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  1. DA, BS & SF Exceptions & Conflicts

    Oh, wow, this is good to know! (Not to mention a huge relief for some.) Thank you, Lordstarfox for following up with this investigation.
  2. DA, BS & SF Exceptions & Conflicts

    Okay, sounds good. I can just coordinate with the people who have BS, DABS, and SF then. Thanks
  3. DA, BS & SF Exceptions & Conflicts

    Okay, so this is not an error then. It's automatic whether I'm in team or not when I use DA. Does this then prevent other passives from working while it is the "Uncalibrated" is on? Just like Lordstarfox mentioned, are there passives or even augments (That will be the next step) being overwritten over another one bug-wise? So as operations go, if I'm on a team with another DA/BS, I'm to keep an eye when that "Uncalibrated" disappears. That way, if someone popped DA at the beginning of the fight, and after it times out and fighting, I can then pop mine with little interruption and also keep an eye out for BS as that as well. The dungeons I have had a chance to run with on my main (who has not any of these), I haven't heard an order being discussed in team dynamics (Sort of like Fellowship manoeuvers in LOTRO) on who presses what and when? All I know is that when I hit DA now before using Big 45 & Clusterstruck I get nice numbers for my gear now and DA reloading after a minute seems too long. I'll remember to keep those two handy when someone else's DA goes off. Thanks so much, guys! I'll be able to guinea pig with my game partner on Tuesday but I took her out already this morning to see how long she would live against the vampire in "Ashes to Ashes" solo and she took him down easily.
  4. DA, BS & SF Exceptions & Conflicts

    ‚ÄčThat must be it with my other build because I have "Guts and Glory" and I get the BS's "You cannot receive the Breaching Shot Effect"
  5. DA, BS & SF Exceptions & Conflicts

    Well, in my case, this is the deck I'm working on. Actives Win-Win | Reap and Sew | Anima Burst | Transfuse Anima | Gun Fu | Deadly Aim | Big Forty Five Aux: Clusterstruck Passives Bloodsport | Closer | Mad Skills | Calling the Shots | Insult to Injury | Eagle Eye | Veteran Aux: Warhead So, whenever I press DA, I get two icons, one the DA counting down from 10 and then the other is "Uncalibrated" with a countdown from 60 sec (which is strange because Insult to Injury is supposed to shave 30 seconds off but underneath it says "You cannot receive the Deadly Aim Effect". Now, I've read up on "Uncalibrated" and I did find a post from 2013 but more or less it said it was working as intended but no one talked about this error specifically. Edit: (Oh, and initially when I wrote the OP, I didn't have Mad Skills in the WIP but I'm still having the same error anyway now that I've added it. I don't think it's the culprit.)
  6. While reworking with an AR/Pistol build as my alt is going to Carpathian Fangs and starting to do Elite dungeons soon, I noticed an odd effect when I was testing it. I kept getting an error message every time I activated DA. Now, firstly I thought it was conflicting with another active ability but even if I was not in combat and activated it, I still kept getting the notice that I could not use DA so it must be one of my passives but I don't know which one. I'll have to remove each one to find out which passive is the culprit but it reminded while I run with my chaos/blood with another character on dungeons that she doesn't get the benefit of someone's BS (Pun unintended). So, as having one or more as these three as a must-have ability (Deadly Aim, Breaching Shot, and Short Fuse) on any dungeon team, what passives should be avoided so that as a team member, one can benefit from these active abilities? Secondly, if you are activating it but the conflicting passive is a must, even though you're the one who's getting the error, will it still work for the other team members at least? Finally, do you think it would be advisable to include a list of exceptions under the descriptions of these three abilities? Oh, and please be gentle, this is my first post here. Thanks!