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  1. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    Ahhhhhhhh and I MISSED IT *shakes fist angrily at the sky* I tried logging back in but it wouldn't let me hope you guys didn't have problems with me missing/less fragments available! ​
  2. Zone Abbreviations

    ​Glad it helped! Do you have an example for the "text speak"? I'm sure we can help you figure that out as well!
  3. *starts singing Happy Birthday to herself*

    Only three more years til I'm a quarter-Centenarian ;D

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    2. kuro


      Happy birthday! :D

    3. Ciritty


      omgHappybelated Birthday!

    4. Liseran


      Awww thank you Kuro, thank you Ciri <3 <3


      And I completely agree cama xD

  4. Room 33 [Random Chat Topic]

    ​What's up with that guy standing there? I mean, there's a friggin' fire tornado RIGHT THERE (not to mention the burning field) and he's like "ohhh, nice and warm. I'm gonna stand here and look pretty for the camera!"
  5. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    which in turn
  6. What music are you listening to?

    Yeah it is^^ And I'm glad you like it Kiernon! Still not sure if I like Lykke Li or not, but this song is pretty nice IMO.
  7. What music are you listening to?

    A friend brought this to my attention. I love it <3
  8. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    and is startled ( D: Also: the story so far is strangely epic lol)
  9. Lost & Found

    I can't access the game due to some circumstances (see my current status for that ), but I have a couple T-shirts and golden weapon skins from the Golden Week if anyone would like them. Pistol, Blood, Blade and Assault Rifle, if I remember that right. Oh, and also 3 or 4 of those purple velour suits. If you're interested in any of that, send me a PM here and I'll send it to you via Mail the next time I'm in-game
  10. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    Pink Pony Empire
  11. If anyone's wondering why I haven't been in-game lately....I've moved and have yet to install TSW on my laptop. Or at least attempt to xD

    Anyway, you'll probably only catch me here or on my Twitter for the next couple weeks until I settled into my new routine, that is, if you need me :)

    Hope to see you soon!

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    2. kuro


      I'll bring marshmallows!

    3. Liseran


      Awwww you guys are adorable <3

    4. camazotz


      adoreable? me? who told you? im al spikes and gnashing teeth....im ^_^aww shucks, im adoreable.

      ya big dork :P


  12. Lost & Found

    Best. Idea. EVER! I would totally use that skin, even though I haven't played with hammers a lot yet.
  13. Pink forum Fashion Event!

    ​Congrats Insein And yay, I can buy MORE CLOTHES *froths at the mouth*
  14. Lost & Found

    ​Yep. I carry around a left sock and a right sock since December (they were drops during the Winter Holidays from a special mob called Krampus. They're ugly though.) just because I can and there are also some socks from this year's Valentines bags. But, as Kuro already said, you can't wear shoes over them.
  15. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    with no exceptions