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  1. Introduction Thread

    Not too late at all...http://www.tswdb.com is good for mission stuff/rare spawns (if there are missions missing, just poke them - they will do something about it) as to creatures, the good people over there > http://thebadgers.enjin.com/home have some info on creatures, and where to farm them (if that's what you were looking for) Plus....you have all of us misfits
  2. Drop Bear Lair!

    damn, you actually DID paste this somewhere :D
  3. Rare Spotting

    So as some of you in game know.....I built a bit of a reputation as being a rather good rare spotter....So now I bring the service here. Here's how it works - Just list regions you are looking in (or have to snag kills) and which rares you need - important part would be in game name of character so I can put you on the friend list and when I see you online in-game, we can get these eyes out there spotting rares for you. Love seeing those final rares drop and people sporting their new jackets - so let's make this thing happen!
  4. A Templar Gathering

    This one clip is getting sooo much play time from me but..... I cant resist
  5. Nightmare missions in Transylvania

    WOOT! congrats! the offer still stands though....any help with anything, I'm just a /tell away
  6. Lost & Found

    K, I've had an exhaustive look through the bank tabs...and apart from 2 whole tabs (o.O!!!) of this event (ugh its even taking over my in the field inventory too) I seem to have some krampus stuff still....but nothing samhain - tho i seem to remember that was when my chat tabs....just didn't work, so I didn't really get to do much of the event
  7. A Templar Gathering

    this......may be interesting - if I'm not busy helping out in the field (there are 2 or 3 active help orders at present with 1 as a "help of opportunity")......or running Close Protection for Sonnac, of course
  8. Dark Insanities

    But Intern Timmy keeps getting at the updating. We have to.....get him to clean the test subjects pens again *snickers*
  9. Nightmare missions in Transylvania

    well, if you attempt it and 'hit a wall' and have to fall back - if you see me online, gimme a buzz. I'll roll through it with you!
  10. Lost & Found

    pretty sure if I had any of them, I woulda stealth given em away by now. Can always check tho
  11. Drop Bear Institute

    OK...so this is very much a work in progress, and I don't totally know just where I'm going with it.... This is now a thing. Just something I've been throwing together when I get some spare time. There isn't much there at the moment, and I'm not entirely liking the layout completely, but *shrugs* it'll get there.
  12. Introduction Thread

    yes, repeatedly......forever and ever until this Age ends and the Heat Death wipes us all asunder Nahh, you dont have to feel shy with sancturians...and I always give a helping hand. As for slowing people down, pfff nup, wouldn't happen (at least if it was people from here you group with) You're looking at someone who happily un-equips everything but weapons to help a new person Polaris dungeon run - and the rest here....hell you ask them a question, you'd have to yell at them to stop answering, cos you'd be scrolling the chat back up to read it all
  13. Revenge

    Revenge: Best served Not by me. The slow and inevitable Karmic Bitch Slap heard around the world (tm) will sort it all out in a manner way more befitting than a bullet to the head.
  14. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    horn of narwhal
  15. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    Upon Mutilated Manatees