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  1. Build requests

    Do I need to play 1 and 2 before I play Witcher 3?
  2. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    ate their toenails
  3. A Solo Build

    Hello. I should have logged in here and done this a while ago, but prompt and responsible isn't my thing. So, I was having major trouble in issue 11, saw Ciritty in game, and begged for help. She was awesome nice and made this for me on the fly. The Business Blood Shot Shoot OutOpen VeinDeadly AimDirty TricksSudden ReturnCirculationImmortal SpiritBlood SportTwist the KnifeIron MaidenGross AnatomyThis build is awesome. Single or Double Boss is pretty easy. Mobs can usually be Open Vein'ed/Dirty Tricked to death in a snap. I have a new illuminati character that I got the skills to do this build on, and it didn't take long. Most of the abilities are quick to get. It works great on low level too. Burning through Blue Mountain like the monsters are wimpy! Thank you again for the help Ciritty!