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  1. Khalid and the 64

    You earlier implied that John Wolf is part of the 64, by implying that the 64 works for the Eight. We know from the game that Khalid was previously working with the 64, but was 'kicked out' because he cared too much for mortals. However, John Wolf himself is a mortal, and even interacted and intervened with us. Is there a double standard going on, exceptions, or are the 64's methods simply changing with the times?
  2. Congo

    What drew Philip Marquard to the Congo in the first place? The Marquard run-morninglight was clearly founded after he spoke to the dreamer there, but it's heavily implied by the cargo lore that he was an absolute nobody before speaking to the dreamer, similar to John. Was Marquard brought there for a job? What kind, and was he just a lowly porter, or did he have some importance? Was the whole thing a happy accident for him?
  3. Third Age Holograms

    In the city of the sun god, there's numerous tombs and temples littered around, and upon mission completion, a few of them bring up a third age hologram playing distorted noise, and showing a vague, slightly humanoid shape, wearing a ceremonial robe with tentacles coming out of their face. Are they Dreamers, or something similar, like another race?
  4. The Melissonomoi

    This is partially an ARG related question and partially an Emma one. Is Emma a Melissonomoi? Can there be more than one at a time? What happened to the 'previous' Melissonomoi? It was heavily suggested she was pregnant and fled Greece to safely deliver in Agartha. What happened? What would happen if an oracle of Gaia herself gave birth? Is the status of Melissonomoi hereditary? Do the children age normally? Will we ever hear from her again? I have so many questions! Thank you for answering
  5. Wing number/colour

    Something bugs me about the Host. The number of wings. Traditionally, seraphim, one of the strongest types of angels, have six wings. After Tokyo, we have six wings. The only other character with six wings is Eblis, the weakest of the Nephilim. But the rest of them have two wings... yet they are stronger than him. Even more surprising, is his wings are a clear-white, unlike the rest of the nephilim, who have a red-black colouring, and the Grigori with opaque white wings. Is there a logic behind the number and colour of wings in the lore?
  6. So, is John Wolf in the Eight or just working for them?
  7. Hollow Earth Geography

    Bit of a different question here: I've noticed something peculiar, looking over the ARG files. When Amundsen went through the Antarctic gate in the South Pole - he entered the Dreaming Prison. However, in a later expedition to the North pole, he went through a gate in Pyramiden.... but it took him to Agartha. Considering both the dreaming prison and Agartha exist inside the earth - or Gaia, I'm beginning to think they are one and the same. The trees have to have roots somewhere, and we've been previously told we can't go to the lowest branches in time and space because they have been overgrown with filth. If we base our assumptions on this.... is the dreaming prison just the bottom of Agartha?
  8. The Illuminati are commonly agreed to have originated in Ancient Egypt. The Templars however seem to believe they originated in the Congo, or rather a general region in Central Africa that migrated north to Egypt. Regardless, it's clear we had our major expansion beginning within Egypt. With that in mind, I want to ask about the nature of the Pyramidion. It is highly implied he is an artificial intelligence of sorts, but it is very vague. We know that in the real world, bees came to Egypt from the tears of Ra, which was honey. I'm going to be blunt and flat out and ask it: is Pyramidion a biomechanical intelligence similar to Gaia?
  9. The Wagtail

    Nicolas Belmont is probably one of the most enigmatic characters in the entire game - he plays such a crucial role in the plot yet we have never seen or interacted with him in a direct sense. However, various achievements, lines of dialogue, and environmental details in the game have hinted at him still being alive and even being tracked by the Orochi themselves. There's mention of him in an old trailer, or rather, the wagtail (Nicolas) arriving. Will he be having a true appearance somewhere down the pipeline? I really hope so - he's the one character I feel is the hardest to crack.
  10. Beaumont and Guatemala

    Technically Beaumont's story has been over for quite a while, but I wonder if we will ever be able to learn more about his exploits in Guatemala with the Mayans. Now, I know we will unfortunately never be able to visit Guatemala ourselves, but do you think it's possible or at all likely that the story might eventually fit some of this into the lore or other discoverable pieces of information? The zone and time period is basically a giant blank spot in the game, and easily one of the biggest sources of fascination for me.
  11. Said and Time Travel

    When we travel back in time to Ancient Egypt, we come across a younger, pre-mummification Said. Surprisingly, he has knowledge of modern culture and even the name we know him by, and some others, which is extremely odd and suspicious. We know that the time tombs can't be used to travel forward in time, so Said could not have travelled into the future. This begs the question, did someone else travel back in time and meet him, possibly educating him on certain things and even conspiring?
  12. Back in the ARG, there was a key plot involving the Council of Venice and the Phoenicians. It heavily explored that they were not at all what they seem and it wasn't so black and white was Venice would have us believe, especially with regards to the history of their relationship and roles in the secret war. In the game however, we have not yet really explored any of those ideas, and it has largely painted Venice as good, although incompetent, and the Phoenicians as almost comically evil, even more than the Orochi in some cases. Now that the focus has slightly shifted away from the Orochi, will we be exploring any of these ideas and concepts in future issues?
  13. Those Marquard Frescos

    When we explore the club house, we come across a series of frescoes depicting Philip Marquard and his family, plus a cloaked stranger. We never fully see their face, but their appearance is incredibly suspicious considering they block Marquard from view in the final illustration. Something about them just does not sit right with me at all, maybe its the bird that strikingly looks like a wagtail, or the fact we never fully see their face. Just how important/relevant is this mysterious person to the grand scheme of things, particularly with the Morninglight? They wouldn't be on a fresco like that for no reason.
  14. Dragan Dzoavich

    Dragan's job can be summed up as simply "Emma and Teddy" and is possibly the most important Orochi operative, judging by his history. Yet, he was mysteriously absent in all of Tokyo, even after Emma and the Teddy's appearance. Will we be seeing him again sometime soon?