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  1. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    Thanks for all your advice. I got a full set of controllers now and got 1 up to 1.1 which isn't that huge of a deal, but it is progress. Also with Circulation I'm finding the difficulty has leveled out a good bit, and Kaidan is a lot less frustrating then it was when I first got there.
  2. 10.x gear after i12.

    Oh ok. So then I'll never see them unless I run NM dungeons. Ok thanks.
  3. 10.x gear after i12.

    Ok, I'm not quite to this point yet, just started Kaidan the other day and it's starting to smooth out a bit now... But I do have 4 10.1 talismans and a couple 10.1 weapons. I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to upgrade them when the time comes. I think I'm ok with 10.1 stuff right now, and need to upgrade my AEGIS stuff. But I may find myself with extra BB's and want to make sure I know what I'm doing so I don't waste any like I did last night buying Biohazard containers. At least I think I made a mistake. I bought 2 and opened them both, but as far as I could tell I got no research for either of them I did get some AEGIS items, like a mod and a cap. As I understand it you have to fill the container with xp then open it? Anyway, I have blue glyphs in my 10.1 stuff. The only way to get custom purple glyphs is to make them yourself, correct? To do that you would either need to buy or get in a drop a purple glyph toolkit. That or get 10 green and upgrade them to blue, then 10 blue and upgrade that to purple. Correct? Once I do that, then I can start buying upgrade kits for BB's at my faction HQ and upgrade the glyph in my talisman to 10.2 and up, I can also buy kits that will upgrade the talisman to 10.2 and beyond at the same place also for BB's. That all correct? Or am I missing something? I've searched for answers, but most stuff I've found is at least somewhat outdated because i12 changed so much.
  4. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    Thanks I'll see about fixing my pen and grind a controller so I can get some extra gear.
  5. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    Ok have a few more questions. I'm in Kaidan and I'm having some issues. Part of it could be my build, and I'm going to try the Tokyo Survival Build, and see if that works better. My builds worked fine in Transylvania but I know Kaidan is different. I can kill most stuff, but a boss is tricky and may or may not kill it. I have 2 questions. 1) I rely on Immortal Spirit for healing but it seems like it doesn't proc often. Does it not proc against something with shields? Or is it just that my pen rating is too low? It's 414 I think. I could improve that with a new glyph if that's the issue. 2) AEGIS gear. I have 4 basic controllers now, and I know that means they're effectively QL0. I need to get them to .1 or higher to use most of the capacitors or enh mod's. I looked on the AH and there's no QL0 items for sale. If I get 1 controller to 1.1 will that let me slot in some gear or do I need to get all my controllers to 1.1 before I can start using QL1 gear?
  6. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    FWIW... I got my first Augment last night. Had the 30sp and 115ap, and I'm only part way though the 2nd Further Analysis mission, so still got a little ways to go before I hit Tokyo. I got the one that improves my AR, so that should help make Tokyo a bit easier as well.
  7. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    Cool thanks I'll see how it goes when I get there and adjust as needed.
  8. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    Thanks, I actually updated my stats a bit. Got the i8 10.1 belt and picked the one with HP's and put a hit on it. So my hit is 360, but my attack and pen went down slightly. That's fine, I don't use much leech heal. Are augs worth picking up before Tokyo? I have 2 aug items, the accuracy and healing ones. But as I understand it, and please correct me if I'm wrong. To slot a aug such as the accuracy one. I'd need to spend 30sp to get skill level 1 for damage then I need the item, I also need 115ap to harmonize it to unlock the augment itself so I can slot it in one of my powers. That all correct? So I'd need 60sp and 230ap to unlock the two augments I have items for? Because if that's true, and as I understand it AEGIS also require SP I'm kinda stuck either picking one or the other... Or else 'grinding' enough SP to pay for a augment and bank some for AEGIS. I have the 4 Further Analysis missions to do so banking some SP may be possible. I'm thinking I'll do those before I go to Tokyo anyway. Also is there other scenario types other then the find and preserve ones? Because I did one, and to be honest didn't find it all that enjoyable.
  9. Stat requirements for Tokyo

    Ok, I have 2 10.1 items now, a head and neck that I got from finishing Issue 6 and 7. So that means I'll have 3 going into Tokyo. I'll try it and see what I think. Thanks for the info. I have like 5 or 6 builds I use now, I think one of them should work. Is the in game info about AEGIS good enough or should I look for a guide for that? Also is there other ways then the scenarios to get stuff for Augments? I know you can buy some stuff on the AH. But does stuff also drop in Tokyo?
  10. I just got to Venice, in fact I got as far as taking the mission at the console, then logged off for the night. I was curious about a couple things. Right now I have the purple gear from finishing Issue 5, 6 and 7. 1) Is there any value in staying there long enough to buy the stuff they have for sale? I know that Issue 12 is going to change things, and I would be able to use BB's to buy stuff there. Or is that stuff that would get replaced when I get to Tokyo? 2) What stats would you recommend for Tokyo? Right now I have I think 1400 attack, 300 hit, and 440 pen. Is that enough or will Tokyo be too much for me? If not then sticking around to get some of that purple gear may be wise. I had no real issues with killing things in issue 5 though 7.
  11. Anyone else ever notice how Queen's "Princes of the Universe" could be the theme song to our characters?

  12. Vanica's IC Blog

    Got another post up today. Hopefully can get a 2nd one up yet this week as well.
  13. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    For me it was the first time I saw the Kronos Titan in City of Heroes. I played that game as a duo a lot, and we were in Peregrin Island, and I said something like 'it should be here any moment...' when my friend said 'turn around.' It was behind me, so everyone in the group but me saw it. A few other CoH moments, because that was my first MMO and your first always is special... I got a new power, shortly after I3 or 4 went live, and I was going show it to my friend. I was playing a Stone/Stone tank Stonehenge and he was playing a elec/elec blaster Open-Circuit. We were in a cave and I said 'hey Open watch this' and went to trigger the power. At that same moment a group of Circle of Thorn demons rushed into the first room and attacked us. So from his PoV it looked like I had summoned it. The others were two of the greatest mistells ever. My SG was talking about movies and playing 'name that movie' from quotes, and rewarding people geek points. At the same time Open was doing something and needed some cash. He asked me how much I had, and if I could lone him some. I responded to the SG chan rather then a tell that I had over 5 million, so it was cool. The leader of our supergroup said 'wow that's a lot of geek points'. The other was when a SG mate sent the following MT to the SG chat so it really came out of nowhere. "So when you lamp-shaded me it had sexual contentions" Which needless to say was a huge WTF/LOL moment.
  14. Stats question.

    First off, thanks to everyone for all the help so far. Being part of this community has really improved my experience in TSW. I'm about to head into the The Shadowy Forest and I was wondering what stats I should shoot for. The Farmlands have gone pretty well all in all, so maybe my stats are good. But I was thinking I might try to tweak them a bit and see I can't get them a bit better. I may have more Hit then I really need or something, but I'm not sure how much I should have so it's hard to say for sure.
  15. Nightmare missions in Transylvania

    Thanks I'll keep that in mind next Nightmare mission I do. I know there's at least one more at the windmill that i'll be trying at some point.