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  1. Kaidan Build

    Well thank you Pclav... that's what I was hoping to find out. I have also dropped Cold Blooded for Cardiac Arrest... I normally sidestep using the mouse, so the whole targeting behind thing never bothered me. My Hit Rating was around 250-300, not so great, but I had 400 penetration which offset it. I still didn't glance that often, so I never bothered to pump up hit rating. I don't care for Turn the Tables, I used it for a long time, but it doesn't seem to heal enough. Martial Discipline, with a single Heal Talisman will heal me 50-75%, which seemed worth it. In regards to clearing the path, it was a PBAoE, which is why I chose Lotus over it. I found getting point blank to anything in Tokyo to be detrimental to my health. So my Healing Rate was around 600-Hit Rate was 250-300-Health around 3500. I did end up taking out some of the healing passives as well, Anyways, after more tinkering and having a decent hit rate of 400, penetration rate of 400, and Healing rate of around, again 400, I used the following build and found it to work well against single targets and multiple targets.. Active AbilitiesOpen VeinFive Petal LotusBloodshotExsanguinateInfectionMartial DisciplineCardiac Arrest Passive AbilitiesImmortal SpiritBloodsportOne in the ChamberElemental ForceRegenerationMind Over MatterGross Anatomy Again, this will provide a boost in survival, but also required me to have better starting stats. I suggest that people use green hit rating and penetration rating glyphs to boost blue and epic talismans if they have boosts to other stats. If you're hesitant, then you can take the hit to damage for awhile til you find some epic talismans with epic glyphs with hit and penetration (I did). Sorry if I came across a bit flustered, but people keep telling me to change things, but never seemed to have tried anything out. Thanks for taking the time to try the build and I appreciate your feedback.
  2. Kaidan Build

    Pclav I appreciate that you have suggestions, but have you actually tried them out on the build? This build actually worked for me. This isn't a hypothetical build I threw together and posted. I've heard other people complain about survival builds that they've tried, that just didn't work for them, so I thought I'd share what worked for me. I'm sorry if it doesn't fall into the narrow constraints of what's been deemed to be "the right choice". I am just posting what works. Does it have a lot of healing passives? Yes. Why? Because people who have just made it to Kaidan may require more healing than someone who's done his share of Nightmare dungeons. This is not for the player who's been playing since 2012 had done a 100 Nightmare Dungeons, this is for the person who hasn't been playing long and is struggling in Tokyo. It's meant to compensate for poor gear. It's meant for someone who is working on getting good glyphs. I think that might be where you are misunderstanding the purpose of the build. For those who've tried it, I wouldn't mind feedback on whether it worked for you, or if you found some abilities that made it better.
  3. Kaidan Build

    I was doing some theory craft and I took out Cold Blooded, Sanguineous, and Gross Anatomy and replaced them with Rapid Getaway, Running Circles, and Cardiac Arrest. I'm going to check it out when I get home later on.
  4. Kaidan Build

    Hi Pclav, This is meant for someone starting out without the best of gear, so I sacrificed some things so you could survive with just one 1.0 Aegis controllers and not a lot of Skill Points in AEGIS. If I know I need something to break crowd control, I take Sleight of Hand or Transfuse and Abuse. At one point I had Iron Maiden and Sudden Return in, but there wasn't enough passive healing, so I took them out for that reason. Again as you gear up you can switch things out. I'm sure I'll tinker with this a bit to fine tune it for the gear I have now, but it works so well I haven't really messed with it too much. The rotation I normally use is Open Vein-Open Vein-Open Vein-Open Vein-Open Vein-Bloodshot-Bloodshot-Bloodshot-Five Petal Lotus (once I can damage shields with Blade). I save Anesthesia for those times a boss drops an AOE I can't get away from. Again this is a kiting build and assumes you'll be constantly moving. With that in mind the one passive you should include when you get some gear is Running Circles. Rapid Getaway is nice as well. As far as stats, when I first started using this build they weren't that high. Your main focuses should be getting Penetration to around 400 and Hit Rating there as well. To be honest my Hit Rating was only around 125 and I did fine. The passives also assume you need help in that regard. I'm going to try some of your suggestions when I get a chance, if you have a chance ahead of time, let me know how it works. (I've gotten 2,000 crits with QL10 rare gear using elemental force, which is one reason I kept it. Zenren
  5. Kaidan Build

    When I first got to Kaidan I struggled to make it through the content. I was in mostly QL 10 rare gear and my stats weren't so great. In order to make it through I had to come up with a build that had good heals and also did consistent damage, this is what I came up with... Weapons- Blades/Blood Magic Active Abilities Open VeinBloodshotGuts and GoryAnaesthesiaCold BloodedMartial DisciplineFive Petal LotusPassive Abilities CirculationBloodsportSanguineousElemental ForceRegenerationAdvantage MeGross AnatomyRotation If you're first arriving in Kaidan you will most likely only have one AEGIS controller. If this is the case, then you should have that controller on your blood weapon and be spamming Open Vein til you have five resources in Blood, then hitting with Bloodshot for single targets or Guts and Gory for multiple targets. If you are stuck and can't get out of an enemies attack AOE, then hit him with Anaesthesia, that will give you time to escape. If you start to take a lot of damage you can hit Martial Discipline and regenerate some health quickly. If that's down and you still need a heal, Cold Blooded is there for those SNAFU moments. After you have destroyed your targets AEGIS, you have Five Petal Lotus to help out a bit with AOE and single target DPS. Switching Out Abilities I tried multiple configurations of this build and found some abilities are worth trading in certain circumstances. If I know I'm coming up to a boss, I will switch out Guts and Gory for Exsanguinate depending on how hard they are. I will also periodically remove Gross Anatomy and replace it with Contortionist if I know the Targets I'll be facing have a lot of impairs or hinders. All in all, 99% of the time I don't have to change anything. I've made it through issues 9 and 10 with very few deaths using this build. Like all builds the better you're equipment, the better your chances of survival, however this build is built specifically for someone who has just arrived and doesn't have a lot of gear or abilities. I have consistently taken out red dot targets and I can tell you I'm not the most agile player, so this build works. Thing to keep in mind! Movement is key to survival. Be ready to kite your targets with this build. Although it has two heals, they are on timers, so you can't sit there and allow the enemy to hit you, movement is required in almost every case. Don't stand still unless you have to. I am always moving unless I have little space or I know the enemy well enough to understand what they cast. Again movement is the key, especially when you don't have a lot of gear. Questions Feel free to leave questions or suggestions. Even better, if you try this build out and find a way to tweak it, let me know and I'll switch it out in the original build. This is, after all, an attempt to help others so they don't have to go through the frustration I did (RAGE! RAGE! RAGE!) when I first got to Kaidan. Remember this is for the person who's arriving with minimal gear, so if you're practicing with it, throw on some blues if you have them.