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  1. The Secret Podcast

    Liking the podcast guys
  2. Thank you for Everything

    Do you believe that only the walls will be pink, without you the world would become a single shade of pink. Some people want to watch the world burn. Ciritty wants it to be pink.
  3. Mobile Version

    The text in a quote box is a bit hard to read with being black text on dark grey background.
  4. Introduction Thread

    Aloha everyone, so I've been playing within The Secret World for over two years now and had every intention of playing before then but, rig at the time couldn't handle it. Been meaning to register on the Sanctuary forums before and now it's even better with TSWDB Role playing within the TSW world is a treat and in game you may know me by some of my characters, Zoe Yamada, Marli Anderson or Allison Carpenter. I also admin thelowerworld.com
  5. New forums!

    Late in the welcoming party Looks great you guys.
  6. Operation: Hidden Dragon

    An awesome and player generated plot that is taking place on TLW forums and Twitter. Plenty of time and ways that anyone can join in on. Operation: Hidden Dragon, at The Lower World.