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  1. Attempted my very first NY raid today under the wing of the Noobmares...

    The attempt failed (we came close twice), but it has given a lot to think about hehe and grab a ton of add-ons - i know, i know until a week ago since launch i had been running the game totally vanilla - now 12 or 13 add-ons!

    Even with all my gear, i felt like a nooby liability *embarrassed* and i kinda maybe sorta been tripping up the podder a little.

    Gonna need to pick up a new weapon just for this i think *thinks* hell im gonna have to learn a new build too....soo much to contemplate - so much data to think on.

    But damn was it fun :D

    1. kuro


      Go do Eidolon too :D That is bunch of funz. BOOWARNING is old but works nice in Eidolon :3

      I was lucky enough to be trained as podder right from the beginning xD As a dps I knew where not to stand and where not to be when the pod is coming.  

    2. camazotz


      Boowarning works nice...but it seems to give me a FPS hit - like going from 60ish FPS out of combat to 10 or below when combat starts (or maybe its that combined with other mods?)

      I seem to always be asleep or at work when Eidolon runs. I get to stare at the 8 ritual keys for that I've gotten though B| one day.....one day. But first, I need vengeance on the Lurker!

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