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  1. Think my new nickname should be Rolls-In-Filth B|just sayin'

    1. Shivvies


      VROOMS IN FILTH!!11!one! (the joke is, ! is on the Shift-1 on my keyboard)

    2. camazotz


      no no i WAS rolling in the filth (and hey the first time i survived it!)

  2. Let's see, we running with a merry band of Pumpkins now.

    over this weekend we have; 

    • done my first 2 NM dungeons group - didn't have time for the last one.........and this lil dps fist healed Polaris and most of DW on the fly with a build that was thrown together in like 2mins
    • was press ganged (rofl yeah bumpy may say it different) into lair raids (the story is up here already) and after all this time since launch, have now bagged quite a few of the bosses (even a regional now!)
    • spent the last two days watching sanc chat and when someone said they had trouble finding a rare, leapt into gear spotting for them - so much so that our lair raid healer now has her jacket!
    • ohh and summin about being told my hair is the right colour by Ciritty :P
  3. Busy busy busy,  *salutes* Mobile Distraction Force 1 present and ready :P

  4. Attempted my very first NY raid today under the wing of the Noobmares...

    The attempt failed (we came close twice), but it has given a lot to think about hehe and grab a ton of add-ons - i know, i know until a week ago since launch i had been running the game totally vanilla - now 12 or 13 add-ons!

    Even with all my gear, i felt like a nooby liability *embarrassed* and i kinda maybe sorta been tripping up the podder a little.

    Gonna need to pick up a new weapon just for this i think *thinks* hell im gonna have to learn a new build too....soo much to contemplate - so much data to think on.

    But damn was it fun :D

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    2. kuro


      oh yeah >.< 
      Those do start pretty late.
      You can try to make a raid... but better if you get your first run for the first time exp.

    3. kuro


      mmm really? I should try playing without boowarning xD 
      Transfer the warnings on it to EffectsUI (I R LAZY THO )

    4. camazotz


      That's on the list....basically if its on the achievement list i will eventually get to it 

      but trying to think of new build is doing my head in! 

      ooooh and turns out, that boowarning fps thing fixed itself with a reloading of the ui :$


  5. Seem to be running with fun miscreants of late.  I feel proud to say #IAMTSW

    ......now back to solo farming these lair frags.....O.o(cos someone has to)

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    2. camazotz


      i solo farm them for kills......i dunno for the challenge/to find weakness in builds/for something to do when no-ones running anything *shrugs* I just picked up one of the CF lair missions one day and BAM ended up with a stack of frags - been doing it every now and then ever since.

      If there is one thing i hope they look at, its the endless wave of frags you need to make a summoning ritual - got some of them too, but not being used with it justs being me there(im not that crazy)

    3. kuro


      Used to farm in SD. Kept the frags for an old cabal. THEY TAKE UP SO MUCH ROOOOOM AAWLKJGLDSKHI. *ehem* 

    4. camazotz


      they dont take up so much room when they turn into summoning rituals tho *looks at the 5 i already have just from this lair* 9_9

  6. Hell of a week, just one more shift....

    I feel beaten, bloodied and like I been run over by a truck...:|

    But I'm not defeated, I'm not broken, I will adapt and i will win (so screw you work)

    This is something my sleep deprived 4 hr sleep self can read before a shift, but it sounded so very #IAMTSW-ish

    O.onow to drag myself into my uniform....

  7. Bring your friends, it sharpens the forums #IAMTSW