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  1. Wendigo

    Ever since my first encounter with the Wendigo in the mists of the Whispering Woods (and subsequent lore research) I have been intending to create a video of the various Wendigo sightings recorded caught on tape.. the lost and found footage from across the globe. Although Wendigo origins locate to North America, sightings seem to be no longer limited by geography, needing only the presence of humans.. and dark places. ...but, do you tell the difference between a supernatural being and a person raised by foxes? https://youtu.be/-poHjjZmBqU "More sickness than species, the Wendigo have endured, solitary, in the last wildernesses. Their accursed metabolism is a torture: however much they consume, they can never be sated. As the craving for flesh grows, so does their desperation, driving them further out of their habitual hunting grounds in search of prey."
  2. What music are you listening to?

    Some great music videos here. I love music video. I'm currently re-listening to Melissonomoi's playlist, and thought i'd include - Gnarls Barkley's 'Going On' because, if you're like me you tend to just listen to the music videos, so the text at the start is easily missed. "A group of friends celebrate their discovery of a portal to another dimension. Led by their fearless young leader, they travel to the sacred destination.What lies on the other side no one knows..."
  3. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    known bee deities
  4. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    I do have some memories of some C-64 game moments, such as defeating the marshmallow man in Ghostbusters and running the gauntlet in Aztec Challenge, but they are vague. A more vivid, semi-recent and much more memorable moment in gaming for me is in the Secret World, back in 2013, during the final guardian fight of the 1st Anniversary, located in the centre of Fusang Projects. Having spent considerable time running guerrilla attacks against enemy anima wells I found the introduction of an Event boss in the centre of the warzone a delightful addition. The Guardian of Lunar Metal, Strife, was a rarer spawn than other Guardians, and being restricted to only one of the two battlegroups made such a fight rarer still. However in the final fight, the central courtyard of Fusang was packed. True to its name the Guardian of Strife caused immense chaos with its attacks and leech abilities. Assault rifle healers tried to heal tanks of their own faction rather than actually leeching from the main tanks of alternate factions, and those with damaging area attacks realised they were killing off 'friendlies' more than hurting their intended golem. There were additional skirmishes to the outskirts, and to the sides, as predator players chose to pick off enemy combatants whose attention was preoccupied. People were all over the place. It was a riot. As the giant silver gollem stomped around the central architecture; weaving amongst arches, through doorways, along platforms, up and down stairs in pursuit of its newest target, people scattered to avoid its gigantic legs and massive area attacks. Sometimes outrunning a blast was simply not possible, or attempts at retreat obstructed, and your own life was taken and added to that of Strife. Due to Strifes enormous size, ranged fighters could still acquire lines of sight safely from lower levels, or from balconies. And small groups could cluster behind concrete barriers and brick walls for protected assaults. But Strife was always mobile, and gained ground was surrendered far more often than secured. Amidst the chaos one might find oneself cutoff from the main fight (such as during a retreat to a lower level). At such times you could find frightened individuals or small groups huddled for safety in the dark - waiting for the terror to end as Strife still rampaged above.
  5. #IAMTSW

    Hopefully all the blue gear in my vid didn't hurt your eyes, but I did splice frames of pornography throughout, and perhaps the best way to appreciate the colour pink is to first acknowledge the absence of it.
  6. TSW - Beautiful Landscape

    Scaling this side of Lo Sanctuairo can provide panoramic vistas from The Breach to the The Necropolis.