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  1. are we terrible people or not? (did we resurrect Lorraine, or did we just release the bee and she stayed dead?)
  2. Best Area Ever! (Savage Coast) Its a Hell of a Town (NY) its the most wonderful time of the year (Niflheim) Dirty... - (Corrupted Agartha)
  3. Introduction Thread

    i suppose i shall add to this. I am Kaaz, Founder/current leader of the TSW chapter of Pandion Knights. I am Kaaz, eternal optimist when it comes to TSW. I am Kaaz, a crazed story and lore monkey. (and just because, Lumie reference) I am Kaaz, and I am not done!
  4. Thank you for Everything

    you can never leave. your going to stay here. for ever, and ever, and ever... *head tilts*
  5. Our brand new Theme!

    i was expecting complete pink filter over everything, it was subdued ^^
  6. You know the world is ending when...

    You know the world is ending when a Captcha is completed first time
  7. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    from their bellybutton
  8. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    but painted pink
  9. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    for all those
  10. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    something unspeakable. Later
  11. #IAMTSW

    EPE seems to be working wonders too, loads more people seem to be just around in general
  12. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    of doom. Meanwhile
  13. Room 33 [Random Chat Topic]

    SQUIRREL! *runs off*
  14. The Otterdown Drinking Game

    Everytime Reeshie finds a strange bug that no one has ever encountered before take a shot
  15. The Otterdown Drinking Game

    i approve of this