSW...

    I love how a lot of things can be done a bit differently in this game as well... I mean, yes, there is a really efficient and optimal way to do most things and it is possible to min/max to obscene DPS levels for instance but since the game is quite forgiving at a certain level of optimisation, it is legitimately possible to do a lot of things differently (I mean, you don't actually need more than 7-8K group DPS in any of the nightmare content; of course more is nice and certainly attainable but not cruical). I think I am in love with the game's vision. May not always translate to practicality but it definitely gives it a good try!
  10. Newbie question about roles in TSW...

    Misdirection can be really good under certain circumstances. Usually not worth the slot but sometimes you kind of have to have some stuff there - like, never seen a tank compliaining about Agitator taking up one slot Also, yeah, in most of the class based mmo's you might not have an aggro active in your rotation but a TANK class will have aggro no matter how much damage they do as it is their "role" Not in this game. Also it is fairly common for people to play any role after a while - even Shivvies McNooberton can do rDPS, mDPS, Tank and to an extent Leech (with healtank coming soonTM and fist heal as necessary using drops). Cheers...
  11. Newbie question about roles in TSW...

    Even though that is a common strat, DPS tend to die at Pol5, especially if they are not yet comfortable with the tank (ie. they don't know them) and a PDZ is impaired fırther into the cast. I have seen perfectly executed rotas and impairs with very good leeches/healers still resulting in imagined "oh shit" moments for the DPS ending in deep calling Re the OP, names are the same but sometimes the way they work are different than a lot of other mmos out there. Even vanilla, tanky tank needs to do some damage to keep doing their job for instance and there are varied ways to do one or several jobs, mostly made possible with improving gear and stat budget later in the game. Leech tanking, for instance, very gear dependent and a "oh wow, good thinking" kind of tanking. These usually happen with groups who know each other though, with maybe 2-3 core members. With PUGs (Pick Up Groups) you usually expect a traditional tanky tank, a healer or a leecher and three pure DPS. Fights in this game are usually knowledge games (with some requiring good skill, sometimes from the tank, sometimes the other roles) so very different from other MMOs, if a DPS dies to deep calling without any missed impairs, they only have themselves to blame - similarly, tank killing themselves to a demolish by the Machine Tyrant would be considered to just have done that, ie. kill themselves There are certain "common strategies" which usually need to be cleared before each combat especially in PUGs - so rather than blaming each other, people usually know their part in the strategy and if they fail doing their part, there is (usually) no question about whose fault who died. I even tell people to "stack on my builder aoe or expect to be brutally murdered by demonic Mayans" in DW1 - as really, a lot of groups do things differently and they become a part of your muscle memory. Usually, communication sorts out the blame game in this game and a usually more mature player base makes it much, much easier Cheers...
  12. DPS Signets and You

    Yeah, of course. If money is not your concern though, Abuse on head and Lac on weapons? Anyways, I shall keep using Lac on head for now, when I have 200-300 mil to spare I'll experiment with it at around 9 quid (3 signet extractors) a combination Cheers...
  13. DPS Signets and You

    Then again, Laceration on both weapons with Abuse on head as you WILL crit every 8 seconds - meh, I should stop thinking when I'm under the influence of pain medication I suppose. Don't mind me.
  14. DPS Signets and You

    Ah! So I WAS missing something Cheers Ciritty!