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  1. New Year, New Contest

  2. Letters to Tokyo (Mayahuel's IC Blog Project)

    Still here. Still writing. Thanks to those who have given friendly pokes here and there.
  3. Gamer Food

    Oooh! This sounds great! I'm going to make this recipe substituting venison for the beef and some fresh roasted Hatch green chiles!
  4. Letters to Tokyo (Mayahuel's IC Blog Project)

    Just a quick note to anyone interested that there are several entries more to my IC project. The story is taking shape as I go and meet others. I didn't really have much of a plan (intentionallly), so it's great to see how things develop in a sort of organic way along the journey. Mostly my approach has been to simply RP in game and then incorporate some of the in-game events/interactions into the story. It's so much fun to see who shows up every time I log into the game. I never really thought I'd quote Forrest Gump, but life in TSW really is like a box of chocolates! https://ello.co/mayahuelb And, please, if you are interested in RP or having your character make an appearance in my little world don't hesitate to shoot me a message!
  5. Passives for Build Enhancement

    I'm a very new player and I didn't think this was terrible, but it was hard to follow in some parts. I kind of like the way the abilities were separated because it was easier to see what was what--but the problem is that it still didn't give anyone like me (the noobest of noobiest noobs) any real idea of what I should be doing other than randomly trying out abilities. What I would really love to see as a new player is a SUPER basic explanation for someone who hasn't played any other games before of what all these terms mean....I kill stuff all the time, but I can honestly say I have no clue what the difference is between "afflicted" and "weakened" etc. Maybe I've survived so far on sheer dumb luck or just figuring it out the best I can by trial and error. Oh, and dying. A lot! I have tried to read forums/guides on these things, but I just find them overwhelming and give up, figuring that if I keep playing I'll eventually figure it out. So I'd agree with an introduction to explain more, more explanation of terms, and maybe more emphasis on the abilities that a new player can use at the beginning? If your guide is going to be geared to new players, it doesn't make sense to add in a bunch of info on abilities that a new player would not be able to purchase with AP. Hope this all makes sense. I hesitated to even comment since I'm so not conversant in the language of builds!
  6. The Secret Podcast

    Don't even get me started on the OMG factor on Kyle's death!! I would be happy to help organize an event but I certainly can't do it alone. I'll mail you privately so we can maybe brainstorm some logistics. p.s. OMG!!!! <------Yup, still my reaction over the whole wedding party story.
  7. The Secret Podcast

    I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the RP section, but I just listened to the latest podcast today and there was soooooo much that I was saying, "Yes! That! Yes!" to that I wanted to write some thoughts while they were still semi-coherent in my head. Kle, you made so many great points about the in-game RP being daunting for all the reasons you set out. I am an absolute beginner so I expected a huge learning curve so I have really done my best to research the forums as much as possible. Even after reading until my eyes were crossed, I still feel so timid about doing any sort of in-game RP! My attempts usually go like this: Read about an event, get excited! Decide to go and tell myself THIS will be the time that I'm going to go do some RP in game! I'm ready! I have my little emote prog installed. I've studied the commands. I've read all the etiquette stuff! I've got this!Work up the courage to go to the event, watch from a distance. Decide that I'm still not ready. Walk away.Work up the courage AGAIN to go to the event. Show up on the edges. Try to stand around and look friendlly. Realize that i look like I'm showing all the animation of an AFK while everyone else seems to be doing all sorts of cool stuff.Pull up my list of emotes, try to scroll to find what I want to do, realize that whatever I was looking for is no longer appropriate for what's going on (doh!) so I do nothing.See someone else who is standing around like me. Type a message to them and then before I hit enter worry that I'm somehow supposed to maybe approach them as I would in a normal conversation. Should I get closer to try to talk? What do I do? What if I'm just going to be bothering them? Hit backspace and decide not to send the message. Repeat this process several different times with several different people, without ever beginning a conversation.See people doing dances that I don't have the commands for...open browser to try and find the commands. Where are they?? How do I do more than tap dance? I am so NOT a tap dancer unless I am doing some strange art performance piece. Find commands for macarena, sprinkler, gangam style. Cringe while deciding that even if I'm too much of a coward to speak to anyone, I'm at least going to do these incredibly awkward dances. Watch the guy near the stage doing some cool punkish move that I wish I knew how to do. Continue hitting "/digmusic" every so often until I finally do it. I'm dancing!! It's the macarena to American Woman with no irony whatsoever, but hey! I'm dancing!Dance for a few minutes and then go back to wishing I could figure out how to work up the nerve to approach someone in the game in a natural, comfortable way. Leave and wish there were a way I could find a beginner RP group where I could feel comfortable. Go back to reading forums.OK, please excuse the long-windedness of this post....BUT....my whole point in this is to offer myself up to help organize and/or promote some sort of Absolute Beginner RP event where players could learn the basics of RP and practice in a setting where they wouldn't have to worry about feeling silly. Of course, I'd need some help and guidance from a veteran player or players, but I'm totally down to do this if anyone is interested!
  8. Letters to Tokyo (Mayahuel's IC Blog Project)

    Letter to Tokyo #6 https://ello.co/mayahuelb/post/dlfG1Ah5lvrrk9noHwquJg
  9. Letters to Tokyo (Mayahuel's IC Blog Project)

    Letter to Tokyo #5 https://ello.co/mayahuelb/post/JpZIwmxM40EHaQ5jxR4t2g I'm very pleased with the first real attempt I've made at video editing. It's so much harder than I expected it to be, but as long as I'm learning so many new things in game I figure why not learn some new skills outside of game. It's not perfect, but I'm happy with it and it gave me a chance to feature the music of The Books who sadly are not together anymore. Their music is often considered to be a "collage" and that is what I also hope to create with my blog project--a collage that will tell many small stories that work as a larger whole.
  10. Letters to Tokyo (Mayahuel's IC Blog Project)

    Letters to Tokyo #4 https://ello.co/mayahuelb/post/Pqyj83Tfg0u8BxBUvhP_RA
  11. Letters to Tokyo (Mayahuel's IC Blog Project)

    New blog content. Just bumping it. https://ello.co/mayahuelb
  12. Anniversary Stuff 2015

    Gracias, Auroris!!!
  13. Anniversary Stuff 2015

    Fantastic! Thank you!
  14. Anniversary Stuff 2015

    How do you give/take items from other players in the game? Silly question perhaps, but it's always the easiest things that take me forever to figure out. (And I'd love a pair of Dreamcatcher earrings if you don't mind saving a pair for me until I have something decent to trade!)
  15. Letters to Tokyo (Mayahuel's IC Blog Project)

    More content up on my blog. https://ello.co/mayahuelb