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    If you still happen to have a Make it Rain emote, I'd love to take it off your hands. Still in the process of figuring out everything I missed while gone, but I have quite a few Winter holiday things, and a number of unopened bags floating around in alt banks, so I'm happy to take a look for anything someone else might need. I have: Snowy Quetzal x3 Winter Wisp x2 Red Cardinal Yuletide Wolf Scary Snowman Mask Carrot Nose Assorted Reindeer Headbands Assorted Wassailer parts (faction and non) Assorted accessories and makeups from winter 20+ Blue penny dreadful bags 400+ Bags of tricks and treats 3 or 4 spoils of Niflheim Definitely looking for the Valentine's Day pets, Little Foot, Trippy Wisp, boho scarves, dreamcatcher earrings/necklace, Kissing With Teeth white chest/legs/hands, KWT faction head, toga wrap, gold laurel wreath...I know I have nothing from the 2015 Anniversary event, so anything's cool, but I'm not desperate for most of it. Will update later with greater detail on items I have for grabs if anyone's interested.