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    I was stumbling around in Tokyo, trying to kite-leech my way to survival. But then I remembered something. Pistols have a passive for that.... The current version of the build is as follows: Actives: - The Busniess - Bond, Strong Bond - Chop Shop - Wanted - Deadly Aim - Martial Discipline - Stunning Swirl Passives: - Lick Your Wounds - Increased Focus - Running Circles - Coup de Grace - Elemental Force - Regeneration - Rapid Getaway This build was originally based off of the Maverick starter deck, but it didn't quite provide the boosts I was after. The rotation I often use is: Open with [Chop Shop] then immediately start circling your target. Then follow up with 5 uses of [The Business] to build up resources and [Elemental Force] counters. If you are taking on a group of enemies, I recommend using [Wanted]. As this would trigger [Elemental Force] I often say goodbye to my enemy's aegis at this point. However, if you are hindered by some kind of crow control, then always use [Bond, Strong Bond] instead of [Wanted] as it will cleanse the detrimental effect from you.