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  1. Looking for advise on build and gear.

    This really has been a big help, i mean i was already soloing Tokyo so it not like my deck was a fail but this did help refine it a bit. i killed the crit side of passive, replacing Rapid getaway with contortionist, sweetspot with sudden return, advantage me with dark potency, Contaminate with deadly aim (to crit heal if needed) and start & finish with big forty five still no AoE but really after the nerf, i may be better off just taking them down one by one.
  2. Looking for advise on build and gear.

    Wow i been wrong about that for a while then.
  3. Looking for advise on build and gear.

    FTM build resource for your primary weapon, so having blood as my primary would build it up by 2 with Hair trigger. But yeah i'll be trying out so heal gear soon.
  4. Looking for advise on build and gear.

    Thanks, Pclav I was use Expulsion and diamond grit as a semi AoE, reflecting damage from diamond grit back and the explosion from Expulsion, so I'll try adding in a proper one. So i was separating up my attack damage, using gear, and heals, using passive, i'll trying mixing them a bit more. Never used hair trigger before, FTM would allow the use of Bloodshot after every use so i'll give it a try and plus maybe Cleansing Drone. OK so what would a good pistol AoE be, or blood but pistol would due to heavy use of Blood shot? Side note i was missing up dark potency activation with iron maiden so Pen is a much in this build.
  5. Thank you for your time and sorry if this isn't the right area for this. I got most everything figured out, but there two abilities slots i'm not really sure what to do with and i'm not sure which glyph and signet to use so i'll like some outside opinions on it. Information dump My solo build passive circulation iron maiden sweetspot blood sport advantage me Rapid getaway immortal spirit actives Bloodshot Contaminate Expulsion Turn the tables The business start & finish (thinking of replacing with big forty five once i get the AP) win-win aux diamond grit degradation Attack The business as my builder, Bloodsport apply affliction activating both circulation and iron maiden. use Bloodshot after every two shoots to keep Rapid getaway active plus extra affliction due to affliction. once five resources for pistol have been build then i use start & finish/big forty five Defense I use diamond grit at the start for add protection and reflect some damage, after it is gone i active Expulsion and allow my HoT to build back up my health. Turn the tables for a quick heal when needed. General HoT from passives. Gear-wise Head=Heath rest=DPS, as Expulsion is based off it and diamond grit and turn the tables are unaffected by heal rate. Question time. Right now Win-win and Contaminate are doing very little with my build. Win-win allows for the shacking off of some debuff but high cooldown make it a bit useless most of the time as enemy quick reapply them on me and Contaminate bugs healers. So are there any abilities would be a better fit? glyph-wise I'm thinking Boosting crit and pen rating as it will boost damage a bit and keep the passive going. Boosting magical and physical protection, giving me a higher Defense and letting iron maiden and Rapid getaway trigger sweetspot, advantage me, and immortal spirit. Signets-wise With the purple gear from Tokyo and issues 7, plus 6 once i have the money for it, i'm think either boosting attack rating, boosting health, or a mix of both. If you made it this far thanks again for you time and answers.