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  1. Sanctuary does Halloween

    Sunday before Halloween I'll do a Hide and Seek of my own (there is also stuff ODO is doing as a group, but given I'm the only one who has any power over my personal prize fest. Prize, if you can find me, in location TBD, is 5 million pax and a blue signet of laceration. So, Sunday October 30th, 2016, 12pm est, 4:00 PM GMT
  2. Sanctuary does Halloween

    I'll pickle my brain till I can think of something to do.
  3. Thanks, I forgot I had this on Sanctuary-- I updated it to be semi in line with the official forums, I'll need to edit both soon, but, it should be fixed
  4. Glyphing endgame with preset gear

    Personally, soloing, I use an even spread of Hit, Pen, Cpower, Crating-- around 400 hit, and 500~ pen, cpower, crate, but I have the BB and talisman drops income to be able to create talismans JUST for soloing/scenarioing. You don't need, solo or in scenarios, much over that for hit, pen is the same. Dungeon DPS I Cpower my weapon I force crit, crit rating my builder (so,s hotgun pistol, I build with Shotgun, with Crate on it, consume with Shootout Cpower on pistol). At .5 glyphing, two majors will put you at around 654 Hit, which is more than enough for everything outside of Fac or Hell, where glance is a bitch (Fever Pitch passive ftw). I use Head pen, .5/.5, two majors hit at .5, one major Pen, one minor pen, the other two minors I run Cpower. This spec works along a buncha different weapons. I use Fist/Sword, need to fiddle with Hammer/Sword sometime, Ele/Pistols, etc. I also, for soloing/scenarioing, try to multipurpose my heal rating talismans. So I have two minors, waist and luck, that are glyphed Crit Rate on one, Crit Power on another, with signets of Thirst and Equilibrium on them. These are useful soloing, scenarios, as well as healing when I (very very rarely) heal or (even rarer) Heal tank.
  5. Gamer Food

    BBQ Pork Pot Roast: When I do a pot roast, I use large quantities of meat and vegetables. Why? FREEZER! I can freeze the already cooked and have it three months later. My recipe- 4 lbs of Loin Top Loin Pork Roast. Potatoes, around the same poundage Carrots- again, same poundage Quartered onions, one or two. Pepper as you like it. Fresh cracked, only way to go. Garlic, as you like I've tried pork stock in the past, but I don't find, personally, that flavor to be one I like. It just doesn't work, so I just use a mixture of water (half way up the pork roast) and then throw in a very liberal quantity of Barbeque Sauce Of Your Choice (and yes, I do need to make my own homemade sauces. That'll probably be a new thing I'll do). You pretty much cook it like a beef pot roast, low, slow, and all day long, till the carrots, potatoes, and pork is just falliing apart, infused with the barbeque sauce but not overpowering. It's a really simple 'Throw it in slow cooker, cook it, enjoy it 8 hrs later' recipe. You can reduce the pork/vegetable water/BBQ sauce down into a gravy, but it's a step that's not really needed, honestly, it works as a sort of stew By the end, you'll have tender, fork falling apart potatoes and carrots, infused with a smokey sweet BBQ sauce infused with the vegetables cooking, and just... Yeah. Other veggies that can be added: Corn is never bad; mushroom, same. Scallions, they work. The more vegetables you add, however, the more reduction you will want with a roux*-- if you add frozen corn or other sources of it, it'll increase the water content of the sauce- I don't use it at a watery point, but not gravy. The more vegetables that leave their water behind, the thicker you'll want it. Not a gravy, but not water either, if that makes sense. This isn't a meat meal, although the Pork is definitely center stage and just great, fall apart and delicious. The potatoes add some starch, onion some sweet, the carrots some tart, all slow cooked in a mixture of BBQ sauce and water, till all of them you push a fork in it... and it goes in like a hot knife in butter. That's why it's an even spread among the portions, it just works so good. * A Roux is a mixture of butter and flour that you cook till it thickens a bit, it acts as a thickening agent to stews, chilis, soups, gravies, etc. A cheap and simple way to do it is what's called a 'Slurry'-- Cornstarch and Water, even mix in a cup, is easiest- you don't have to cook the flour taste down out of that. Another alternative is fill a half cup measuring cup with Flour, pour in a equal amount of Water, and add that to the mixture. If you use a flour/water based Slurry, however, you'll have to cook it down and make sure you whisk it nice and neat, or you'll end up with uncooked flour chunks-- not tasty. Easiest way to make a slurry is the cornstarch/water mix. Doesn't apply the level of complexity a golden brown roux will add, but is very VERY easy to do. Mix cornstarch with water. Make sure it's not clumpy. Pour into the soup, stew, gravy, etc. 10 minutes later, nice and thickened up.
  6. Passives for Build Enhancement

    Afflicted: a damage over time ability. When you afflict, you deal a small amount of damage over time. Certain abilities will process (aka proc) off of this state- Clearing the Path, Sword, for instance, if hitting an Afflicted target, increases the pen chance of Clearing the Path. Iron Maiden is another that increases your penetration chance when you penetrate an afflicted target. There are 'weakened' status, those are Exposed (2% more damage for each stack on the enemy, up to 20% more incoming damage on the enemy); Debilitated (enemy deals 3% less damage, stacks to 10 stacks, 30% max damage reduction); and Corrupted (3% up to 30%, enemy heals/barriers less when corrupted). Some often used abilities to set those states (passive wise)-- Exposed is given from Intensity, Chaos, only works with Escalation; Breakdown, Chaos, applies a Exposed stack with any attack by a Hammer, Sword, or Chaos attack. Debilitated: 12 Gouge, Shotgun, when you pen, you apply Debilitated; Improved Blasts, Shotgun, blast attacks will apply a status of Debilitated. Corrupted is very rarely useful, mostly The Business + Magnum Passive (Pistol). ***** A useful trick to find an ability or subtype: Press N, right side of your monitor, Ability Search. Enter a keyword. It'll search the entire wheel for things that include that word. Doing so will find you all abilities that either set a state OR exploit (aka process, or proc) off of hitting an enemy with that status on them. This isn't an indepth explanation, but does give a few pointers to certain states/what they are/etc. There's subtype attacks-- Blasts, Frenzy, Channeled, Burst, etc, that also can process off of other passives.
  7. Gamer Food

    Personally, with tacos and other proteins, I suggest personally applying a nice sear at the end Cook it all the way through, let it rest, reheat a skillet to blazing hot, and then throw'em back in, with some Olive Oil or Clarified Butter (which is best, since it has a high smoke point, so it can go rippin' hot). The reason is the blackened/charring that occurs as the proteins change form courtesy of the Maillard Reaction (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maillard_reaction) gives a nice seared steak, chicken, pork, fish, etc, the complexity of flavor. Only takes, if the protein is fully cooked, like 30 seconds per side to get a nice Maillard reaction to form and supply, as one of my favorite websites BBQ Pit Boys says, 'a layer of flavor.'
  8. FOUNDING TEMPLAR CABAL Omne Datum Optimum --------------------------------------------------------- Voice Server Teamspeak 3 OFFICERS + CONTACTS Grand Master This is a seasonal position between the various players who are Officers-- three month term of service, and then the torch is passed. They are the Arbiter if the Round Table is deadlocked, but, the King is Dead. Long Live the King. Master Commanders AWOL, CultofXTC, DarknessWeaves, Hollopoint, Lady-Pyre, Qareen, Rocky. Standard Bearers Bethlen, DJ-Psywarrior, FrontandCenter, Hlopushka, iceneuro, iindie, Kestri, Kle, Lady-Evelyn, Omega-14, Suifen, TS-13, Tziona, VexingFate. --------------------------------------------------------- WHAT WE DO We strive to do all content in the game, to enjoy the game in all of its aspects: be it PVP, PVE, RP, or just having fun talking to friends. We have multiple Raid Teams that run at different times of the day and days out of the week, so that people who wish to pursue progression can get the goal they wish for. We don't require any steady 'have to do X content to remain in cabal.' Because we embrace every aspect of the game, and strive to do everything, people of any interest can find an interesting home in ODO. --------------------------------------------------------- WHAT WE DO NOT DO: We are a mature (well, or so we say, but like CS Lewis said: “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”), eighteen and up, multinational cabal, so we expect a modicum of respect given towards not just fellow members of Omne Datum Optimum, but in the overall general community. We have no tolerance for bigotry, ragequitting, flaming, trolling, griefing, or anything else that breaks the cardinal rule: “Don't be a dick, yo.” --------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU'RE INTERESTED We do require an application at our website, http://omnedatumoptimum.red. The reason this is required is it is very easy to invite people willy nilly, but then you end up with differing expectations of what is to occur. Whereas, if you apply, you are expressing your interest in the cabal in the most valuable currency: taking the time to read our Rules of Conduct and Charter. This keeps every member who joins on the same page. You are also welcome to drop a line to any of the Master Commanders or Standard Bearers, all of whom are capable of inviting to cabal once an application has been submitted, and answering questions you might have in regards to the cabal. If they don't know the answer, each of them knows others who know the answer. Operor Vestri Officium Adveho Quis May Do your duty, come what may.
  9. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    "What can change the nature of a man?" - first asked of The Nameless One by Ravel Puzzlewell in Planescape: Torment, one of the overarching themes in what I believe to be one of the best story based RPGs ever. It's a philosophical puzzle and personal question for me as well (since I've seen what can change me). It's a question that's plagued me for easily ten years, and that's the mark of a good story: that it asks questions of you that only you can answer, for yourself, maybe only years later. It's part of why I reread Herman Hess's Siddhartha periodically every few years, because as I change and grow I find new meaning in the book. I won't tell you my answer to that puzzle. It's a question I think only a person can answer for themself. Another sign of a good tale
  10. Man down, I repeat, we have a charlie foxtrot, man down.

    Computer is either rootkitted (doubtful, given the extent I've gone to (TDSSKiller, Malwarebytes Anti Rootkit, RogueKiller, etc, etc, etc)), or having hardware failures.

    Here's to hopin' 'tis not the mobo!

    1. thechosenone


      Auch. I hope it gets fixed soon. :) 

    2. Mr-Pyre


      Ah, think I figured it out: my PSU was 20% too low on one rail (3.3v rail), and like 20% too high in voltage output on the 5v and 12v rail. Talked to Anokatos and the friend who helped me build the rig and they both agree: faulty PSU.

  11. The Sanctuary Council

    The High King, ArdRi, might be good for this-- misguided child that he is from my brother div. He's with Group W and is always helpful and sane (as much as a misguided child can be) Not gonna try to conscript him, but is another person I think would fit.
  12. The Sanctuary Council

    And yeah, I'm willing, am on various times of day depending on whether or not I'm off of work or not- if working I'm on late night EST (9PM to whenever I pass out) and have a bit of experience with moderation. Mind you, if anyone of my old mates from other games that I ran on IRC knew that I was getting OP status in a game they'd shit bricks (I was known for 'rick kicking' people-- create a script to kick everyone progressively from the channel, each person got a line from Rick Astleys 'Never Gonna Give You Up'-- so over the course of like 10 seconds I'd kick everyone from the channel with each one having a line :D) Hey! It was absolutely hilarious! And, no, I won't do this in Sanctuary. If I did, I'd expect a ban from Funcom
  13. What music are you listening to?

    Videos wise, both song and music video itself wise, I like https://www.youtube.com/embed/3FdUdvajOp0 Astronautalis, The Wondersmith and his Sons. I don't know your fancy embed code, and I'm not even drunk yet!
  14. The Otterdown Drinking Game

    ​My liver is a battle hardened warrior, capable of taking ALLLL of you down!
  15. Introduction Thread

    Nice to see forums back up, and they're looking swag indeed I should upload my avatar sometime...