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  1. The red Night

    What are the Red Nights which implyed both the Sentinels and Dracula ?
  2. The eight mothers

    Who are the eight mothers of Hell dimensions ? http://wiki.crygaia.com/images/9/96/Broatherly-loathing-invasion-note.jpg
  3. Marya

    Marya is a sanskrit word which means "young warriors" and which wasn't very used in Egypt during Akenaton's reign... why have you chosed such a name ? Is there any connexions with the 64 ?
  4. End of the 4th age

    In what the end of the 4th age is different from the previous ones ?
  5. Bees

    Why does Gaia use bees ?
  6. Dreamers

    Is there any good/nice dreamers ?