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  1. Leech+Hammer build

    TTK is a nobrainer - didnt realize it wasnt in his build. The passives are Lethality, Experience, TTK, Eagle Eye, IM, EF, Brawler - and StD will only be viable if you use ambrosias since Experience also buffs the second TA. In fights that last under 10 seconds or slightly longer AND if you use ambrosia you are right - then StD is better by a short margin when paired with Closer. But if the fight isn't finished then you loose dps. Crit is totally irrelevant for this build though. If the fight lasts much longer longer you will get better dps with Double BS rotations or even Fist builds because of the added Damage through the reckless buff. I get better results on Ur-Draug with Hammer though. I don't see the point taking StD+Closer any more: You loose a ton of healing that may be important on some bosses but only get a really tiny dps-boost on some bosses and only in a group constellation where everybody knows what he is doing or if your burning Ambrosia. With Experience+Eagle Eye you increase your healing dramatically and can maybe even heal 200 evade "fun-tanks" through SH6 and Urdraug in random groups while out-dpsing some of the DPS. Just use a "hard healing rotation" with (AS-L&L-Energise-TA-ASx5-TA-MS-MS-ASx5-TA) in the beginning with the MS's after TA to keep the tank topped and it should be ok.
  2. Leech+Hammer build

    I posted a hammer-leech deck for tswdb that can and will out-dps people a lot in short fights like Polaris 1,2,5 HE 1, DW1,4, SH1,2,3,5. I can't update or comment it though and PMs to admins here won't help either: Nice to encounter another Hammerleechlover! I am running Hammerleech for a long time quite effectively (11k dps on Pol1+2, even more on Pol5 is possible) and out-dps even good procc-based builds at least once per evening running 30s :). Suggestions: You have to always do 5 builders first or you will not get the buff benefits for your double MS so using MS in the beginning costs a lot of dps. You only need RaS in HE so use Do or Die instead to get a massive DPS Increase. Smash also will do less dps than AS when using experience instead of Seal the Deal. Also I get equal DPS results running Experience+Eagle Eye or Seal the deal+closer. Using Smash as builder will help with an additional full Momentum MS but you can also achieve this by using full momentum after resetting Elemental Force at the end of a fight. It should be ready again at the beginning of the next fight and by using AS as a builder you keep the momentum stacks. Lethality will always do more dps than closer. In HR only switch lethaltiy for accuracy. You also need 650 hit to get the best results anyways. With the ASx5-DoD-MSx2-Energise-TA-Chainsaw-Lock&Load-TA rotation you will get maximum DPS - if the fight is over with you EF TA you will most certainly do more dps than Pistol/Shotgun, Hammer/Sword or Fist/Sword builds since they will not have finished their first rotation xD. Healing with high-end-gear will be sufficient in all fights this way. SH6 with squishy tanks can be a challenge though.
  3. TSW Database Build Submissions

    Leech Pistol (Beginner Leech Deck) VDM%-%6837251%-%6942510%-%6377895%-%6377941%-%6942501%-%6813204%-%6815266%-%7760095%-%6378211%-%6378206%-%7080596%-%6839136%-%6943080%-%6861866%-%6307518%-%7760093%-%8260145%-%undefined%-%8260158%-%8259974%-%undefined%-%8260013%-%8260111 This is a beginner friendly Leech build intended to do maximum healing in harder fights like Ur-Draug by providing a lot of cooldowns. Should work with Drop Rifles and a major and minor heal talisman if the Tank is resilient enough. Suggested Rotation: Anima Shot x7 -> Transfuse Anima Recommended Stats: 2500 Attack Rating 1000 Heal Rating 650 Hit 600 Pen 250 Crit Situational Abilities: Anima Vessel If group Damage is high use Anima Vessel (better than Veteran) Win-Win Adequate Group Heal with Cleanse, equip if nobody else wants to How it works: Just spam Anima Shot and use Transfuse Anima on Elemental Force. Use heavy Healing Rotation if the Tank drops hard or on every 2nd rotation for more dps and heal, alternate Cooldowns to improve healing. Normal Rotation: Anima Shot x7 (use Energise after 5 Builders) Transfuse Anima (on Elemental Force) Heavy Healing Rotation: Anima Shot Lock&Load Anima Shot x5 Transfuse Anima (on Elemental Force) SignetsHead: Laceration Major: Violence, Amelioration Minor: Execution, Thirst Assault Rifle: Abuse / Breaching Fist Focus: Aggression / Breaching
  4. TSW Database Build Submissions

    Leech Fist VDM%-%6837251%-%6942572%-%6377895%-%6377941%-%6942579%-%6813204%-%7494892%-%7953242%-%6378211%-%6943080%-%7080596%-%6839136%-%6307518%-%6378206%-%6368910%-%7953647%-%8260145%-%8260162%-%8260158%-%8259992%-%8260008%-%8260010%-%8259974 This is my standard Leech Deck. It's best for all around Leeching since you can provide maximum healing as well as hight damage in short and long fights and it can be adjusted for nearly any fight with minimum Effort. Suggested Rotation: Anima Shot x6 - Tear 'em Up - Transfuse Anima - Timber Suggested Stats: 3600 Attack Rating 600 Heal Rating 650 Hit 800 Pen 300 Crit Power 300 Crit Rating I use Crit Rating on weapons. For more heal use an additional minor heal talisman. Situational Abilities: Fired Up Useful if you need additional Group Healing (Machine Tyrant using Perjury or Slaughterhouse Endboss) Anima Vessel Exchange Lock&Load for Anima Vessel when group damage or shields are expected (Hell Raised Boss 1 and 5, Hell Eternal). It works better against shields than Reap and Sew because it doesn't heal your defensive target. Reap and Sew Use if you can't stand and trade using Do or Die and need some additional heal. Also use if the target has shields because Anima Vessel will not last long enough. Death from Above Use when Melee isn't viable and you have to relocate very often (Machine Tyrant) Dragon's Breath Use when you need to assist AoE Damage or if there are dangerous Add Phases (Flamethrower on Elemental Force using Reap and Sew) How it Works: Tear 'em Up can be used in the buff phase (or phases using Ambrosia) to provide a significant dps boost. Reckless will help your dps and heal even more, use on cooldown. If your Tank is in danger to die save Lock&Load for a "heavy heal rotation". Use Timber and buffs on CD in longer fights. Anima Shot x5 Reckless Tear 'em Up Timber Energise Transfuse Anima (on elemental Force) Anima Shot Lock&Load Transfuse Anima Anima Shot x5 Transfuse Anima (on elemental Force) SignetsHead: Laceration Major: Violence Minor: Execution, Thirst Assault Rifle: Abuse / Breaching Fist Focus: Aggression / Breaching
  5. TSW Database Build Submissions

    Hey! I am missing nightmare viable leech decks so i'd like to post the 2 most used DPS leech decks and one "safety" deck --- First: Hammer Leech VDM%-%6837251%-%6837799%-%6377895%-%6377941%-%6838807%-%6813204%-%7494892%-%7953242%-%6378211%-%6943080%-%7080596%-%6839136%-%6307518%-%6378206%-%6368910%-%7953647%-%8260145%-%8260155%-%8260158%-%8260008%-%8259992%-%8260010%-%8259974 This is a "burn it fast" - Leech deck with a lot of high hits for fast runs. Only usable with experienced groups, full group buff setup and is most effective in very short fights. Suggested Rotation: Anima Shot x5 -> Molten Steel -> Molten Steel -> Transfuse Anima -> Timber ->Transfuse Anima If incoming DMG is light you can use the second Molten Steel with Full Momentum on Elemental Force and Slot Seel the Deal and Closer instead of Eagle Eye and Experience Recommended Stats: 3600 Attack Rating 600 Heal Rating 650 Hit 800 Pen 600 Crit Power You won't need much Crit Rating because you will have buffs most of the time so Laceration and Equilibrium will Procc nonetheless. Coney Island Band is seriously recommended. Situational Abilities: None - it's meant to burn a boss fast and it does exactly that. If it lives longer than 2 rotations this build is most certainly inferior to Fist-Leech. Not recommended against Lustrehunter (Hell Eternal 2) because you will probably kill yourself with over 40k hits. How it works: For maximum Effect cast Full Momentum when running to the fight so that it's ready to use when the fight starts but you have 5 Momentum Stacks going in. Use Stims running in (if the fight lasts longer than 20 seconds this is probably not the Build you want to use) and cast Energise with Do or Die after 5 builders: Anima Shot x5 Energise Do or Die Molten Steel Full Momentum Molten Steel Transfuse Anima (on Elemental Force) Timber Lock&Load Transfuse Anima If the Fight lasts longer fling in Full Momentum + Molten Steel, a (Anima Shot - Lock&Load - Transfuse Anima Anima Shot x5 - Transfuse Anima (on EF) Rotation or Timber whenever they are ready. If you want to take it to the extreme replace Experience and Eagle Eye as mentioned before and use Ambrosia for even greater Effect (this will heal even less so use only when tank gear and fight allow it): Anima Shot x5 Energise Do or Die Molten Steel Transfuse Anima Full Momentum Molten Steel (on Elemental Force) Hammer ambrosia Molten Steel Timber Lock&Load Transfuse Anima Doing it corectly will almost certainly out-dps your DPS Commerades if some of your Molten Steels CritPen and the Boss dies after your First Rotation. SignetsHead: Laceration Major: Violence Minor: Execution Assault Rifle: Abuse / Breaching Hammer Focus: Aggression / Breaching