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  1. Hi, So I missed a few issues now and I'm thinking of returning. I quit right after the daily mission stuff. I see it as a choir and unfortunately at that point it was the only reliable way to progress your gear. I have a few questions. 1) Is there a way to progress your gear at least slightly faster then those dailies? It's not even speed I really want, just something I can do once or twice a week to get a decent reward without having to do a bunch of small choires. 2) Any new fun gear like CiB or something with unique procs? 3) Is there new team content or just the old raids upgraded to a NM version? Follow up question if there is new content. Is it usually done the tank/heal/ 3 dps way or there's something thrown into the mix, like dps have to impair etc Thanks
  2. 10.x gear after i12.

    Aegis containers: They work like an event bag or a gambit bag. They have a fixed loot list which includes pax, dock container keys (not every aegis container has those), modules, capacitors, sequins (now BB i guess) and aegis xp, but inly if your active controllers and shield aren't at 100%. So you can either use them to greatly bump you controller % just make sure both your controllers and shield aren't close to 100% for max yeild. Or try to max your key chance and equip 100% stuff - this will remove the aegis xp from the loot list. Purple glyphs. kits are either buyable from vendors or looted in nm. Don't do the 10 blues+artisian thing. That will give you a purple kit but it wont be custom, so it wont be upgradable.
  3. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    Ad 1. It's your pen. Add circulation or advantage me if using an ef deck. Ad 2. Your highest controller ql unlocks the ql of bypasses and capacitors. So just grind one controller as high as you can.
  4. Leech+Hammer build

    Just curious, why do you guys use Eagle Eye and not TTK. StD will OD Exp in short fights especially if you use hammer ambrosias. Forget crit, you'll have DA in short fights. In long ones most of the healing comes from EF'd TA, so...
  5. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    Derp, forgot to mention. Once you start investing in an aug skill line it's good to get that line to lvl 5. higher levels increase your AP cap by a higher amount. If you don't you may end up in a situation that uploading a new aug will need more AP then you can carry.
  6. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    Umm.. you might have to rebalance that for more AR. Depends on deck, but you really want to cut the mobs down fast in Tokyo. Mobs attack way faster then what you're used to by now and a longer fight means more time in which you can make a mistake and get rekt. Your calcs for augs are correct. When it comes to spending AP I was managing ok without swapping AEGIS mid battle, so I could do w/o that line. Damage is always welcomed. Shields are meh. Do not underestimate the value of those green augments. 150 to AR and HR is a decent bonus, especially at your level of gear. It seems crazy expensive but well worth it. Team elite scenarios are your range and doing some of those should give you a lot of xp. Look for people who want to team. We can discuss stats and progression till our fingers bleed, but the truth is that the biggest issue with Tokyo is getting used to the new pace of battles. The sooner you adjust to that the easier it will be. Mobs do a lot of AOEs, but they do them in a pattern one after another and that's their downfall. Once you learn that pattern it's like having some supernatural precognition powers and fights will be way easier.
  7. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    Your stats sound fine. You'll get a custom 10.1 belt for finishing i8. Buying those purples in sunken library is a waste - it's not upgradable (except for few belts), you'll get more custom gear for finishing issues 9-11. "Regular" decks are fine for tokyo as long as you don't use leeches because those don't work against shields. Fights will have a specific pace to them. If you're melee you'll have to learn to run and fight. There's no other way to get augs then scens. At least for now.
  8. Passives for Build Enhancement

    Imho, looks pretty bad. 1) Lacks a good introduction. You're using in game terms without explaining them and new players will not know all of them. What's status? What's impaired? 2) It's confusing Using phrases like "If a power says “If applying whatever” it means you have to actually be applying that status effect to get the benefit" is very confusing. What is whatever in this case? You need to have a real placeholder world for situations like that. Especially if it's shortly followed by "After each ability’s short description is the total cost in AP necessary". What description? The ingame tooltip? The description in the guide? Also I'd stick to the same wording in all cases. If you're using the word ability, stick to it. Don't call it "power" shortly after. "Power" might be something new like Augment which a player doesn't know about and will be looking for those mysterious Powers. 3) The list of abils you post there. They mean nothing. A new player will not know what he needs. He can get all of that from tsw-builder.com simply by clicking one of the drop boxes in that deck builder. He still has to hand pick passives but doesn't know which ones are "good". He may not know if he has a pen deck or a what deck - he's running on random drop talis somehow put together. Some of the abils you post are very sub par and with only 7 slots available your write up doesn't really help to choose the "good" ones. 4) (Some abilities which hit multiple times only count as 1 hit; but most channeled attacks do seem to treat all or at least most of their hits as individual full hits.) If an abil hits multiple times [ie Bloodline or Dancing Blade] and those hits aren't marked in the tooltip as "additional hits" [ie Call for Eris] then all of those hits are considered Full Hits which can activate passive abilities. You have to remember that each passive can be activated only once per seconds due to it's internal cooldown. That means that Bloodline has 4 chances to activate a passive one time, but Dancing Blade can activate a passive up to 3 times, once per second of it's cast [2 hits + 2 hits +1 hit]. Saying "ask the community" or "test it yourself" in a guide when talking about a general mechanic doesn't give your guide credibility. 5) Direction you should head in. Imho a write up of the most common "combos" would be more useful than a list like you're making. Ie Blade Torrent + Perfect Storm + Dark Potency - 9AP to gel all abils - very powerful starter combo. Boiling Blood + Corrupted blood works also [5 AP] etc Bloodsport + Gross Anatomy Blade/Hammer/Chaos builder + Breakdown Frenzy builder + Leeching Frenzy Focus attack + EF Focus builder + FtM Impair + Guts and Gory + Cannibalize Cannibalize + Exsa or maybe a write up of most commonly used builders and consumers. ie why people use Ofak and not Raging Bullet explained
  9. Stats question.

    250-300 should be ok, but I try to keep at at 350-ish for Trans/elites, just because if I see a glance i go -.- As a rule of thumb I go +50 hit for each zone. SC 50, BM 100, SD 150, CotSG 200, BF 250, SF 300, CF 350
  10. Groundworks healing build

    Ad 2C) Improved Bursts doesn't affect the heal component of a leech ability. It only affects the damage and leech part. Same goes for Eagle Eye in case you're wondering why I suggested Anima Boost instead of EE in 2B. Ad 3) Experience no longer boosts the heal part. Just the damage and leech part. Dump it. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Since you're using Shot of Anima every 5 seconds that'd give you a constant uptime of a minor crit chance from Rapid Getaway. You can use Seal the Deal for 15% more heals and a 5% crit chance for Shot of Anima, it will be useless for Anima Vessel. If you want to Stick to Groundwork combo, Rapid Getaway should give you a nice crit chance to make all those procs crit for a bit more heals. Combined with Brawler that should have a really nice yield. Out of the Woods is not triggered by Groundwork since there is no actual heal on it. Also it will not affect your passive heals nor leech effects. 4) Re-animator vs Reap and Sew Both of those are good in your case, but are too strongly connected with all your "tactical" choices when it comes to selecting other abilities. 5) Consumers a) Shot of Anima - biggest heal yield of all the consumers based on pure HR b) Anima Outbreak - Not even worth mentioning unless your whole team is melee and you don't have any other team heals c) Transfuse Anima - has only the leech effect, so it's heal is damage based; useless in your case d) Anima Vessel - this ability scales for fuck, but the good news is that even at low heal rating and only 1 resource you'll apply about 7% leech effect. with 3.1k HR and 1 res the leech effect is about 11% so it's a very good tool to top off your dps or counter Lenses in HE. It's easily controllable but you'll need to support it with Vet, RnS and/or Lock and Load if you want to keep up leech effects for a whole team for a longer period of time ie HR 3/6 6) Offhand, cooldowns and other garbage You can scratch all the dps choices like Hammer, Fist w/ Reckless and Blood w/ Bloodshot. It's always safe to take Lock and Load to have some burst heals or to control Anima Vessel due to it's long recharge. Backup Drone has 2 heal effects on it - Ingenuity [pistol support skill] that lasts 5 seconds and it's tooltip effect that lasts for 15s. The drone effect will affect RnS and Shot of Animas heal and leech effect. If you want to control your team heals you got Veteran, Anima Vessel, Reap and Sew or Cold Blooded. 2/4 Should be more then enough to get your through any encounter. So if you choose Vet + AV, you don't need RnS and can use Re-Animator as your elite for single target heals. Depending on what you're doing some abils take lead ie HR 6/6 Vet + Cold Blooded will be awesome, RnS or AV not so much. That fight needs too much movement for those to be really effective. You get a decent uptime on Vet and a lot of team heals if you use Anima Shot or Anima Burst thanks to their huge range. You get to shoot a lot during the Yellow Pizza phases. In HE it's the other way around - you need to be able to have team heals for an extended period of time, so AV + vet or RnS take the lead here. All in all Cold Blooded, will be the biggest single hit team heal and RnS your biggest single target heal if DPS cooperate. Some places like SH you'll need CB, others like Ankh you'll need RnS. You'll cycle those a lot so don't look at it like it's something set in stone. What's important is to remember that Anima Vessel should keep the dps alive even at 1 res and following it with Lock and Load will let you chain the leech effect back to back for 12 seconds of "immunity". Shotgun for Flak Jacket and CU is something you can look into. Great thing with AR heals is that you don't really need an active elite for builds to be really effective. Fists with Empathy and Fired Up are rather lame. Whatever Fired Up heals will be too little too late to save the dps - CB will give you more bang for the buck. Scarlet Arts from Blood can be as good as Empathy and you can cast it from HP way more often. I already mentioned Energize which is the best shit since sliced bread and easy to use once to get used to that "ohhhh it's stiiil executing" little delay.
  11. Groundworks healing build

    Few months back I reported this as a bug. I guess it was never resolved. 0 block tanks mess up somehow with mobs pen chance. In full 24 runs our tank was getting pen'd 3-5 times only. Don't think so, no. It can be great for some people, but the build is rather delicate and prone to underperform easily based on the talisman stats. As you progress you have to tweek a lot to keep up the performance. it's all fine and good when you got experienced tanks, but when both the healer and tank are new it can be a crash and burn. "Leecher" build implies a damage healer. This is closer to "rifle healing" or at least that's how new players should look at it. It's just somethign in peoples minds. 1) General Tweek Take out SoH or Greater Good or Win WIn and slot Energize [better buff then Greater Good] and Lock and Load [ohshit button when tank eats a damage spike; will allow you to use Shot of Anima twice in a row.] Take out Leech Therapy and Anticoagulant. get Closer and Brawler. 2) Basic Builder Combo a) Groundwork + Improved Groundwork + Post-Op = ~252 hps + 3.4% leech ; short range b) Anima Shot + Anima Boost + Knuckle Down = ~304+x hps; x if you actually hit the target with no offensive glyphs ; long range c) Anima burst + Knuckle Down + any derp like Improved Bursts = ~391+x hps ; same issue as Anima Shot with the additional leech damage ; long range + cast time + slowdown As I mentioned before your combo is missing the heal part, but you make up for it with 2 passives. This also means that if people try to go the "leech" way and add AR they will start to loose that base heal. Assuming ofc that more AR = less HR. Combos b and c are a bit more fool proof because even if you add AR lowering HR the heal + leech part will stay within a certain ratio giving you a bigger margin of error on balancing stats. With the C combo even if you cut your HR in half your base hps should still be greater then the one that combo A offers. Big downside of it is the slowdown of Anima Burst - I never bothered using it. 3) Veteran or Experience Veteran is great for team heals but if you want to keep the tank alive it's leech effect is a wild card. You can't control it.* You won't stop shooting to line it up for when you think you'll need it the most. Even if you can do that there is no guarantee that your tank is thinking about that and keeping track of it to use his consumers right there and then to top himself off. Great thing to slot for HR 3/6 or 6/6 and if any dps die.. well... they're just not doing their job... * you can somewhat control Vet if you add a second weapon builder and/or consumer. Blood Shield + EC + Cannibalize + Blood Ambrosia can get you a long way in some fights and will let you line up Vet if you really feel like playing around. However this is NOT a newbie friendly tactic, so defeats it's purpose. Experience. Affects each part of a healing ability. So damage, heals and leech effects get a boost. Your combo A has only the damage + leech part. Combos B and C have all 3 parts. Since we're not looking at the damage part we can scratch that. In combo A the leech part is low, really low. 20% of really low is.. Now the question is will that Exp buff grant more heals then Vets heal + leech effect for combos B and C. No, no it won't. Not for pure heals without including the damage+leech components. 4) Re-Animator or Reap and Sew tbc; work >.> However Exp also affects Shot of Anima for a better consumer heal. Vet looks good on paper but you don't have any guarantee that it will proc when you can fully use it's heal effect. And since keeping the tank toped off is important with healing in real life Vet will fall behind.
  12. The damage on CP is terrible, but it's easier to use then HS for beginner players and this deck could use an impair. I used Turn the Tables deep into Trans, it's still decent even after the nerf. Once you can slot a mending 5 somewhere it's not that great, but that's a bit too much for most people on this forum. SE rather sucks, but not as much as Armor Fati for PvM and having a damage buff is almost always a good idea. The sneaky part of what I wrote is that those are options from which you choose what you like for your playstyle.
  13. Between CtP and BT you'll be ok with 1 AoE consumer for solo.
  14. Groundworks healing build

    It's the combination of Improved Groundwork and Leech Therapy. I assume that with high heal rating you got around 3.3-3.4k. That would mean that those 2 heal the tank every shot for 166 or so. Then on top of that you have Shot of Anima + Groundwork which with scaled HR give the tank almost 20% leech effect. If your tank does 800 dps [not a dps tank], all off those contribute to 300 HPS. All of the above get multiplied by Shadow medic and you get a small heal + leech from vet every 7 seconds. This build is different from most of Leech builds because it uses "non standard" leech abilities. Typical leech ability has 3 components. 1) damage 2) heal 3) leech heal applied to the target which is based on the #1 damage component Non standard doesn't mean not used. Following this rule Transfuse Anima which is the goto consumer for most leech builds is a "non standard" leech ability because it misses the #2 heal component. It's so often used because it has the highest damage component of all the leech abilities. That one is bumped because it has only 2 of the "standard" ones, so it "compensates" by having the other two bumped. Your deck works in a similar fashion but has no #3 leech heal component and compensates by using a high heal abilities with a small leech applied to target which is based on targets dps not yours. This is great for dps tanks if they want to have some fun, but you have a low damage output. Usually leechers go for a high damage output - it's easier for them to make a high damage deck in comparison to the tank. If you decide to add some AR it will not increase your healing because your deck misses the #3 component. I'm at work and having my morning coffee and smoke, so some of what I wrote may not make any sense. Please tell if I need to clarify something.
  15. Groundworks healing build

    Good heal builds have some kind of a spike heal which I don't see here. Have you healed HE 5, 3 and 4 with this? If ACT made no sense that might be because the tank had lots of mitigation on signets and cooldowns.
  16. Nightmare missions in Transylvania

    Why not try it? You loose nothing if you die.. well except for a small repair fee. But no, if as you say everything else died pretty easily this mish shouldn't be too hard. Small tip: when the ghouls start flailing their arms at you that's the biggest attack even if it doesn't have a cast bar - can be dodges through them or impaired. When it comes to your weapons some lower ql blues might be better then 10ql greens. On lower ql's the rule of thumb is that a blue piece is an equivalent of a 2ql higher green piece. At higher qls that gets a bit blurred. But if you have a 9ql blue weapon it's most likely better then the 10ql green. 8ql blue will most likely be slightly sub 10ql green. Also depends on glyphs you got in those weapons and if those fit in your deck, but that's a whole new story.
  17. Build requests

    @Waffle_Slayer The deck looks good. I'd take out Raging Bullet for Molten Steel. Or Trucker for Lock Stock and Barrel. Raging for Molten - you don't need 2 single target shotgun consumers and Raging Bullet is just all kinds of wrong. The ability is "bugged" when it comes to calculating it's damage. Trucker for LSB - I wouldn't recommend that. It's more of a fun thing to do. This way you can Ofak, LSB, Raging Bullet in a row. Lots of single target damage and fast but you'll kill your defences without Trucker. If you got ~200 hit you should be ok without Paradigm Shift. I'd swap that to Twist the Knife.
  18. Build requests

    @Khadmon @Waffle_Slayer If you guys need some help with builds and Cir is AWOL let me know and i'll poke something together. @Khadmon your deck looks ok-ish a bit low on single targer, I'd swap one of those abils for Bloodshot and I might consider getting Bloodline + Finish the Movement. Idk how long it's take you to get those two. Might also be a gear balancing issue ie you're too tanky or healy and they cut you down before you can cut them down.
  19. Ad 1) Swap to Blade Torrent Ad 2) It's great when combined with Elemental Force, if you want a single target blade consumer check out Destiny. I'd free up this slot Ad 3) why not 4 Horseman Ad 4) damage is lower then the usual AoE consumer and the heal part is very very low, not worth it, I'd free up the slot Ad 5) Chop Shop, all multi hit attacks suffer an internal hidden negative pen and crit modifier, same as dancing blade - great with EF, otherwise I'd change it to Clearing the Path Ad 6) kay Ad 7) kay Ad 1) kay Ad 2) Swap to Blade Torrent to afflict Ad 3) Swap to Sudden Return, with a better upkeep of minor pen chance this will trigger enough Ad 4) kay Ad 5) This one is just meh, you can use it only once every 30s, swap to iron Maiden for more upkeep Ad 6) You got only 1 passive heal, so this is ok. You may try to swap this to a dps passive like Twist the Knife and get Turn the Tables as an additional heal in actives. Eventually I'd swap this to Leeching Frenzy. Ad 7) kay For the 2 actives you got left I'd probably pick Turn the Tables and Chaotic Pull or Steel Echo. Or if you liked your fast exposed stacking then Discord Rising.
  20. Another solo scenario deck

    I just don't see how you get that much AR. .5 head + 2 .5 major + purp violence + chernobog = 2470AR + pot = 2710AR 3 minor tank at .4 put you at 6284HP without pot.
  21. Another solo scenario deck

    You can try to swap Arterial for Iron Maiden for more dps. Last patch pen was adjusted, so pure pen chance just from the stat doesn't give as much as it used to. IIRC was about 3% less. That's why Iron Maiden was adjusted to give 15% now to previous 10%. Or you can swap Arterial for CIrculation. Or you can swap Steel Echo for Martial Discipline and circulate 2 defensive cooldowns, whenever thirst and eq are down. Or you can ease up on pen and crit, get some block or defense and use Fluid Defense or CCC as your elite passive, throw in a solid aug on your builder. I'm guessing you're .5 all around with 2x purple violence and a purple amelioration. 1 major heal, 2 minor tank, rest dps talis. Swapping one tank minor to a dps with block/def + solid on builder should make you way sturdier and increase your base dps by about 10%? I wasn't able to log in game for a few days now, so I can't check the exact numbers. Any combination of those changes should give you an extra kick.
  22. Another solo scenario deck

    @Vikestat I was always under the impression that procs/not full hit don't count towards leeching frenzy heals. Still 4H will be more damage regardless. I was just thinking of mitigating at least a bit of damage somewhere easily to cut down on that HP in favor of AR.
  23. Another solo scenario deck

    What do you mean? When it comes to the build itself I have very bad luck with builds which miss one single target consumer. Possibly adding Consequence as a single target + minor ward would let you drop the HP anima in favor of AR one? 6k HP is a lot in my experience. What's first to go when you need cleanses?
  24. Seal the Deal [dps] Contortonist [tank] Prisoner of Fate [tank] Reap and Sew [leech] Veteran [leech] Bombardment [dps] Perjury/CleanUp [any role really] Masters House [melee dps] If you don't have those I'd start there. And/Or Cold Blooded, Radiance, Empowerment if you're interested in healing some harder content.