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  1. The Park / Seven Silences

    Did Joel write The Park and this years Halloween mission exclusively in terms of the story, or did you and he work together on it? If you collaborated, how much discussion did you end up needing to make sure the storyline spanned both games coherently? From Bryn Chroi, modified a bit by me
  2. The man from Taured

    Will there ever be reference or if there ever was a reference to the man from Taured or specifically stories like that with men from countries that don't exist popping up and vanishing? Iks, unmodified
  3. Wings!

    I'm curious about ophanim. if that was granted or inate and awoken. Starsmith, unmodified
  4. I have no idea if this has already been asked, but will we see Cassandra King again? "The Wicked Witch of the South" is too fun a concept to leave hanging. From Felicity Bane, unmodified (-I- know it's been asked before, but I figured I'd submit this for Fel anyway as perhaps there is new info regarding this).
  5. On Dragons...

    Is Daimon Kiyota something specific from Japanese mythology? From Bryn Chroi, unmodified
  6. Lore Flexibility

    How loosey-goosey is FC with the TSW lore? Is it all set in stone from the beginning or will you radically change things to fit a new idea for a new issue?" From Feleth, unmodified
  7. We've seen crimes in Ealdwic get investigated by the 'special' Met detachment in game. Who has official jurisdiction over Ealdwic in terms of law-enforcement, including investigations and all the way up to prosecution? Do the Templars, regardless of Ealdwic's neutrality, really set the tone here? Could they execute police style actions without repercussion with their HQ being right there? Can any other group operate here in terms of 'law enforcement' or is it as with so many things in the Secret World, it's not a matter of who has jurisdiction or permission but what you can get away with? From Golden-Edge, modified by me
  8. Anima and the Mind

    We can already see that the player-characters exposure to anima has fundamentally changed them in a physical way: falling from great heights without a scratch, quickened healing, the ability to be restored from surely mortal harm, and of course 'throwing fire from our hands.' Can you talk about some ways that anima affects the player-character's -mind?- How it affects all the psychological things that make us human, how it perhaps changes how we think, how we process, etc? How it fundamentally changes what makes us -us-? From Janilyn, modified a bit by me