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  1. Anniversary Stuff 2015

    Giving away: Large woolen scarf, creme x3 Large woolen scarf, brown x4 Large woolen scarf, green plaid Large woolen scarf, dark blue plaid Beaded dreamcatcher necklace x3 Drop beads necklace, turqoise x2 Leather beaded wristwrap, turqoise x3 Dreamcatcher earrings x4 Woven headband, red x2 Woven headband, purple Woven headband, green The Love Generation - Linen shirt / Collared cardigan Need: Mythos machine
  2. Looking for more advice Chaos/Blade

    TtT heal is just so incredibly low and the CD is so incredibly long it's not really worth it other than at low qls compared to what else you could use for healing/defensive measures... Hehe... I know... Don't get me wrong, basicly just wanted to point out Karma isn't as bad as people often point out in a chaos/blade solo deck due to missing alternatives...
  3. Looking for more advice Chaos/Blade

    Meeh... I prefer having 2... Most if not all of my solo builds do 1 builder, 2 aoe consumers, 1 singletarget consumer, 3 whatever stuffz, just makes killing packs so much more efficient... Basicly things like chaotic pull is never needed while soloing and the damage on it is terrible, turn the tables is a complete waste of a active if you're above ql 3, steel echo is debateable I'll give you that one...
  4. Looking for more advice Chaos/Blade

    What other Chaos AOE consumer would you use? There's basicly no alternative and the damage really isn't that bad... The heal is definitely neglectable but nah it ain't that bad at all, especially for soloing vs. having only AOE consumer for 1 weapon...
  5. The Secret Podcast

    hihihihihihhi psy said dodo!
  6. Cheeky Nando's


    That is all.

  7. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    the sauce will
  8. The word of the day is "Sauce"...!

  9. Sword/Ele build

    Triple blaze = winsauce
  10. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    Us in crap gear with crap builds shortly after release getting to the 3rd boss in NM DW before realising we had no healer... Anarchy Online - way too much to list, so much epicsauce in that game during my 7 years there... NA <3
  11. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    holy cow monkeys
  12. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    all the jelly
  13. Boobs too big? [SFW]

  14. Firefly vs Game of Thrones

    Is he related to Mr. Bean? HA!
  15. Firefly vs Game of Thrones

    Am I the only humanoid in the world who doesn't watch GOT?