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  1. This might just be on my end but the "cover photo" does not seem to want to load when you "hover" your mouse over a forum users icon. I just noticed it by accident because it shows the little broken image icon in the top left.
  2. TSW - Beautiful Landscape

    Sleeping Puppy. Location: Next to John Wolf, Savage Coast.
  3. TSW - Beautiful Landscape

    @Lordstarfox I was going to say that the first image points to the third one in the link, but you fixed it already. Great shots!
  4. This ruined my childhood

  5. Firefly vs Game of Thrones

    Never watched Game of Thrones. I guess I should give it a go or perhaps read A Song of Ice and Fire.
  6. TSW - Beautiful Landscape

    You Sir just made a fan. Great shots!
  7. Firefly Fans! Unite!

    I'm so bitter about this. I was extatic when we got a movie out of it after the protests, letters and adverts but the void and sadness of Firely's premature cancellation is still there... And for what... So some stupid reality show could take its place. Burn in hell with Theodore Wicker, Fox and News Corporation. A Browncoat 4life.
  8. Newbie question about roles in TSW...

    Thanks to all for the replies and info on tanking/aggro/roles! There is so much info (on this site), and builds, and items, and rotations, and starter guides and guides on the forum itself, and the list goes on! Head is spinning. P.S. These forums look way better than the official forum.
  9. Newbie question about roles in TSW...

    Well I guess the reason for it is simply that if a DPS makes a mistake the show can still go on (sometimes), but if a tank or healer makes a mistake the situation is more dire.
  10. Newbie question about roles in TSW...

    Thank you! That was quick! Doing damage as a healer, or more damage as a tank sounds great! It's fairly common in MMOs I guess, if the tank dies first it's the healers fault, and if the healer dies first it's the tanks fault, and if god forbid a DPS dies you never hear the end of it.
  11. Hi, two quick newbie questions: 1. Are there more roles than tank, healer and dps (e.g. crowd control) in TSW? 2. Is there any role that is played less/more or is it fairly balanced? Thanks.
  12. Build requests

    Mass production starts here!:
  13. Build requests

    Haha, does this mean that space will be filled with Pink Death Stars?