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  1. Another solo scenario deck

    Yah you are right sorry don't know what i was thinking i have 2 minor tank not 3 , the third minor one is AR also that's why i use HP pot
  2. Another solo scenario deck

    Im not full .5 only a part of them . I have 3 minor tank : with Ablation, Thirst, Equilibrium on them. 1 Major Heal with purple amelioration. 2 Major Attack with purple fake violence (117 ar),Head attack purple laceration I have no def stats dont know if this is a mistake or not . My stats are Penetration 898 , Hit 328, CP 280 , Crit 919 , HealRating 853 (Major .5 + Purple Amelioration), 3023 Ar. Also just got CIB im thinking if i should fit it or not in my spec
  3. Another solo scenario deck

    Also as im using it for scenario elite grp i dont see how i can go with less than 6k hp . If anyone can advice please do
  4. Another solo scenario deck

    Lately in castle i never got more than 4 survivors in main center chamber (the most easiest to defend) more often are 3 which is a bit too low considering the total number(18) of survivors in castle.
  5. Hello, This is my scenario spec currently i do only group elite scenario so i don't know how it will work for others. My success rate is around 80%-90% (Castle is a pain now) so i'm open to advises . I used Blade\Ele in the past but seemed too low on DPS after AOE nerf. I use Chaos as 2nd weapon because of Karma and Domino Effect. I took Karma to ensure max uptime for Leeching Frenzy and Domino to have an impair.Overall it works ok for me. I still have a lot of headache with Castle due to the reduced number of survivors in central room. Stats : Penetration 898 , Hit 328, CP 280 , Crit 919 , HealRating 853 (Major .5 + Purple Amelioration), 3023 Ar penetration on Blade, crit on Chaos Laceration -> Head, Breach -> Blade , Equilibrium| Thirst| Ablation -> Minor Taly Crit Potion + Health Pure Anima (6k HP) Check attached picture for augments VDM%-%5779785%-%7080580%-%7080759%-%6388427%-%7080574%-%7094287%-%6389397%-%7760118%-%6852644%-%5777459%-%7094290%-%6942580%-%6956323%-%7080605%-%6943095%-%7760093