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  1. Seem to be running with fun miscreants of late.  I feel proud to say #IAMTSW

    ......now back to solo farming these lair frags.....O.o(cos someone has to)

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    2. camazotz


      i solo farm them for kills......i dunno for the challenge/to find weakness in builds/for something to do when no-ones running anything *shrugs* I just picked up one of the CF lair missions one day and BAM ended up with a stack of frags - been doing it every now and then ever since.

      If there is one thing i hope they look at, its the endless wave of frags you need to make a summoning ritual - got some of them too, but not being used with it justs being me there(im not that crazy)

    3. kuro


      Used to farm in SD. Kept the frags for an old cabal. THEY TAKE UP SO MUCH ROOOOOM AAWLKJGLDSKHI. *ehem* 

    4. camazotz


      they dont take up so much room when they turn into summoning rituals tho *looks at the 5 i already have just from this lair* 9_9