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  1. Sanctuary AMA: Halloween with Scrivnomancer

    OK folks! Must go off and be about some spooky business. Thanks for coming out and chatting with me! Feel free to drop in on my Twitter. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  2. New Orleans

    No specific plans. But I'd love to do that.
  3. End of the 4th age

    Not necesserily the central difference, but at the top of my head: Samael's attitudes are a bit different this time around.
  4. Congo

    There are definitely happy (and nasty accidents) that have such an effect they seem like they almost have to be planned. Who could have foreseen Marquard?
  5. Wing Colour

    Souls? hmmmmm....
  6. What is a story you'd really like to explore

    John Galahad and Callie James. If you haven't go to the park in London and talk to them. I just think they would be awesome in a novel or movie or something together. I'd like to play with that story.
  7. More Wings But...

    For pure aesthetics...I'd have to go black and purple.
  8. Bees

    Short term: They make useful soldiers. Long term: There's a cosmic cycle that she must propagate.
  9. Third Age Holograms

    Hmmm... I'd need to look that one up.
  10. Why do bees like nicknames?

    Because it is just a superior naming system Lore wise... I think it's like being born. Not only are they a new sort of being, but socially, they now live another life, or a double life, with the under world. That's what "The Secret World" really is. That network, sometimes social, of those who see behind the curtain. It's natural to accumulate new names.
  11. Odin

    There is a plot line, that diverges from the through-line we've mostly followed, that involves the various gods and other powers. I'm eager to get to it.
  12. Dreamers

    Hard to say. Humans know so little about them. But...so far there doesn't seem to be, at least in terms of human goals and sensibilities. On the other hand...there are all these cults that seem to think they've got something nice coming...
  13. Programmed Bee Death, Senescence, and Mutations

    Excellent questions. As your characters will be asking themselves these things as we go... It's known that bees came before...but a bit of a mystery what happened to them. Do they always just pop up in synchronized waves? What is the long term? I can say that your wings are the first sign of the major changes. I can say that you've met old bees before (but you may not know it).
  14. The Sanctuary of Secrets

    That I'm not sure. I'd like to see it.
  15. The Hive Prison

    The Hive is in the issue pipeline. So more information on that should be popping up as we go. It has a definite place in the plot.
  16. The Melissonomoi

    Good question! But this is one I'd have to consult lots of things (I'm just at home) as I was not involved with the ARG stories, to make sure I answer correctly. At a guess, I would say yes...possible. Exactly what Emma is hasn't been fully revealed.
  17. About Lore Speculations

    It's both. I'm always glad people pick up on things. That means we're not just shouting "Marco" at a wall. But yeah...then I want to be devious. It's useful in general to read lore theories when I can. Interesting ideas pop up. And it's a good way to review so much lore (which one mind can't really contain without madness and seizures), and, more importantly, how it's perceived by people who are not me.
  18. Wing number/colour

    At this point, I have not made any lore distinction regarding wing number. But these beings, Nephilim and the rest, are angels in the sense that humans saw them and said, "Ah! Angels."
  19. Anima and the Mind

    I can't say on specific changes yet. But Lorraine seems to think something is going down. John has made a few viewed hints in his lore. There is a wonder and horror in change.
  20. Beaumont and Guatemala

    Definitely possible. There's always ways to explore things through lore (or even games like The Park). There are some avenues I'll be talking with to Those Above about. As for Beaumont specifically, I think we'll be getting back to the plot threads related to him (whether or not it's with him directly) in the future.
  21. Who was the interviewer? (Park Spoilers)

    [[SPOILERS]] If you follow the plot of The Seven Silences in TSW, I think we can come to the conclusion that the interviewer is indeed Council. Specifically who... I'd want to let Joel answer that to be sure.
  22. Spoilers

    Everyone teasing me! ...but I tease them too. Hmm... It all is...kind of like wanting to get to a punchline. I wanted to get to Daimon for months and months because I wanted to include the Dragon's in the Twitter roleplaying, but wanted to wait for Daimon to ascend...but couldn't tell people why I was waiting.
  23. The Park Mission (Park/Halloween Spoilers)

    It's possible we're terrible people...even if accidentally. A bee put back together like a Frankenstein monster. Poor, poor Lorraine. Will the nightmare ever end?
  24. Humans in Agartha

    Generally, no. Kind of like a human can't go into the vacuum of space. However, there are ways around both of those problems.
  25. Supernatural Creatures

    At first... The human seems pretty much the same, biologically. Maybe a bit healthier. A bit more of a premium example of the species. Did I say "at first"? Oh... That may imply things are different, down the line. You're not immortal, someone gives it to you on loan. What does that do...? As to hybrids... That's the sort of question Orochi or someone similar might ask. Though it would seem to be more of a mantle that is given more than a change of species. Still...never sure what might get passed on.