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  1. Groundworks healing build

    A little update after testing it in an Eidolon raid and it works really well, even better than a Leech heal. During the mass hysteria attack the fact that all the dps are hugging makes the healing really effective and easier. Moreover, during the "out of combat" phase, you can effectively uses WW with a lot of healing impact. Only problem : taking out the leecher and bringing the groundworks is a net loose in DPS and that can be a problem.
  2. Groundworks healing build

    And now after extensive testing (and deeply traumatized tank), I believe I've got my hand on the release version of the groundwork build. Groundwork healing build 1.0 I will just precise that it was never my intentions to concurrence the leeching build or the classic fist heal, they are still better but groundwork has some advantage. It's really easy to use, well it is really boring too, just spam groundwork and eventually shot of anima.It works really well when you have a DPS tank with some mitigation and when I say well, I say that he never get to danger zone and you can handle spike damage from Ur-Draug and other quite easily.You can handle healing group very easily without changing your defensive target (in some case I don't even have a defensive target)I tested the build with 10.4.4 gears and 10.1.0 (with some blue glyph) gears and it works fine. As said previously it mostly depends on the tank ability and gears and not really on yours. It was tested in 24s and it worked perfectly fine apart for some exception : DW 1b : Two stooge between the boss (aka the First True Boss of DW), you really need to be quick on the shot of anime and the Lock and Load.DW 2 : The quick damage done by the adds can quickly kills the tank if he activates too much of them (I usually use the wings when it comes to the stack of 6)DW 4 : For obscure reason (well it hits hard and quick) this one is a pain.HE 4 : Never forget to take off Veteran here for obvious reason.It doesn't work in : Ankh : Reap'n Sew or really heavy Fist Build are still mandatory for Ankh 2 and 3.Hell Fallen : One word - Shield.Facilty : Well it works but you don't need it as every other heal build.The Slaughterhouse : Well it works too but you also don't need it, pack a leeching build to help for DPS if you tank doesn't already heal.NYR : Well it works but the first transition is really a pain, beyond 10 stack you will have a hard time to heal the tank without an offensive target.I still need some exterior point of view on this build, just test it and say what you think about it. I also wanted to thank those who helped me (including the guinea p... the tank) to elaborate it. For Science and Arts ! And the Cake, don't forget the cake.
  3. Groundworks healing build

    Perfect ! Many thanks for all this input. I will testing all of that as soon as possible, now just need another victim... ahem tank, yes tank, wonderful and willing tank.
  4. Groundworks healing build

    I will try the change, specially the Closer and Brawler part. Strangely at beginning I used Experience and changed to Veteran believing that he could be better, I will test Experience a little more and share the result. One good thing with getting rid of Greater Good is that I can get rid of Utilitarian too. On the other hand, and with the runs with the build behind me, I'm still convinced that it heals as nearly as well as my 4k HR fist heal build. And Groundwork is very long range, his main downside is the slowing movement which is a pain with MT. But I need to get my hand on a poor... curious beginner tank. For Science and Arts ! He will get a cake after the testing.
  5. Groundworks healing build

    Ok thanks for the info. I did yesterday Polaris and DW with a tank who took no block rating at all for the fight and apart for the UrDraug, the Ak'ab and the Dog of nameless day (aka as Dark Puppy) I could handle the heal. No surprise for the three others, they are strong damage dealer even with "standard" heal/tank team. I come back on this for it could explain why my alt could handle the 24s quite easily despite having beginner gears for apparently the build doesn't really depends on the healer gears but on the tank's gears and skills. If it's true then the build could be a good one for beginner character ?
  6. Groundworks healing build

    No it was pretty clear, I wasn't aiming at raising heal with my DPS just to see how it affects the power of my healing and it didn't really lower but again we went with high DPS group (including Tank this time). Ok so if I understood clearly the way it should work, the tank is healed by : The use of Improved Groundwork and Leech Therapy : in my build both of them heal for around 80hp each.Post Op : I firmly believe that it doesn't work as implied in the tooltip but more as Gross anatomy works (so >200 hps). I'm pretty sure because I'm using it now in my scenario build with leeching frenzy and each time LF is renewed it heals for around 110 hp.All the leech effect : Groundworks, Shot of anima and Veteran (so around 2.5%, 12% and 17% - not sure for the last one). So I believe that with a 1k dps tank (lower that what I've got), i get 25hps, 30hps (can apply shot of anima only every 4sec) and 25 hps (veteran apply every 7 shot).Shot of anima : 1k every 4 sec (I don't wait for the 5 resources to build up, except against UrDraug).Veteran : 400 every 7 sec.So in final I should get something around 700 hps in reality... Well it seems to work and explain why the build actually function. Nota bene : No leech therapy with Ur Draug and MT for I can't get too close of the tank. Considering all of that I've still have the problem of DW but I believe it's the way the adds works in the dungeon. And another question : if the DPS target the tank will they heal them (I will need to check on that one) ? Anyway thanks for the help and by the way don't use Anticoagulant in the build it doesn't work with groundworks.
  7. Groundworks healing build

    Thanks for the information but I still don't understand the healing part because Groundworks give... well (scratch his heads)... 3% leech effect which amount to nothing, even if the other player target the tank. Or maybe I'm totally wrong on the way leech works and I should take a look back on the reaper build explanation. Just forget to mention that it is a full heal build, no Attack rating inside and Crit/Crit Power are balanced. I'm actually trying to add some AR (mainly to see how it affect the healing) by adding Subway Token and Egon Pendant. I tried it in NYR and it worked, a bit hard when Tank switch aggro but shot of anima is really enough. However the first transition is a pain because of the absence of an out of combat heal ability.
  8. Groundworks healing build

    I did heal HE 3, 4 et 5 without any problem, as a matter of fact HE was a routine. Spike heals are taken care by Shot of anima (between 2k and 3k heal quite easily and it can be cast every 4 second) and Re-Animator (4k and 5k heal), I was afraid too that I couldn't handle the three stooges of HE 5 but no it went well. Surprisingly the boss that poses problem was DW 3 and DW 6, I'm maybe wrong but I believe the problem is the distance between the boss and the rest of the team for in this fight DPS tend to go the farthest away possible when they don't do melee. Concerning the Tank, the first time I tried it was a heavy mitigating one, the second time I specified a more offensive and even if I saw a difference, it didn't change anything in the healing. For information I also healed Ankh 6 with it, didn't go as well and I needed many tries before getting the right healing tempo. Really the way the build works doesn't make any sense, another friend just tried it. He didn't even used anything beside Groundworks until UrDraug and it was ONE Re-Animator at the beginning of the fight. Edit : in HE I take off Veteran in HE4 for obvious reason.
  9. Hello, Since some time now I have tried to create a build with Assault Rifle without using the classic, and super effective, leech build. Two weeks ago I created this build : Groundworks healing build. I took some guinea pig... friends, i mean friends, and went into an 24s. I was prepared to die at the entrance of Polaris against the trash mobs or in my most optimistic thinking against UrDraug spike damage. No, the builds worked and it worked really well. Not only it healed but the tanks barely went down 70% of his life. The ACT made no sens for the tanks barely received healing from me or itself (I made a nifty 298hps against UrDraug one time). Worst, based on ACT report Post Op made more than 45% of the healing and according to its tooltip it shouldn't while Improved Groundwork barely made 10% in best case (even got a case where it did 0% healing). I tested the build again with a different tank (more DPS less tank), with different DPS partner, with my alt who have only 10.1.0 gears (the one you get after finishing the whole story), with two other healers and it worked again and again in 24s. The only dungeon where I had some problem was Darkness War, notably the second boss and its adds because Groundworks activated the adds and the boss too soon. So if you have some insights why the build works (and how it works) I would be glad. For information the rotation is one of the most boring I ever made : spam Groundworks and use Shot of Anima and Re-animator when needed. Backup Drone and Greater Good are here for huge damage dealer like UrDraug at the beginning of the fight. Thanks in advance, Hangedman