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  1. Blade Runner

    ​While I am just getting started, I understand. I had one of the start builds but even the slow Zombies were killing me. I put all of my AP and slooowwwly build up the "Slayer", which was much better. I am slow working on one of the Elite builds. Otherwise, I have no Idea how to match passive and active AP.
  2. I must say, the other players have been awesome.  People have offered to help in-game.  A few times I was totally lose and seasoned plays directed me to the right spot.  I few said, "I can help you for an hour."  Wow! People are often nice on ESO, but nothing like what I have experienced on TSW.  It really has a community feeling.  It is nice to kill zombies and find helpful games. 

    1. camazotz


      Hey, what else are we gonna do? *shrugs* Yep, we are all cool here in this community..and yep, always willing to help out too.

      Welcome to the Cool Kids Club :D